Our life is a cycle of events, and there are moments in it that are simply beyond our control. You started dating the one you’ve dreamed of all your life. But something didn’t work out, something went wrong. Well, it happens. Don’t blame yourself for all sins. You shouldn’t reproach yourself because of this or think that someone else’s fate is broken because of you. In this case, you just have to do everything correctly. So, how to tell someone you’re not interested?

how to let a girl know you're not interested

How to Tell Someone You Are Not Interested

Let’s start with the girls. It is very difficult to tell a girl that you are going to end communication with her, and there is no return to the past, and, at the same time, stay human and gallant. If you behave quite gently, support her and tell many compliments, there is a risk that she will persuade you to change your mind. And with a hard approach, you can offend her and inflict spiritual wounds on the person who loves you. It is much easier to say goodbye to friends and colleagues than to those with whom you were in a relationship. If you decide to show your indifference to the girl, try to do it in such a way as not to offend her. If this is a conscious decision, then it’s worth stopping communication right away. Look at these tips on how to let a girl know you’re not interested.

  • Think about why you’re not interested

Before making such a decision, you must determine the reason for your decision. Be honest with yourself, feelings don’t pass just like that: they either didn’t exist or there is an unsolved problem.

  • Be polite

How to tell someone you’re not interested? If the girl is not interesting to you, in response to her feelings, say that you appreciate her. Emphasize that she is really beautiful and attractive. Tell her how you regret that you can’t be with her sincerely and without falsehood. Explain the reason, for example, you have a girlfriend; you two have too different characters, something else is stopping you from starting a romantic relationship, etc. In conclusion, praise her appearance once again. Your refusal should be polite.

  • Send message

How to tell a girl you’re not interested over text? If you don’t have the courage to say personally about your feelings, send at least one message. Be an adult and send a text that says something like, “I’m glad that we communicated with you, but I don’t feel a connection between us. Thanks for everything.”

  • Be respectful

Respect her as an interesting person. Even if you didn’t consider the girl as a possible partner from the very beginning of communication because she is simply not your type, don’t tell her that you don’t like her. This will only lower her self-esteem and hurt her. You can say something more correct, for example, “Forgive me, but my heart belongs to another girl” or “I’m not ready for a serious relationship yet, I am very sorry.”

  • Tell compliments

To “sweeten your bitter words,” say something pleasant at the end of your speech. For example, you can say the following phrase, “I am very pleased to know that I am evoking such tender feelings in you.” Or say something like this, “Your courage fills me with great pride. Not everyone would decide to say it.” This is how to tell a girl you’re not interested in her.

  • Don’t try to stay friends

Either you leave her or not. There is no third. There is no “maybe.” By striking a fatal blow, don’t try to lick wounds. Don’t cut her in pieces if you know for sure that nothing can be between you. Don’t give her empty hopes.

How to Tell a Guy You’re Not Interested

In the life of every girl, perhaps, there was a situation at least once in which a young man showed attraction but didn’t cause reciprocal feelings. Sometimes a man tirelessly calls and shows signs of attention, wanting to go on a date. How to tell a guy you are not interested? how to let someone know you're not interestedThe most obvious answer: honestly and directly tell the man about your attitude towards him. However, this is not so easy to do as it seems from the outside. First of all, you need to talk one-on-one, start with the good that you like in him and smoothly bring him to the idea that you are not planning to build a relationship with someone in the near future. It is possible that it will be difficult for a man to understand. Maybe he will be even more convinced that he has met his fate and will “storm the fortress” with renewed vigor. So, in this regard, we advise you to do the following.

  • Make him understand your attitude to him

It is necessary to make a man understand your indifference not only with words but also with non-verbal hints. Indifferent look, indifference to the topic of the conversation, switching attention to other people – all this has to show him that you are not interested in him. If you decide not to give an extra reason to communicate, be resistant to the end.

  • Don’t show your kindness

How to tell a guy you’re not interested via text? Try not to laugh at jokes and don’t flirt when you chat. Don’t answer his messages at all. In real life, don’t smile when you see him. Don’t instill hope in man out of pity. Doing that, you just complicate things more.

