Western men are obsessed with dreams to find a Russian lady. For the last two decades, Russian women have been the main target for dating, because men fancy perfect wives and fantastic lovers, which Russian girls are known to be.

If you dream of Russian women for marriage or just fancy dating a Russian girl, first you should estimate your chances. To understand how successful your dating can be, you must learn what Russian women like in men.

traits women love


Russian girls highly appreciate self-confidence in men. So if you’re about to start dating Russian woman, get sure that you’re confident enough. Because, if she sees that you’re a hesitant type of guy, your first date will more likely be the last. She would consider it as that you have crossed a thousand miles for her and she has to prove you that it was worthy. Ah-ah, you must be sure from the very start.


You can find a Russian girl, but you can’t win her if you’re weak. It’s not only about physical strength, though it also plays an important role. But, you must be strong mentally. If you start complaining about western women, she would consider you a whiner. And she will think that you want to tale Russian girls for dating only because you don’t like western feminism. Well, it’s a bad idea to begin with. Better show her your strong sides, be it in work, mind, or muscles.


Success, that’s what Russian women appreciate in western men. So, if you are successful businessmen or you’ve achieved certain success in your studies or in arts – they would love it. Russian women have self-sacrifice in their blood, and most of them secretly dream about devoting themselves to creating domestic comfort for the men that they love.


Dating Russian women requires intelligence. Mind that the vast majority of them have a university degree. That means that you must be ready for conversations about culture, literature, and politics as well. Though, they mean much more about western literature and culture than you, it is better to learn something about Russian culture. Russian writers and their novels will do greatly. Russians do believe that Russian literature is the best in the world, and actually, other nations tend to agree with that.


Want to take Russian girls for marriage? Be very, very passionate. Russia is a cold country and Russian men are way too far from being romantic. That’s why Russian girls like passion and romance in western men. So, show you're very best on the first date with a Russian girl.

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