Girls cannot imagine their relationship without the attention of their beloved ones. Attention can be manifested through pleasant text messages and calls, compliments about a new hairstyle, dress or make-up, and just being there for the person you love. All efforts on the part of the man in the form of actions and pleasant phrases will be compensated by a good attitude from his lover. Because keeping your woman happy, you keep yourself contented and your relationships stable.

Every man can make his beloved girl happy without financial costs and special efforts. If a girl sincerely loves him and feels the time he invests in the relationships, she will be pleasantly surprised by any trifle on his part. Psychologists advise occasionally surprise your partner with symbolic romantic souvenirs, postcards, balloons, flowers, and most importantly, sweets because most girls are an inveterate sweet tooth.

how to keep your girl happy in a relationship

During giving such presents, a man should say some pleasant words, confess deep feelings, emphasize the external and internal beauty of the chosen one, hugging her at the same time. Psychologists note that women are not able to resist tactile contact, which strengthens the entirety of emotions and feelings between partners. It is better to show such signs of attention in everyday life when she doesn't expect it. Read below how to keep your woman happy in other ways.

Happy Girlfriend – Happy Relationships

Can you imagine that a man leaves the family where the woman loves him, helps him achieve social success, patiently waits for his realization? This happens only in one case - the woman is not happy in this relationship. She is in a state of "I give him time to succeed, self-develop, create comfortable living conditions for us, then I will be happy." And very often men who achieve success leave such women, although they could be very good and patient helpers for their husband. But if in a relationship they are unhappy, such relationship simply are not worth it.

No man would like to have a miserable, always dissatisfied woman near him. Everyone wants to see a happy woman because when your partner is happy you are happy. So, the secret of a long relationship is to learn to be happy now, in the circumstances and conditions that your beloved offers you today. This is a very popular question: why does a man, having achieved a high position in society, becoming successful, abandons his devoted wife and wants to meet a woman now? The answer is that, most likely, this wife was very unhappy in the relationship.

Men do not leave happy women. Because a happy wife is a blessing to the whole family. A happy woman is an angel of inspiration. When the wife is joyful, the husband feels twice as confident and powerful, the wife smiles, and everyone in the family feels well. For the sake of a happy woman, men want to achieve even more because of her smile, her gentle look, her faith and love are the best inspiration for a husband.

Vital Things to Do to Keep Your Girlfriend Happy

When it comes to knowing how to make a girl happy, people often think that it's way harder than it is. Too many people misunderstand what it takes to truly keep your girl happy. They think women are so complicated that they do not know what they need themselves. But understanding how to make a girl happy is not as difficult as you may think, and in fact, it can be very easy. What makes a woman happy in a relationship – this is what we have shed light on in the next paragraphs.

Listen to her. Take the time to listen to your soulmate, and follow her requests whenever possible. Many men will be surprised at one truth: a woman almost always says what she wants, you just need to learn to listen and HEAR her. If a woman is modest and does not know how to speak openly about what she wants, then she will still try to express herself with the help of hints. You need to understand this subtle language of communication and read between the lines. Offer your own help and do not wait for the woman to ask you.

If only you knew how many couples and even families broke up for just one reason, a man would not tell a woman about his feelings and needs too. The man was silent, secretive or began to meet ladies online, and everything that was left for the woman to do was only guessing what is on his mind and what he feels for her. So, learn not only to listen but to explain your emotions too, and you will save your couple.

what to say to a girlfriend to make her happyKeep romantic mood in your relationship. A tender attitude of a man to his beloved can make her happy because women are very emotional human beings that need not only assurances of love, but also the affection, tenderness and care themselves. Therefore, most women attach great importance to kisses, gentle touches, hugs. Unfortunately, not all men are used to expressing their emotions openly and kiss their women only when they want to have sex. Whereas a woman is ready to kiss her lover at least a hundred times a day and for a variety of occasions, and not just at the time of love foreplay. This advice must be taken into account by men who want to know how to keep a girlfriend happy!

