When people live together, they have many things in common: common goals, everyday life, relatives, friends, living space, children, business, and so on. It is difficult to end everything even if there are many differences. Men, whatever strange it may seem, are afraid of losing comfort and stability even more than women, so they are less likely to initiate divorce. Men can cheat, go out with friends, they love freedom, but at the same time, they want to return to a cozy family nest where they are loved, where they will be warmed, caressed, and fed. Women live a family life and there is nothing more important than family values for them. It is important to have a comfortable house and a loved one nearby. Women start looking for something new just when they don’t get warmth, attention, and affection from their husbands, and they don’t feel loved and needed.

when to give up on a relationship

If your wife or girlfriend wants to break up with you, you probably don’t give her masculine warmth, love, affection, and care. It’s bad that you don’t think about the fact that your wife feels bad with you, that something doesn’t suit her. It is unlikely that she hid her feelings. Surely she was hysterical, screamed, and beat dishes. But it seemed to you that it would pass. You just asked for forgiveness, bought chocolates or flowers, and then made the same mistakes. It was impossible to reckon with the opinion of a beloved woman. Now you are faced with the fact – she wants to leave, she wants to break up. And here are the signs your wife wants to leave you.

1. She doesn’t argue with you

You think: She finally recognized my mental superiority.

But in fact: This is one of the most obvious signs your wife wants a divorce. “What difference does it make to me that this person, almost a stranger to me, thinks about the political situation in Jakarta? It’s easier to agree with his (fundamentally mistaken, naive, and outrageous) opinion”.

2. She allows you to put on your favorite shirt

You think: The tastes become similar when two people live together for a long time.

But in fact: “The more often I see this awful shirt, the easier it will be for me to take a decisive step”.

3. She doesn’t call you during the day

You think: Finally, she understands that this is unnecessary. I’ll see her in the evening.

But in fact: “I’m starting to gradually, step by step, make it clear that you are not important to me anymore”.

4. She doesn’t want to go with you to your parents

You think: Honestly, I’m also not happy to spend the evenings with her relatives.

But in fact: “It doesn’t matter if I like your mom and dad or not. But it’s embarrassing for me to look into their eyes now, you know”.

5. Sometimes she doesn’t come home in the morning

You think: We have been together for a long time and we don’t need to embellish ourselves with each other.

But in fact: “I'm trying to do a noble deed. Believe me, it’s not easy for me... However, you can perfectly live without me, right?”

6. She is not interested in your day

You think: What’s so surprising? She doesn’t understand futures, sales, and handles of longitudinal filing at all. It would be strange if she were really carried away by stories about my business.

But in fact: “When I’m in love, I’m literally interested in everything that is related to the object of my feelings. His work, his thoughts, his family, his weight at birth... When I’m not in love, I’d rather listen to the radio”. Hope you understand that this is one of the signs she wants to leave you.

7. She starts talking about the three-some during sex

You think: She excites me.

But in fact: “I’m testing you, trying to figure out how you basically feel about the prospect that I can be in the embrace of a strange man”.

signs she is going to leave you8. She is angry when you try to find something in her box with lingerie

You think: She is modest and shy.

But in fact: “Firstly, this is the place where I hide dried flowers from my admirers and illegally purchased condoms. Secondly, underwear – it’s not even sex. This is a very intimate sphere, in which I don’t let anyone”.

9. She doesn’t say “I love you”

You think: Some important things shouldn’t be said out loud too often.

But in fact: “You will not believe, but sometimes it is also difficult for me to lie”.

10. She reduced tactile contact

You think: Actually, you don’t even notice that she touches you much less often.

But in fact: “For women, tactile contact is more important than anything other. (You, for example, can call me the worst woman on Earth, but if you stroke my head and I’m on your knees, I’ll feel happy and peaceful.) So, when I’m in love, I always grab your arms, legs, and other parts of the body. But if I’m indifferent to a man, I’ll try to reduce body contact with him to a minimum”.

Of course, this is not very pleasant. Even more, these are probably the most unpleasant and painful things in the life of any person. There are frequent conflicts and scandals, quarrels and misunderstandings in your relationship – these are the signs that it’s time for a divorce. In this case, everything could already be expected. But how to react to it the most correctly if a girl says that she no longer loves you (especially in the very first days, when emotions predominate over feelings and reason). How to respond to these words, how to behave in this case, how to try to regain and save relationships and past feelings, and whether it is worth doing it at all? There are cases when it is worth fighting for relationships and for love. But also, it is important to understand in which cases it is better to put up and let go in order not to hurt oneself even more.

