Sometimes it almost feels like men and women are too different to have something in common: we think differently, speak differently, express our thoughts and share a vision in various ways. So what should we talk about? Discussing feelings can be tricky, especially if you just met because the conversation acquires a weird tone. Speaking about latest trends in fashion? Well, it can be interesting for one of you, depending on your tastes. But what about the other person, involved in the conversation? The same thing will happen if you’ll discuss your favorite baseball team. Sure, the statements are highly stereotypical, so that is why you need to learn about things to talk about with girls.

Imagine you got the number of a hot acquaintance. She can be your local grocery store seller, a cute tango class tutor or just a person who happens to be your female co-worker. Maybe you have never seen each other in real life and you found this lady online scrolling through social media, such as Instagram, Tinder or Snapchat. The main thing you need to do is immediately grab her attention! She might leave soon if your speech will be unconvincing or boring. A good-looking profile photo works well just as a conversation-starter, but soon you’ll need to involve a power process of your brain cells to enchant her. Talk to sexy girls without hesitation, having learned some of the cool tips and tricks!

talk to girls online

What do girls like to talk about?

These are applicable topics you are absolutely capable of talking. What girls like to talk about besides makeup trends and chitchatting about celebrities? Well, don’t be mad, these are just stereotypes.


Girls absolutely love talking about things they are good at. Women can be stunning at a lot of things, but relationships matter can concern a great number of interconnected problems you might want to find out while chatting. Ask what men your charming interlocutor likes, what she expects from the relationship, and what kind of behavior she will not tolerate when being with the guy. Naturally, you should not insist on the discussion of this topic if the girl is not ready for excessive frankness. Do not ask vulgar questions either. Start with a nice pleasant conversation, not too personal.

There are certain things that you should never tell your online-girlfriend, and if you pay attention to these things, then you might rapidly strengthen your relationship. Be attentive, kind and indulgent, and then you will see how this girl gets more and more drawn to you. Of course, there is no universal phrase, which will help absolutely everyone. But starting a conversation with the phrase "We need to talk" is not worth it. Moreover, this is a very big mistake, because this way you initially cause the bad feelings in your charming chit chatter, and she does not expect any good from communication with you. Psychologists recommend not panicking when talking to a woman about relationships. For example, you can start with the phrase "I would like to discuss something with you." This sounds less ominous and does not cause a negative attitude. Ask her about sincerity; be kind and gentle. This will make your conversation start off on a good note.


This might be a tricky topic, too. The main rule is as follows: never insult anyone’s interests. Never say that her hobbies are too shallow or overly far-fetched, but do not apply tons of adjectives of how cute and talented she is because that is just plainly annoying. It would be great if you just showed sincere interest in what she is talking about. Things to talk about with girls involve mutual hobbies. For instance, you can talk about cinematography or music - a beloved topic for every wondering heart. You can communicate with the girl about actual topics, such as novelties in respect of cinema, musical genres, television series or popular television shows. From the correspondence, you can find out her favorite actor, film, and musician. You can smoothly transfer this conversation into the suggestion of going to the cinema together (only if you have an ability to meet the girl in real life).

how to talk to girls onlineBooks or comic books

It is not so easy to find people who read a lot, and it’s even harder to find a person who would be fascinated by literature. If your girl is an inveterate bibliographer, discuss what literary genres are close to her, what books of some writers she read last week. You can show your erudition by including quotations and aphorisms from classical works in the conversation. Anyway, don’t turn this conversation into complete boredom, it’s just one of the ways to find your common interests.

Places she has been to

How to talk to girls online effectively? Ask about foreign countries. You can chat about the sights of the city in which you both live. Discuss the city's favorite city places, find out in which cafes she prefers to enjoy a cup of coffee. This information can be used as the invitation to a date (again, only if you have an ability to meet the girl in real life).

Chatting with your companion on social media is pleasant if you both have good knowledge on the topic of planning a holiday on the weekend (which means that both of you are busy and forward people), traveling during vacations or holidays. A guy and a girl are able to combine a common love for traveling, active sport or a vacation in the same country. How to talk to girls on Facebook when traveling is involved? Ask about her opinion on the best places you have been to, sending her Google maps links. You can walk on the same street even if you are miles away from each other. It is quite romantic to talk to girls online like that!

How to talk to girls on Tinder?

Share your story

Be forward and direct. Ask why she chose Tinder as the place to talk to strangers. Don’t lie about pure love if you don’t feel this way. Say frankly - you have created an account out of boredom/thirst/interest. At least, it will be a sincere answer she will definitely appreciate.

Talk about her

How to talk to girls? Be pleasant and a little bit nicer than you are in real life. Believe me, it always works! Let's be honest: not all the girls on Tinder are models. In addition, men tend to embellish their appearance, forgetting that they are also far from being perfect. So do not be too picky, and if appearance is so important to you, then get a rating scale from 1 to 10 and mark only those ladies who can get the highest (or almost the highest) rating on their scale. But do not talk about this scale with them!

How to talk to girls on Snapchat

Share cute and crazy stories

Snapchat is a great place to have fun and share weird stories about your life, everyone is basically just fooling around on this social media. So be easy-going and frank about your life, and don’t forget to involve your girl in this conversational process. Girls like fun stories, brave confessions and everything, including sexually colored jokes or just forward vulgar things, as long as you don’t cross anyone’s borders.

How to talk dirty to girls

Ask about her preferences

What does she like? What kind of fantasy does she have? Does she like hardcore sex? These are important questions that will help you develop the right strategy. To get answers to all this, use your imagination. You can, for example, see her profile on social media, evaluate the past experience of having sex with a girl, or find out what porn she likes. In the end, you can learn everything directly, so do not be a coward.

things to talk about with girlsTalk about sex as it is

What girls like to talk about? Dirty, nasty things! If you really decided to speak about sex with your soul mate, then try to raise the topic of dirty conversations. These vulgar and dirty conversations can remove shyness, awaken each other's trust, find good topics and ensure your close contact. It's nice to raise such a conversation as you talk online.

And one more tip: it's best to start vulgar and dirty conversations spontaneously. Without a special reason. Never bombard the girl with hints. A man disconnects all his thought processes and may simply not understand the desires of the partner. Moreover, men often like uninhibited women.

Be hardcore!

Now it's time to talk about what positions and preferences your partner loves in bed. It's nice to find out about her secret of vulgar fantasies and desires, which she has not experimented with yet. After evaluating all these stories and revelations, you can plan your dirty conversation. Start with what you are going to do with her. Describe all your steps in detail. It will excite her, and she will wait with lust. Inform her about every step that is about to happen. This will allow her to keep herself under control. Let me remind you that these steps will work out only if both of you have gained the right level of connection, trust and you can ensure her positive intentions of her sexuality.

Conversations are an integral part between partners. It allows you to open up, be sincere with each other. In addition, the correct amount of "dirty" conversations makes sex between you as open and satisfying as possible. If you meet in real life after long hours of passionate conversations, there will be no need to mend the connections, just start on the right note! Love and be loved! Be direct, spontaneous and fierce! Good luck with the girl of your dreams, dude!

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