Besides, women do not imagine love without romance, therefore, when it vanishes from a relationship, it seems to many women that love has gone, and only a routine is left. Not a woman would like to be perceived as a housekeeper or a nanny! But the reason for conflicts on this base is not at all that women do not want to do simple household duties but because they lack romance: candlelit dinners, walks under the moon, and attending cinemas. This is an axiom: the more romance here is, the happier the woman is! Support her. To love correctly means that a man, despite quarrels, insults and critical moments, shows stability and remains constant in his support. He continues to take care of the family, to do what it is necessary, to bring home bacon and fulfill the duties assigned to him, so he is doing everything to make his woman happy.

If a man after a scandal behaves specifically distantly and does not talk, then this affects the woman. She thinks that she has lost a man, ceases to rely on him and his support. The worst thing that will happen is that a woman ceases to believe in the reliability of her beloved and loses the feeling of stability. Any girlfriend needs to know and feel that there is a man in her life that will always support her.

Because she can be stressed out too. Instead of just ignoring or avoiding her because of her frustrated mood, do something about it. Make dinner today, take her to work, so she doesn't have to worry about it. Do things that you know she will not have time for. Just make her life easier when she struggles with something, and you will see how happy she will be.

Do not control her and trust her. Relationships are not about trapping a woman and making her the only source of satisfying men's desires and needs. It is a mistake to think that the main task of a woman is to engage in everyday life, to be a wife and a mother. Women in the modern world do not want to limit themselves to such roles, this is not enough for them. They want to go to work, build a career, study, have a hobby, enjoy life outside the home and kitchen. Find out what your woman would like to do in life, and you will discover ways to keep your girl happy. Help her fulfill herself in this area, help her find her place in life and work for the soul.

You should not limit her freedom and “tie” her to yourself, convincing that her main task is to make you happy. Allow her to do her favorite work or hobby, communicate with colleagues and friends. Women need to relieve emotional stress, and gatherings with friends or going to the gym will help her with this. And you, as a man, will only benefit from this, since excess energy will not be poured out on you.

Do things together. Find a common hobby if you have the time and desire to, plan to try something new. Go skiing or dancing together. To do this, explore what clubs and centers offer nearby, as well as look for discounts on events of interest. This will bring you closer and discover new sides in your partner even after years of common life.

Cook together. Another trend is fashionable food, and here you can perfectly complement each other's cooking skills. Arrange culinary battles, prepare complicated dishes for each other or make a romantic dinner – do anything you want together because you will not only benefit from spending time together, it will be unforgettable for a woman to see that you want to share some duties, and help her.

Go on dates after all. This is a great idea for those who have been together for a long time because you will spend time together as in the days of your first meetings. Hang out somewhere together more often. Of course, you should not spend all your free money on it, but a walk in the park will also be an excellent date. It is always useful to get up from the couch, and if you take your partner with you, it is twice as great.

Small and cute things for keeping your woman happy. To make a girlfriend happy, you can emphasize the seriousness of your intentions and the depth of feelings with the help of small gifts and romantic details. A gift from a loved one is a basic element needed for a romantic mood. It should bring about the trace of memories and pleasant impressions. Psychologists offer top 5 ideas for small romantic gifts for your girlfriend. If you want to know how to keep your girl happy in a relationship, this list includes the following things:

  • your t-shirt, cozy enough for her to sleep in, this way she will always sleep close to her;
  • a pair of souvenirs, for example, personalized bracelets, key chains with joint photos, etc.
  • flowers according to the preferences of the girl;
  • jewelry, if a man can afford such expenses, it can be a bracelet or a ring;
  • an album with photographs of you together and signed with dates, events, memories.

How to keep your girl happy in other ways?

1. An unexpected adventure

It would be great if you could invite a girl to spend a week in an exotic place, but many of us do not have much time or money. Don't worry, just pick one day of the week or a weekend and organize a little adventure. Even time spent in a beautiful place in nature, and then dinner at a restaurant in a romantic setting that ends with an equally unforgettable night, will be a pleasant surprise for your girlfriend. If you want the girl to be on cloud nine, you can arrange a hot-air balloon flight. But even if you just spontaneously invite her to a cafe or a forest walk, believe us, the girl will be just as pleased.

