Besides the fact that time heals many problems, it often turns perfectly beautiful feelings into a monotonous routine. Up to certain limits, this is normal - it is impossible to constantly maintain a sense of joy and novelty and experience infinite happiness. But how to understand whether your relationship undergoes a temporary recession or feelings have cooled forever? How to understand that it is time to end the relationship, if nothing terrible, it would seem, happened, but something gnaws at you from the inside and makes you have doubts?

when to give up on a girl you love

Why it's better to give up on a girl

First of all, if you have doubts, this already indicates a problem. Try to figure out why you are in this relationship. What do they give you? No matter how selfish it may sound, relationships should be of mutual benefit. But if this benefit consists only in the fact that you do not want to be left alone, and your partner is just a way to avoid loneliness, then it’s definitely time to end this relationship. If you learn to take your loneliness yourself, being alone with yourself, then you will not need to run away from your beloved.

You'll stop wasting your time

If this person doesn’t bring you joy, you do not feel liberated when being together, or this connection is not a source to get inspiration and energy for getting better, there is no sense to waste your time. Chances are, on your own, you will be more productive, you will spend less time on the person that doesn't treat you right and do things you like, it will give you more space for personal growth and hobbies, new discoveries and acquaintances. Not always being in a relationship means being more powerful, sometimes you can reach higher achievements if you stop devoting time to another person.

You will end up with torments and uncertainty

Another way on how to know when to give up on a girl is feeling doubts that tear you from inside when you are not sure whether you spend your life on the right person. Nothing can be worse than a feeling you get after years of marriage when you understand that is not the person of your dreams near you. It is vital that your partner gives you stability and certainty. You should plan the future together and see the love of another person. So, it is better to end up a relationship not to feel guilty for using another person for reaching your own personal happiness.

You can meet someone special

When you put your time into one person, maybe another one of your friends or acquaintances that is crazy in love with you is spending the night crying over their unrequited love. You could make a perfect couple and be happy together, you that is a whole other story because this scenario did not happen. That is why, take some time to know a person better, never give up on a girl you like after a first serious quarrel. But when days pass by and you still feel nothing towards your second half, better leave them and do not deprive yourself of the possibility to meet someone that will make your heart tremble.

Signs you really should try to be together

There are some people that come into our lives for a special reason, they make our days brighter, give us inspiration and energy. No matter how far away from each other we get or what life circumstances limit our communication, we still manage to find each other as if two magnets constantly attracted by each other. And we should indeed appreciate these people. Your gut instinct will tell you whether this is the love of your life and if yes, keep them close and do not let go.

why does a guy doesn't give up on a girlShe initiates communication first

A girl that is interested in you will always text first and ask about how was your day or what are the plans for the evening. She will seek opportunities to meet and spend at least a few minutes together. You should appreciate her attention because think about how many people are there in her life. And out of all the friends, relatives and colleagues, she devotes her time to a conversation with you. It means she really cares for you and it will be unfair to ask her to get out of your life and forget everything that was between you.

You both have similar values and she understands that

After physical attraction passes or first passionate feelings fade away, we start to soberly estimate whether we and our partner have the same life outlook and attitudes towards certain things. It is important to have common plans and shared values, couples that lack this mutual understanding end up breaking up. Especially if the girl you are dating asks you for advice, shows you respect and emphasizes that you are the only person that understands her, it means she realizes you have all chances to build a strong family. Finding a person with whom you are on the same mental level is much harder than running into someone that attracts you physically. So, that can serve a good reason for staying together and continuing relationships with such a person.

She expresses the desire to spend time together

People who do not want to waste their precious time on you will come up with a million excuses. When a girl really appreciates your role in her life, she will cut out time to meet or at least call no matter what life circumstances are. Expressing a desire to go shopping, visit an exhibition, go for a vacation and explore something new together is a sign of love and interest. That is true, if the girl does not have any serious intentions or plans for you, she will not invite you to spend time together or initiate your meetings.