  • Try to introduce him to your lovely friend

Maybe the man will switch his attention to a more friendly person. Help them find points of contact and quietly leave them alone. This is how to tell a guy you’re not interested, being extremely polite.

  • Behave as if you want to seem worse

How to let someone know you’re not interested? If constant excuses don’t help and you even become afraid of him, you need to act smarter. Think what can push away, cause irritation or even disgust in your gestures, facial expressions, and speech. Insert inappropriate replicas in the conversation, interrupt, call him at three o’clock in the morning, behave extravagantly in the presence of his mother or people who influence him, show yourself from the worst side, and so on.

  • Act

Think less about how to make the man understand that he is not needed, and act more. Show your ingenuity. After all, millions of articles are written about how to win attraction and love, and everyone knows that it is very easy to destroy this fragile feeling. So, maybe you don’t even need additional efforts for this.

  • Make sure you don’t want to be with him

Finally, think over it, and maybe, you don’t want to let the man go. Ask yourself whether you will regret if he suddenly leaves your life. After all, not every person on Earth meets sincere and selfless love in their lives. What if you overreacted about how to let a guy know you are not interested?

How Interested People Show Their Feelings

When you are interested in someone, of course, you want this feeling to be mutual because you don’t want to be with an indifferent person. When we open our souls, we want to find faithful, attentive, and loving partners. But how to understand that they really like us?

1. They always present in our lives

One of the main signs that they have feelings is the presence nearby, although there are no objective reasons. And this is logical because everyone wants to be constantly in proximity to the object of their attraction. If people are indifferent, then they will simply pass by. But if they are interested in communication, they will try to start a conversation or otherwise, draw your attention to themselves.

2. They like to communicate with you and always show that you are interesting to them

The initiative in setting up conversations is one of the ways people show that they are interested in others. If your partners are not interested in communicating with you, rarely speak to you first, and you understand that you constantly force them to answer your questions, then consider whether they are interested in what you say at all. But if they are just as interested in communicating with you as you are in talking to them, you will most likely find that you start a conversation roughly equal – and most likely, you feel mutual interest.

3. They want to carehow to let a guy know you are not interested

Except for words, care is also a good sign. People’s participation in your life is directly proportional to the quality of care. Loving people will not let you freeze, get tired, stay hungry, and so on. They will take your cat to the vet, change a light bulb, fix the broken car, etc.

4. They remember all the details

It can be things that you like or vice versa, you don’t like, all those significant dates, things that are important to you, and so on. When people notice such detail, this is a sure sign of interest. If they remember your favorite movies, music, books, things that you accidentally mentioned, of course, this is a sign of their interest in you.

5. They respect your personal boundaries

Respect for your personal boundaries is manifested in the attitude of people towards your time and space. Those who respect you will never call you on Friday evening, making a sudden date “right now,” or asking to come to them immediately at 2 am because “they are very bored” – they understand that at that time, you, most likely, sleep, and in no case allow themselves to disturb you. Of course, we are talking about adults, and not about modern teenagers in love, not yet deprived of childish outbursts.

6. You are part of their lives

People who are interested in you begin to gradually “let in” you in their lives. For example, men appreciate their independence and freedom so much. For the most part, they are ambitious, or rather selfish individualists, painfully reacting to extraneous “invasion.” They painfully react to external “intrusion” into personal space and any attempts at “restriction of freedom.” However, if a man is really interested in a woman, he is ready to share his precious personal space and even let her manage it both morally and physically.

7. They want to be with you

When people show interest, they want more often to be near their loved ones, looking for contact with them. For interested people, it is important not only physical but also spiritual rapprochement with those they like. They don’t look for an answer to the question of how to tell someone you’re not interested. They want to know about their partners as much as possible. If people are looking for the reason to spend time with someone not only for the sake of having sex or personal gain, it is likely that they feel real interest to them.

In Conclusion

Not always the hopes for a long-term relationship are justified. It often happens that people break up, and it brings them a lot of stress and frustration. Nevertheless, if you suddenly realize that a partner becomes interested in you, but you don’t feel the same, it is better to stop communicating. And now you know how to do it correctly so that a partner has only positive memories of your communication and you.

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