You might have already figured out that Russian girls are amazing. Even the youngest girls manage to get educated and fit! Of course, some of them remain in a great shape because of regular training in the gym. They just love yoga and Pilates! Some of the Russian girls do not mind testing their endurance with weightlifting. Then why don’t you try to pick up one of them right there, in the gym? They are cheerful and enthusiastic girls, and if you eventually do not manage to ask her out, you will get a great gym buddy as a consolation prize. We got some useful tips to ensure your success with picking up a Russian girl in the gym:


1. Become a regular

It will be much easier to get acquainted if you see each other from time to time. It’s quite easy to figure out her training schedule and ‘unintentionally’ fit into it. After five to six ‘unintentional’ eye contacts, you may approach her to just say ‘hi’. It will not creep her out if she frequently notices you in a gym. You may also try attending the same classes as she does (well, except for pole-dance classes, she might get it wrong). It will gradually shorten the abstract distance between two of you and help you pick her up.

2. Choose compliments wisely

Russian girls’ bodies in spandex suits look fabulous, we know. And she knows it. Even though Lycra leaves a little space to the imagination, you should not focus your attention of her body only. A body admiration will make her feel weird. You may instead compliment her outfit. Gym outfits differ based on sports or training type a girl actually prefers. You can start the conversation with asking her about a certain piece of her outfit ‘because my sister liked this stuff and couldn’t find one in the store.’ Girls are more likely to believe in your good intents if you mention a family member. That’ll work.

3. Start with colleagues

A gym is a place where you without doubts feel more comfortable training together, especially if you do weightlifting. Even though a woman is a bad helper when it comes to 100-kilogram barbells, a Russian girl might help you by explaining how certain machines work or how to do the exercise properly. You might assume you look stupid asking a girl to assist. You are wrong. Your ability to communicate in cases of necessity make you even more mannish in her eyes. And while you talk about training, weights, and muscle sourness, you can easily get along and learn each other better. Perfect!

4. Look your best but don’t overdo it

Keeping fit comes accompanied by sweat. A Russian woman knows that and, of course, has nothing against it. That’s our bodily processes. Nevertheless, she will notice the smell. Use deodorants and wash your sports uniform as frequent as possible. We are not talking about proper grooming and facial hair because you should be aware of it without our commentaries. Do not forget about your boots. Surprisingly, women pay special attention to men’s accessories (watches, bags etc.) and shoes. You should keep your sneakers clean and fresh! It’s mostly about the hygiene, not only girls.

5. Things to avoid

We have already mentioned that complementing girl’s body while in the gym is a great turnoff. But that is not the only thing to avoid. Never interrupt her set with your talks. It is rather annoying and, in fact, dangerous. Likewise, you should not insistently correct her while she works out – it will not result in an acquaintance! You may politely approach her to explain that her activity will get even more useful if she will do it differently. Listen to her advice and do not play a know-it-all. It’s not a manly behavior but a stubbornness.

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