2. Hug her, coming up from behind

When your lover is washing dishes or doing other housework, hug the girl from behind, kissing her on a cheek and playing with her hair or breathing passionately in her ear. Any woman loves such a manifestation of affection because at these moments you give her a feeling that you cannot wait for the girl to finish her work and be in your arms.

3. Buy tickets for the show

Get tickets for the event of interest to the girl, for example, to a concert of her favorite music artist. She will be amazed that you remember her preferences. Besides, girls love to get out of the house and attend social events as it is the opportunity to make up and dress to impress others.

4. A box of chocolates with a surprise

Buy her favorite sweets and hide a tiny gift there. Just remove one of the candies from the box and fill the space with a tiny wrapped gift, which can become a necklace or ring. Or just a note with kind words of affection.

5. Love letter

It does not matter if you have beautiful handwriting or it is not very comprehensive, a love letter written by hand is much more romantic. Write everything that you like about the girl because your partner may have begun to forget how much you value her. What to say to a girlfriend to make her happy? In this letter explain everything that comes to your mind when you are together, recall your best moment and just thank her for her presence in your life.

6. Bake a love cake

Even if you and baking are incompatible things, it does not matter because you can always buy a cake to order. Of course, the cake should have at least a hint on your feelings, choose the right decoration for it, for example, phrases “I love you” or something like “All I want is to be with you.” Of course, it is better if you bake it yourself, with the help of the Internet and YouTube tutorials it is not at all hard.

7. Love notes left everywhere

Cut a beautiful sheet of paper into small squares, write love words or compliments to the girl on the back of each of them, and then scatter them across the drawers in tables and kitchen cabinets. Put love notes in the glove compartment of the girl’s car, in her wallet and other places where she can occasionally find them, possibly even in the next few months. how to keep a girlfriend happyIn the notes, you can write, "I love when you ... (fill in the gap)." You can admit how much you appreciate her, for example, "You are a beautiful mother," or "I feel very bad without you."

8. Romantic dinner

A romantic candlelight dinner will be an impressive event and a very pleasant surprise for your girlfriend. If all the dishes are cooked with your hands, you will see that the path to the woman’s heart also lies through her stomach. But consider the important fact, whether your girlfriend is on a diet.

9. Whisper something passionate in her ear when you are in the public

Tell her what you would like to do now if you were not surrounded by all these people. You will make the girl feel desired and attractive, after which your evening together can turn into an unforgettable adventure.

10. Do not trap yourself into the routine

Many women complain that regular everyday life can destroy relationships because men begin to perform the same actions at the same time, invite their lovers to the same places, order the same food, etc. It can drive everyone crazy. Women want relationships to be exciting, at least sometimes. You should not try to amaze the female consciousness daily, but there is nothing difficult in changing the usual daily routine, visiting a new restaurant, going to a neighboring city, or spending a weekend in another interesting way.

There are many ways to find out what exactly makes girls happy, one of which is simply to ask what your chosen one wants at that time. Other ways are simply finding out what the girl wanted when she was very young, whether she made some plans when she was a little bit older.

Unfortunately, it often happens in life that not knowing the goals of a girl, men simply impose their opinion on here about the future, and this is not always done intentionally, rather, on the contrary, the man chooses a goal for himself, and, consequently, wants his lover to share these achievements. Moreover, at these moments he is already thinking about the future, which he has already planned for himself. Very often, it is precisely these paths that do not completely coincide with those paths that the girl chooses to achieve her dream. And in this case, either the paths of these two people diverge, or they are further together, but one of them sacrifices their goals for the second.

So, always talk and discuss your priorities for the big plans. As well as invest your time to do some small things for your beloved daily. Trust us, she will pay you back with twice as much love and affection. Because it is important to make a girl happy to be happy yourself!

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