What Makes a Woman Happy

How to keep your woman happy is a tough question. Female happiness is a derivative of the realization of the main purpose of a woman determined by her nature and everything connected with it: to be loved, to have healthy children, a husband, and a good life. Women's happiness is different from men’s. Making a woman happy as a man is different from the opposite as well. If a man has to build a house, plant a tree and raise a son, then the main vocation of a woman is to be a wife and mother. Even a little girl, playing with dolls, comes up with a “prince” for herself - this is what defines her role in life, her vocation.

how to keep your woman happy

Women's happiness is a subjective assessment of life and the realization of dreams and plans. For many, happiness is to get married and have children. But not everyone has a husband and children. One lives with her husband and does not have children, the other - on the contrary. And someone has a husband and children but does not feel happy. And all because, for complete happiness, there is often something else that is missing. The fullness of happiness is an individual, subjective concept. Yet today we will discuss the main things about making girls happy, in general, without close relations and making a girlfriend happy, touching upon intimate topics.

How to Know if Your Woman is Happy

Making a girl happy is a very complex task as a whole to cover it in an article, yet here are some main signs that your woman is happy:

1. She loves to be with you.

When you invite her to go together for her needs, and she immediately agrees, even if you just go to a home appliances store, a pawnshop or to the market for nails, this is clearly a great sign. Maybe she will not agree to do so every time, but if this happens quite often, and you see that she likes to spend time with you, then you can be proud of yourself. Unhappy women usually do not like to spend time with their husbands.how to make a pregnant woman happy

2. She smiles at home

Happiness is reflected in the faces of women, they are directly glowing from the inside when they are satisfied with their surroundings. If she smiles most of the time, then you can be sure that she is happy. This does not mean that she should walk around the house throughout the day, smiling widely, because it would look strange at best. But if most of the time she is irritable and walks around the house with a gloomy face, then, most likely, not everything in her marriage develops happily. Remember that happy people smile almost all the time.

3. She loves your hug

When you hug her and she does so as well, without any hesitation, this is also a good sign. If your wife enjoys your arms, then you have nothing to worry about.

4. Her kisses drag on

It also says a lot. Of course, not every kiss should be long, but they should happen regularly. When your lips merge into a kiss for a few seconds, this is a sure sign that she is enjoying a kiss. It makes her happy. Unhappy married women do not like to kiss.

5. She likes to talk to you about different things.

If she likes to chat with you about what is happening in the world, about a movie she likes or something you like to discuss, including family matters, that means she feels comfortable next to you and enjoys your company. This is a good sign that she is happily married to you. This is especially important if you are wondering how to make a pregnant woman happy, they are more nervous and exposed to stress.

How to Make a Woman Happy: Most Important Tips

Rule number 1. The first rule of how to keep a woman happy in a relationship: you should listen to her! Be an attentive, grateful listener, do not take her words as an immediate call to action and not consider her speech as an accusation or criticism. In the end, maybe now a bad mood speaks in her, and all because she is dissatisfied with something in herself, fears something, worries, feels uncomfortable, etc. She may not admit to herself or realize this, or speak about it out loud, but the reason is most often just this. You should allow a woman to speak out, thus providing a very important, almost irreplaceable, invaluable help – she can express everything she thinks, release negativity, restore peace of mind, and then you will be comfortable with her. Therefore, first listen and only then ask about how you can help her. Sometimes one such question is enough to melt the woman's heart, and make her heart warmer.

Rule number 2. How do you make a woman happy? You should know things to say to your girlfriend to make her happy, and do so not once but every day - but only if you really love her! Otherwise, this should not be done in any case! What to say to a girlfriend to make her happy? It is great if you have your own personal jargon, in which you express yourself in love, something personal and intimate. Over time, such "code" words (just make sure that they are positively perceived by your partner), used only by two, become anchors, immediately raising your spirits. Love and jealousy are not the same thing. Jealousy is a sign of insecurity; a woman should not suffer because of your anxiety. Otherwise, your relationship may come to naught.

Rule number 3. In addition to words of love, a woman needs proof of this love, but in the form most comprehensible for her. Speak in her language so that she understands that your words are not just words.

