It’s hard to imagine a sort of Slavic brides that would surpass Russian girls in popularity. Several decades ago, at the Soviet Union times, those ladies were a complete mystery to a regular foreigner. Today, Russian dating sites flourish – using the latest means of communication, men from all around the world search for the love of their life online. Yet sooner or later, the need to see each other live occurs: you can’t restrict your interaction to emails and video chats only. After you’ve got to know each other properly, it’s time to arrange your very first in-person meetup. No matter who of you two will take a trip – it’s definitely the man’s job to organize an unforgettable event!


1. Have a plan

You can never get the 100% right impression of a person you date via the Internet. Thus, your first live meeting should run in a casual and relaxed atmosphere – you both will need to open your minds and hearts to each other. Don’t chase after something super unconventional; pay more attention to your talks. On the other hand, you can’t go without drawing up a plan. Pick the venue in advance; think out what you could take up jointly and what topics to tackle. If she is going to visit you, take an advantage of knowing your city. And if it’s your time to become her guest, try to figure her preferences out and ask her opinion prior to searching for any spots on the Internet.

2. Be the first

Next rule you should keep in mind dating a Russian girl: always arrive first at your dates. The best variant is to come around 15 minutes in advance. Your girlfriend, in her turn, has the undeniable right to come later than it was arranged. In Russia, they believe: a woman should do her best in order to overwhelm her man with her amazing image. The first date is indeed a special occasion so your potential bride will likely spend hours to choose the stunning outfit and do her hair and wear a makeup. Don’t panic if she doesn’t arrive strictly on time – be patient and wait for a while.

3. Never come without a gift

The topic of gift giving was always quite delicate. On the one hand, you may not know what exactly your lady would like to receive; on the other hand, some girls don’t even like getting presents on the first date. Russian people are famous for their great hospitality. In their view, any guest visiting their home should be treated as if he were a family member. Yet there’s another rule telling us guests also should bring a gift for their hosts. Likewise, Russian ladies expect their dates to give them small gifts from time to time – this is the way to show you are really into them. Of course, better if you know her tastes in advance so won’t bring anything meaningless. In the case you aren’t sure, we recommend you buying flowers – it works with almost every Russian girl.

4. Chivalry isn’t dead

While feminist ideas conquer the world, women in Russia still remain feminine and romance-addicted. In the West, some girls don’t appreciate when you offer them a hand while getting out of a car or going downstairs, pull a chair for them, and help them wear a coat. On the contrary, Russian girls highly value such courtesies. Therefore, demonstrate how gallant you may be if you wish to touch your potential bride’s heart. Act politely not only towards her but towards everyone around you – this also shows your personal traits. Let your lady know she can count on you!

5. Stay away from drinking

Vodka is probably the most obvious thing coming to a westerners mind when Russian culture is discussed. Unfortunately, there is no nation whose image would be free from stereotypes and Russians are no exception. Young people in this country generally choose the healthy way of life. Most Russian girls hate men suffering from alcohol abuse. To impress your lady, watch out how much you drink during your first date. It’s not about you being a hard drinker; it’s just about your successful self-presentation. Strange as it may sound, alcohol consumption is actually a kind of art. Show her you know what to drink, when, and how.

6. Pick up the tab for her meal and entertainment

The question whether a man should pay for the first date is getting rather hard nowadays. As the fair sex becomes overly independent, more and more couples prefer splitting bills. Yet in Russia, where the traditional view of gender roles prevails, you should offer a girl to pay all her date expenses.

7. Don’t let her go home alone

Be a gentleman till the end! Especially if your meetup takes place in the evening and your lady has to return to her place late at night. By all means, dark streets of a big city aren’t the safest place on Earth. So to make sure she will return home safe, accompany her.

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