What should a real man look like? A new stylish hairstyle, branded clothes, and a ton of cosmetics? No, of course, this is too much, but going around unshaved, in a dirty shirt and uncut nails is also not a great way to present yourself. Moderation should be in everything, you have to find the golden mean. Few people like metrosexuals, as well as men who look like drifters. Let's see where the middle ground is and how should a man care about his appearance.

self-care ideas for men

Why Do Men Usually Neglect Self-Care and Their Well-Being?

It is about our culture, it is about the fact that women are usually considered to be the “beautiful” sex, while men’s beauty largely depends on natural factors, and their standards of beauty are very different from that of women.

Beauty products are almost universally focused on women, and the overall perception of beauty among sexes largely depends on the way women are portrayed in our society. The society tells them to use cosmetics to preserve their beauty and be as attractive as possible, while men must focus on self-development and career success. And it is very easy to forget about your own looks and not care for all sorts of beauty products and self-care in all of the hustle of the busy life.

Reasons to Take Care of Yourself Right Now

If you are not really motivated to take care of yourself – no method or way of doing so will truly help you, thus, it is very important for you to find out the reasons why it is crucial to take care of yourself in dating and relationship and in everyday life as well.

Better performance in bed

Better health and mood result in better performance in your intimate life, which should not be all that surprising. When nothing bothers you, nothing brings you discomfort, nothing limits your possibilities – you feel freer to focus on sex, let everything else drift away. When you don’t think about the way your body looks, the things you are shy about, that you find to be ugly – fewer things will distract you from the process of making love to the person you love.

Higher work productivity

Once again, the fewer things bother you, the more energy you have to spend on the things you need. Whether it is your job or your hobby, by taking care of yourself you will feel less anxious about the other nuances of your life, and all of that self-confidence will greatly improve your productivity at work.

Improvement of communication with other peopleideas for self care

All of that self-confidence will make it easier for you to communicate with people, your communication will not focus on your fears and anxieties, about the things you hate and dislike about yourself, your looks, your personality. Every day of work that you spend on yourself, on making yourself better will make the next day after that just a bit easier and thus more productive.

New perspectives and goals

Once you have defeated your anxieties and feel yourself better and more energetic, you feel free from all the burdens that bothered you some time ago, you can now proceed into the future of new desires, goals, and achievements. When you are not occupied with problems and your days are not spent on contemplating your issues, fears, and anxieties, you can devote yourself to personal development.

Love Do you want to keep your woman happy? Self-care is primarily a manifestation of self-love. And a man who loves himself is capable of giving love to others. And such a man, of course, is also loved by the people around him, including women.

Good mood

A man who cares for himself every day sees the way his skin shines, how he looks great in his suit, his new stylish haircut, he likes himself, and this is why he lives his life in a great mood. Many procedures in the beauty salon contribute to the production of endorphins, hormones of happiness. After the procedures, a man feels that he is beautiful, sexy, and a man receives more compliments, which only makes him happier. It doesn’t have to be trips to a beauty salon, but any sort of self-care, even if it something you can do at home, something that doesn’t require a lot of effort or financial investment.

Self-care strengthens relationships

When a man in a relationship sees his partner doing some form of self-care, for example, applies cream to her face and under her eyes, goes for massages, and curiosity awakens in the mind of a man. There are men who will also begin to use a cream, attend spa treatments along with their partner. In a long-term relationship, a man will feel better with a woman who looks good by his side. Thus, if his girlfriend does not care about her appearance, sooner or later the man begins to pay attention to other women that take better care of themselves. It is always not too late for a man to start following in his partner’s footsteps.

Fascinating Self-Care Practices for Men to Try This Year

There are general rules that determine how a man should take care of himself. However, many men avoid this, believing that excessive attention to themselves will leave a wrong impression on the people around them. But, by following a few general rules of self-care, a man will become more attractive in the eyes of women.

Cooking and mindful eating

This is not one of the most original self-care ideas for men, but this is the most important one. We all know that eating healthy products and having a healthy diet is beneficial to one’s health, but not everyone seems to care all that much. Proper nutrition will greatly improve your health, and it won’t take long for you to feel the positive effects that it has on your body. Such diets don’t require some special financial investment, they require commitment and desire to get healthier.


