Tinder is a social network application that connects you with people. However, first, you have to like each other's profiles. It has a chat that allows you to exchange messages with your new friend. This gives you unlimited opportunities for flirting. Who knows, maybe if your messages get to the point, you can meet them in person. But sometimes you have no idea what to say to someone on Tinder. Have no worries here, friend, we are here to help you.

Short text messages are one of the most common communication methods in our time. This is the easiest and the most convenient way to send a reminder, notification, request, or transfer any other message. It is so popular because it is quick and easy to type and read. However, this doesn't mean at all that in this case, you can disregard the rules of decency. Especially when you try to match with someone on Tinder. In this article, you will find unwritten messaging rules that anyone should never violate if they want to succeed on Tinder.

what to say in first message on tinder

What to Say on Tinder to Start off the Conversation?

Your first messages will set the tone for the whole conversation. So, what to say in the first message on Tinder? Remember, you need to draw a girl's interest so that she wants to know you better. Try not to put pressure on your new friend. Aggressive conversation can scare off a potential partner. On the other hand, she should not be bored with you. Try to find common ground so that the conversation gradually moves to deeper and more interesting for both of your topics. This will help you find a decent idea where you should go on a date with her.

Tinder First Message: Photo Compliment & Question

A profile photo is a great opportunity to show others how you look like and share your personal characteristics. Usually, people select a picture from which they can infer their identity. The same principle works when you are searching for a lover because a girl's profile photos can tell a lot about her as a person. It allows you to conclude how many efforts she has put into her profile. Thus, you will understand how serious she is about finding a partner. So, it is better to start your conversation with a compliment. Especially when you meet a single girl online. But you should compliment not her looks but the photo in general. This will allow you to begin a conversation about her hobbies or something else.

Tinder First Message: Casual Hello & Simple Question

Usually, it is better to avoid the simple, "Hello" or "Hi." Since most of the users will lose interest in the continuation of communication with you. And what should you say instead of hi on Tinder? Carefully read the profile and study the photos of the user you like to find an interesting clue. For example, if you see a girl with a surfboard in the photo, ask her about her favorite places to surf. Plus, make sure your grammar and spelling are always correct, especially when you are just starting to communicate with a new person. Remember, the first impression is the strongest!

Tinder First Message: Slightly Flirty

Tinder is designed for having fun, but it also helps make your communications easier. You should never use too rude or vulgar phrases, or your new online girlfriend will lose interest in you. Plus, this will nullify all chances of continuing flirting in the future. Try to be positive and save more serious expressions for your future communication. Don't be afraid to make her compliments. Even if you don't know a person very well yet, you should still give compliments during the conversation. The simple, "I like talking to you" may be a good start.

what to say to girls on tinderTinder First Message: Question about Basic Profile Info

If you are still asking yourself what to say a girl on Tinder, then you may try to begin your conversation with a simple question. Sometimes it is the best option, for example when you visit a ladies dating site. Just make sure your questions are not too serious or controversial. They should be simple and help you get to know the person you are talking to. Find out what her hobbies, interests are. You should avoid questions that may be too personal. Girls love attention, and she will gladly share all the information with you. Behave normally and naturally. Communicate as if you are talking with a friend you have known for many years. Stay calm and do not lose self-control.

Tinder First Message: Random Question/Comment

The more you are ingenious and unique, the more chances you have to make a match with a girl on Tinder. For example, a girl took a picture of herself in pajama, which looks like a kimono. White her, "Cool kimono "her name"!" She will respond positively, and that is it! You just have set the rhythm of communication. Plus, it will be way better than a simple, "Let's talk." You should never write something like, "Let's have a chat." It sounds boring and stupid. Never-ever begin your conversations asking for sex. Even if she agrees, then consider this to be an accident. She just broke up and does not care about herself or just laughs at you and will not come to your date.

Rules for Texting a Girl on Tinder

Refrain from the mass text

Short messaging services are designed exactly for exchanging small messages and for nothing else. Typing a huge letter might sound like a unique and good idea, but it is not. This is not her email box, and she expects messages here to be short and simple. Plus ask yourself whether are you a writer. Are you sure that you can write a huge message that will be interesting? There is a rule: if it takes you more than 30 seconds to type a message, then you should write a normal letter or give her a call. This is what you should expect from your communication when you match with a girl on Tinder.

