There are a lot of dating websites offering their services of finding a perfect match for single men. If you’re one of those men looking for a girlfriend or wife, you might have noticed that most sites focus their attention exclusively on Russian girls. Wondering what makes the Slavic women so popular with foreigners? Some of them are amazed by their natural beauty and stunning appearance. Those who happen to get to know some Russian women better, immediately notice their personal merits that Western women often lack. Consider the following list of major distinctive features typical of most Russian women that make them such desired brides all over the world.

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Femininity. It finds its expression both in their looks and character. Unlike the USA where the culture of feminism prevails among women, there is no such a phenomenon in the Slavic countries. Women here are proud of being women; they are not struggling for equality or even superiority over men. They are just comfortable being women. They want to emphasize their womanliness in the way they dress. While Western women value comfort in the clothes, for Russian girls beauty is the priority. For this reason, there are so many well-dressed women you can see on the streets. Most of them wear dresses and skirts because these are the most womanly garments. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a weekday or some special occasion – Russian women will wear high heel for both of them. As to the manifestation of femininity in their behavior, a good example is their attitude to men’s attention. They want to turn their heads and they certainly do that. Also, they don’t think that letting a man hold the doors for a woman or paying for the dinner is obsolete now and shouldn’t be that way anymore. This shows that they are not afraid of being or rather coming across as weak and fragile. This way they show a man that he is in charge and let him feel his significance.

Openness. Although Russian girls can come across as cold and reserved at first glance, this first impression is generally misleading since they are open for new acquaintances and communication. It is not considered inappropriate to meet women in the streets. You can be sure that she won’t be offended by your attempt to chat her up and she won’t sue you for harassment. No matter how stylish and stunning she looks, a foreigner shouldn’t feel confused approaching her: even those girls with supermodel looks turn out to be very open-minded and sincere. It’s common for many Russian girls to blush when being approached by a stranger attempting to flirt with them. This is their cute feature that many foreigners find attractive. That lasts only for a second and after that, she is ready to listen to you.

Inner world. Russian women are interesting interlocutors, in fact. Apart from their natural wisdom that is bred in the bone, most of them are highly educated. If you start an intellectual conversation, she’ll be able to keep it up. Russian girls have a broad outlook and are very curious about the world around. Many foreigners notice it from the first minutes of a chat with a Russian woman. Even after finishing school, Russians have deep knowledge because their school education is aimed at giving them very broad insight into different spheres.

Natural curiosity. This feature is tied to the previous one since intelligent people never stop learning new things. It totally applies to Russian women. Although not all of them have an opportunity to travel around the world, they have good general knowledge about different cultures. They are all talented in their own way and have their passions and dreams.

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