She admits something is wrong with your communication but is interested in you

It is normal to have problems, both with the physical expression of your feelings and with communication in general. After all, two people that have just met, have been living on their own many years before, had separate friends, interests, their individual style, personal thoughts, and different upbringing. So, problems with finding a way to approach each other may, of course, occur. However, when you will uncomfortable spending time with your partner, it is important to talk about this and change the state of things for the better. When a girl puts on such a responsibility, she is definitely interested in solving the misunderstandings because she loves you and does not want to lose your connection.

7 Signs you should give up on a girl

Each couple may go through a crisis in the relationship. This is normal, and most partners manage to cope with it. However, experts argue that there is no specific formula for determining the time when to break up, there are only signs that you need to pay attention to. If you have been noticing several of them for a long period of time, then perhaps you should think about ending these relationships.

She is "busy" all the time

That is the first sign that will tell you when to give up on a girl. A person interested in you will seek opportunities to meet and manage her schedule so that you can spend at least a few minutes in the company of each other. What is more, some of the excuses she may give you, can, in fact, sound not so convincing. Take a closer look at her explanations, suddenly she needs to finish work, she has run into an old friend and they went to the bar to celebrate the meeting. Especially if you are long together, you should be able to tell which of the reasons she comes up with are real and which are just excuses for avoiding you.

She avoids physical contact

Sex and physical display of affection are one of the important elements of a healthy bond between two people, they are the continuation and real-life proof of emotions we experience inside when we date a person we love. Gentle touches embrace, and, finally, sex is a natural way to show your interest in a person. So, when to give up on a girl you love? When even after a long period of dating she refuses to have sex with you without any particular reason. Some religious beliefs, health problems or mental insecurities can, of course, lie between such a behavior. But if you are sure the problem is not in them, it means you simply do not attract a person physically and this will prevent you from having a healthy romantic relationship.

You feel like you're being used

If you let people take more from you than they give, your balance will become negative much faster than you think. You need to understand when it's time to stop letting people use your resources, let that be both financial and mental ones. It is better to be alone than waste your time, money, efforts and ideas on someone that does not give anything back.

when to give up on trrying to like a girlShe communicates with many other guys

Unless you agreed that your relationships are open, your partner shouldn’t maintain constant communication with other people she may be iterated in romantically. Otherwise, when you feel that some of her male friends mean too much to her, she spends a lot of time with them and shares secrets even you are unaware of, chances are you are just a backup version. She either cheats on you or is not sure in her feelings herself. When should you give up on a girl in this case? Exactly after you notice that questions about other gives case her irritation or a puzzled look in the eyes.

She cancels dates at the last minute

Because she can not make up her mind whether you attract her or no. One day she can feel romantic and initiate your meeting and when the day x comes, decide that she has other plans. She is simply afraid that your date will be boring or you will not meet her expectations and she will lose any desire to meet you again. Once again, a person that is in love, puts her partner in the first place, overwork, over other friends and spontaneous adventures. She remembers her words and does not cancel a date because that would mean not carrying out a promise.

She texts and answers phone calls when you're together

Nothing will tell you better when to give up on trying to like a girl than a situation when you cut out precious time form your day to spend it with a person and she gets constantly distracted by her phone. She doesn’t appreciate your efforts or has another guy on the side. Anyway, she is not interested in communication and if you doubted the future of these relationships, such behavior will finally tell you it is time to break up.

She simply ignores you

Malicious indifference, in general, is an alarming sign, and a reason for ending a relationship, especially if one of you constantly demonstrates it. Suppose you said ten times what you would like and what you do not like. By using hints, explaining straightforwardly, by screams and scandals - and still, nothing works. This means that she does not care, and she will continue to ignore your desires and needs. You will end up feeling annoyed, hurt and angry. It can cause arguments but the girl will not change. On the one hand, she can ignore your desires on purpose because she doesn’t want to initiate a breakup and tries to make you live. On the other hand, she may not even notice your sufferings because you do not mean anything to her.

After all, why does a guy doesn't give up on a girl? Sometimes love makes us blind and we stop noticing that we are being used, ignored or put down. People who are natural manipulators may benefit from this and you will get stuck in a toxic relationship where you give everything not receiving the same back. That is why we should have common sense or at least people on the side that can objectively assess the situation and tell us when to stop. If you manage to notice the signs we have described earlier in your communication with a person, it is time you end this relationship and think about yourself in the first place.

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