Be respectful if you want to be respected

Respect has two sides. If you want to be respected, first, you should learn to respect others. If you start conversations like an idiot, then this is not a surprise that people answer you the same way or just don't answer at all. Your first message may tell more about you than a whole day of chatting online. Don't be rude and hateful. Being too straightforward is also bad. Begin your conversations in a friendly way, but make sure that you are not too friendly, or you are at risk of getting into the friend zone.

Be confident

Self-confidence is one of the main qualities that define a man. Girls need to feel that a man understands and knows what he wants in this life and that they can rely on you and count in difficult situations. You should know how to solve problems. How to become self-confident? Self-confidence is not an innate quality. You need to work on this. Believe in yourself and your strength. You must be confident in communication, demonstrate that you are calm and stand on solid ground. You don't have to fuss and should be relaxed because self-sufficiency is your main quality. The way how you speak, write, your manners, even your walking habit can show how confident or not confident you are.

Send high-quality messages

Your messages can say a lot about you. If you type the messages fast without mistakes, avoid plague words, and work on their content, then your chances of having a real date increase. Make sure that your intentions are clear. Also, you must be able to have conversations almost about everything. Note, your main goal is to meet her in real life because the faster you switch from online to offline chatting, the higher the chances of success you will have. Remember, the more you wait and think what to say on Tinder to a girl, the lower your chances are.

Keep your messages short and thoughtful

Don't overthink what to say to girls on Tinder because your messages should never be too long. We can call typing small messages an art. Because you must clearly show your intentions to your new online friend, but you must do this without writing a whole letter and scaring your friend away from you. Long messages are boring. Remember, your main goal is not to bore your girlfriend with your internal world in messages but make her meet you in reality. Only then you can say that your Tinder search was a success. You are here not only to have a chat but to find a lover.

Some Tips for Guys on Tinder

what to say first on tinderDitch the selfie but have a photo of your face

Photos are the most important part of a profile because people will not scroll right if they don't like your pictures. Upload at least 3-5 photos that show you in a good light. Choose clear shots with good lighting. For example, you can add two pictures with your face, two photos in which you do your favorite thing, and one photo with your pet or friends. Besides, make sure that there is at least one photo in your profile where you look elegant, and at least one photo with your everyday look. Do not add selfies in the mirror and photos from the gym. These shots push people away.

Don't neglect your profile text… it actually matters!

Rather than listing key facts about yourself, show what makes you special and unique. There is no need to show in your profile where you studied or where you grew up. Save the basic information for your conversations. It is better to choose the details that will distinguish you from everyone else and provide a good description of what kind of person you are. For example, many people love shawarma, but you don't have to say about this in your profile. However, you can write, "I have come up with over 10 recipes for shawarma, and I am always looking for new options."

Sharing your favorite songs is a big yes

Your music tastes can say a lot about you. According to experts, human personal character traits and openness to a new experience has the greatest effect on musical genre preferences. People who have a high rate of openness to new experiences, for the most part, prefer more complex and diverse music, such as classical music, jazz, electronic music, etc. It means that if you have the same or similar musical preferences with a girl you met on Tinder, then you have higher chances to establish romantic relationships in the future. So, don't be shy to share your music preferences.

Don't copy and paste someone else's funny Tinder bio

This is your bio, and you are looking for someone to match you. Your bio must represent your personality. By copy-pasting it from someone else, you give some false expectations about you. Trying to be something that you are not is the worst idea that you have ever had. Acting like that you are significantly lowering your chances to find a match. A girl that liked your account expects that your bio is yours and there are high chances that she will be disappointed and leave when you start texting.

We hope that now you know what to say on Tinder. Remember, only you can make yourself successful. Stay open to changes and absorb new information, and you will see how your life begins to change. The more you try, the more confident and experienced you become. You should try various techniques and approaches, so you won't have to think about what to say first on Tinder. This will take lots of time, so don't expect to quickly find a good match for you.

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