Rule number 4. Since 80% of women are pursuers, in no case should you break contact without warning. You have the right to a personal space, but a woman has the right to know where you are. The more often you pre-inform her about your desire to be alone with yourself, preferably with an indication of the exact time - the less such measures will be required in the future. When you "disconnect", it is necessary to say for how long you need to go away and that you love her! In the event that you are a pursuer, and a woman is a distant one, then you need to give her the opportunity to be alone, gather her thoughts, understand herself. In the end, everything is relative and it is even possible that you are really the best for her and that is why all comparisons are only in your favor! Be confident!

Rule number 5. How to make your girlfriend happy? Make her feel confident. This includes joint plans for the future, taking care of her and her children, confidence in financial well-being in the future. It is not at all necessary that you should become a what to say to a girlfriend to make her happyfinancial magnate - but a woman should know that if she has financial problems, you will come to her rescue.

Rule number 6. A woman should be allowed to be independent and not rush to solve her problems immediately. She has the right to choose how to solve them and whether they can be considered problems at all. The woman must strengthen her sense of self-confidence. Otherwise, you will never know why she is with you - because she is dependent on you, or because she really loves you!

Rule number 7. A woman should be allowed to be weak! No matter how strong a woman may appear in public, at home she most often wants to be just a woman, lean on a man’s shoulder, feel the tenderness of his care, hear gentle words, relax. She, of course, can do without it, only if she is happy at the same time – that is the main priority. As the saying goes, a strong woman can be without a man; it can be fine, but a man is so strong that he loves her not for her strength, but for the fact that she is a woman — sometimes vulnerable, sometimes illogical, sometimes not in a mood, etc., in a word, allowing herself to be weak in your company. And it is important not to point fingers at these weaknesses. If a woman can be weak with you, then she trusts you!

Rule number 8. A woman should be sure of her appearance! It does not matter how she looks, as they say ugly women do not exist. She needs confidence that her appearance is exactly your ideal of beauty (especially if it is so). And the fact that your attitude and reverence for her beauty will not change, regardless of whether she loses or gains weight, goes to the gym or not. It is believed that jokes about men's dignity are always inappropriate. If this principle is attributed to the female appearance, then it is not appropriate to make jokes that undermine her confidence in her attractiveness. The liberation of a woman in intimate life is a measure of her confidence in her beauty.

The more a woman is convinced of her irresistibility and attractiveness in your eyes, the more she will want intimacy and receive satisfaction from it.

Rule number 9. A woman needs confidence that she is unique, special, the best - the ideal for you, in one word. Ideal for you - because, in general, there are no ideal people, but there are couples who are most suitable for each other. She should know that regardless of whether you meet another, more beautiful, clever, rich and outstanding woman tomorrow, you will love her anyway, because she is who she is, and there is no one like her!

Rule number 10. A woman needs her man. It is in your power and ability to show that it is so. This will help you follow nine previous recommendations. As they say, if you are not in a fairy tale yet, then there is no wizard nearby. If we talk about a real man, a woman is happy because he loves her. He loves her not because he understands but loves, even when he does not understand. And the more he does not understand, the more he loves. Able to forgive, appreciate, love the way she is and does not try to redo her.

How to Make a Woman Happy in Bed

How to make your woman happy in bed? – The main reason why men often do not satisfy their wives in bed is that they perceive pleasure differently. The concept of "pleasure" in the dictionaries is interpreted as a feeling of joy from pleasant experiences and sensations. And since women are very emotional, they are able to respond to virtually every little thing, so it is with these little things that they should be pleased first of all.

How to keep a girlfriend happy? You have to understand her needs in bed. Some mistakenly believe that a woman can be pleased only when a woman has an orgasm. An orgasm is most correctly called the highest point of pleasure, on the way to which a confident and loving man will allow his half to experience many exciting and pleasant moments. By nature, the female body is unique, so any contact must bear, above all, an emotional charge. Poets in antiquity praised the prelude to sexual intimacy, and nowadays sexopathologists and psychologists claim that foreplay is very important for women and for men too. If a woman is not satisfied with the quality of the relationship, she also will not have any incentive to demonstrate her “aerobatics” to the partner. Most likely the relationship itself will fade away one day.

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