Reasons why women want to break up

A sociological survey showed the reasons why women want a breakup:

  • 6.5% - unprepared for family life;
  • 7% - the presence of another partner;
  • 8% - infidelity of her husband;
  • 13.5% - use of psychotropic substances or alcoholism;
  • 41% - dissimilarity of characters (as you can see, this is one of the frequent signs she is going to leave you).
  • 24% - individual reasons (each of the reasons scored less than 5%).

How to prevent a breakup?

Most young people don’t know what to do next when they are faced with the question of what to do when a girl wants to break up. A million romantic acts and regrets that they were not committed earlier immediately appear in their heads. There are resentment and anger. Perhaps pride doesn’t allow them to begin a conversation about the fact that she is mistaken in deciding to break up. But, few men know how to convince girls to stay with them.

When you start noticing the signs your marriage is headed for divorce, first of all, you need to understand what a girl really wants from you: to break up completely or just to make a short pause in a relationship in order to understand whether she needs it or not. However, even if she clearly states about the final breakdown of relationships, this is not an excuse to give up. Psychologists say that most girls are prone to doubt. After you break up, she will analyze the whole situation for a long time. If you choose the right moment and offer to come together again, then it is likely that you will save your relationship. Perhaps she didn’t even want to break up.

If you cheated on your girl in the past and she decided to break up, then, according to psychologists, it may be very difficult to return her trust. It will be necessary to do everything in order to deserve her forgiveness. It will be possible to restart a relationship only if a girl really has tender and warm feelings for you. Otherwise, everything will be useless.

A few tips on how to behave correctly if your woman suddenly decided to part:

signs your marriage is headed for divorce 1. Become different. If you want to keep a relationship or marriage and don’t want to let your woman go, then you need to change. Very often, a woman can show different signs that she wants a divorce (if there are no apparent reasons) when she is tired of a daily routine. A wife doesn’t want to feel like a housewife, it is important for her to remain a desired and loved woman.

2. Become a real man. A woman who is married wants to feel fragile and weak, to hide behind her loved one from all misfortunes. Therefore, a weakling or a male child can’t stay with any self-respecting woman. Here the main thing is to find the middle – to be independent but to listen to the opinion of a wife and reckon with it, be strong but not stale and rude. Therefore, if a woman wants to divorce, then try to peacefully and tactfully find out what exactly she doesn’t like, and only after that, think about how to correct the situation, and dissuade a woman from divorce. You can tell her the following words: “I am a man, believe me, I take responsibility for our family, trust me, and I will prove to you that I can fix everything...” etc.

3. Become more caring and gentle. Very often women don’t feel tenderness and warmth in marriage. That’s why many women declare their desire to divorce for no apparent reason. Therefore, if you are not ready to lose your girl, change, become more affectionate and considerate, remember the time when you just started a relationship. Going to the cinema or restaurant, small gifts, compliments, and words of gratitude will help you.

4. Don’t take this as a joke. Take it seriously even if you already had such precedents before and broke up. Believe me, any breakup, even the most comic and frivolous, can be the last one.

5. Surprise her. It is necessary to choose the moment in which a girl will have a good mood, then the likelihood that she will forgive and the flow of her positive emotions significantly increase. Once again, it doesn’t matter if you buy a gift of flowers, chocolate or something else. The only thing that is important is that you must speak sincerely. Don’t try to buy forgiveness, you just need to ask for it, not try to buy.

These simple tips will really help keep a relationship if your loved one still has any feelings. But, if a girl is determined resolutely, then you don’t need to force her to remain forcibly with you. This will cause a lot of negative emotions and you will not remain even friends. Knowing when to leave a relationship is one of the most difficult things. If you understand that there is no way to save a relationship, then you need to take this news with all dignity. In this situation, you just need to wish a girl happiness and success in life from the very heart. It is necessary to respect her choice and her feelings and emotions. Even if this situation has seriously hurt you, you need to behave like a real man. And don’t give up.

Perhaps you will be able to remain good friends, after all, you are not strangers to each other. Each of you will find your soulmates and can really enjoy a happy and long family life. The main thing to remember is that a breakup with a person is not the end of the world. People come together and break up every day. There is nothing to worry about (even if you have been in a relationship for a long time). If a relationship can’t be saved, then it is better to stop it.

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