Here’s one of the better self-care ideas for stress. Traveling around the world can be quite a world-changing experience for you. You are going to meet new people, see new faces, see new places, experience the world around you from a new perspective that seemed unimaginable to you. Traveling is one of the most important parts of developing yourself.

Use sunscreen

One aspect of men's self-care that is often overlooked is the harmful influence of ultraviolet radiation. Wrinkles have not made anyone attractive. Therefore, do not be lazy to protect your face from premature aging, and more precisely from the ultraviolet radiation that causes it. Start using SPF products in your daily care. Smear your face with moisturizing sunscreen, and apply it to your entire body when you are on the beach. This will not only save you from wrinkles and age marks but also reduce the risk of skin cancer. In addition, to prolong the youthfulness of the skin, drink more water and, if possible, give up on coffee and alcohol.

Do not forget to change the bladesself help for men

Here’s another important aspect of self-care for men. It is best to do this after every sixth shaving, changing blades so often will make the process safer and more effective. Firstly, excess keratinized skin will not accumulate on the blades, which will not lead to the growth of bacteria. And secondly, your razor will always be sharp, and therefore, no irritation and ingrown hairs.

Change your toothbrush every three months

Do you want to keep your teeth in great shape? If it is so, then this is one of the better ideas for self-care for you. This rule was not invented by us, but by the association of dentists. Studies have shown that after three months of use, the bristles of the toothbrush wear out. Cleaning becomes not only ineffective but also unsafe due to the many microbes that have accumulated on the brush. So always keep a new one on hand.

Find yourself a dermatologist

There are lots of different types of self-help for men, but not everything can be done alone. Our laziness is often on the way to healthy and clean skin. One’s skin is not high on the list of priorities for most men, and they spend years and even decades without making an appointment with a dermatologist. Fortunately, in the modern world, you can do without long lines and preliminary entries. It is enough to contact a specialist directly from home. Most clinics offer online consultations where you can get answers to your questions. To do this, it’s enough to contact a specialist, “I want to get rid of acne” or “I plan to start taking remedies for hair loss, how will this affect my skin condition?” The entire process of your treatment will be monitored by specialists. In addition, they will be able to prescribe medicines for you. However, if your skin problems are really serious, you will have to make an appointment with a dermatologist in real life.

Apply more perfume

What about aromas when it comes to self-care for guys? In summer, not a single perfume can last for long: during this period even the most persistent aromas are powerless, and in the hot and humid air any cologne instantly disappears. So, in the boiling heat of the summer, you should apply perfume not only to the places you find problematic but also to your chin and neck. You can even apply a little dry cologne to your beard and mustache. This will not only extend the fragrance of your aroma but also fix the hairs on your face.

Do not use a lot of shampoos

This is one of the things lots of people don’t know about self-care for guys. If you are used to washing your hair daily, do not get carried away using shampoo. Yes, it removes dirt and makes it look better, but plain water does just as well. In addition, it does not dry out the scalp, so that the hair stays clean longer, looks thicker, and healthier.

Do not forget about night care

Night care is the easiest way to achieve clean and healthy skin. When we sleep, the cells of the body renew faster (therefore, after a prolonged sleep, we feel much better). Regeneration of skin cells is also accelerated at night, so it is very important to cleanse your face before going to bed and apply a nourishing cream to it. During the night, it penetrates deeply into the skin and maintains its moisturized state throughout the day.


Here’s the last point on the list of health care tips for men, but it doesn’t make it any less important. Hair plays a large role in the world of men’s self-care. Haircare is not particularly difficult provided that the man has a short haircut. You need to wash it when it gets dirty. Despite the fact that modern hair care products are suitable for daily use, their frequent use damages the skin. The skin "gets used" to the effects of substances included in shampoos, as a result of which it becomes more contaminated. Also, if necessary (it is better to be done immediately after washing your hair with shampoo) treat the hair with air conditioning. If you have dry hair, apply a nourishing mask once a week.

Now that we are done with self-care ideas, let’s conclude this article. Personal care is important. Men, as well as women, need to eat properly, refuse the plentiful consumption of fast carbohydrates (for example, fast food), and lead an active lifestyle. Constant self-care enhances self-confidence. However, everything should be in moderation. Excessive attention to one's own person can turn a person into a narcissist.

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