To understand a girl is how to go through a difficult game with a bunch of levels in it. Be ready for it. I will tell you what you need to know because I am, surprise-surprise, also a girl. Speaking on behalf of women, I can assure you: the girls are very hot-tempered. We have a whole set of emotions and complex mechanisms in our heads when it comes to relationships. They make us what we are. But we are not alone in this. Guys also have their own peculiarities. Sometimes it’s no easier to understand them, but women are still more complex in this. So if you plan to go out, find a great ladies dating site and meet a girl now, then you have to know a few things about the way women try to show their interest and sympathy.

when a girl likes you

How Do Girls Hint While Texting?

In rare cases, we do not use any specific tactics but simply improvise. But more often than not, we know what we are doing. Or think we know. Below you will find a list of signs that a girl likes you through texting.

Silence is not always a good sign

If we are silent, there are reasons for this. We are determined to communicate, even if we do not always admit it. If a girl does not talk to you, most likely, you have offended her with something. Remember what you did in the last few days. Even if you remember something insignificant, I guarantee you that it means a lot to her.


How to know if a girl likes you over text? I don’t know exactly why we are doing this, but this is a 100% fact. If you want to understand how a girl treats you, remember: we are programmed to laugh at the jokes of the person we like. Even if the jokes are not funny at all. If you notice this behavior in a girl, congratulations, she likes you.

Compliments, compliments, compliments

Girls will always find something to praise in a man. When I get into the company of unfamiliar girls, I try to compliment their clothes, hairstyle or makeup. This is an easy way to get their disposition. It also helps in relationships. A girl can say, "I like your curly hair" or “I am delighted how much enthusiasm you have about your work.” Pay attention to how she pronounces phrases of this nature.

Questions about you

Does she ask you about your personal life or ask questions about your childhood? If she looks interested, she probably is. Do not look for hidden meaning in this.
how to find out if a girl likes you

How to Interpret Texts That Girls Write?

And here are some important things you should know about texts from women and how you should interpret them.

See if she flirts with you

How to tell a girl likes you over text? It may only seem obvious, but sometimes, it’s harder to think that someone is flirting than you think. Each woman has her own flirting style, and there are many ways to flirt with you and show you that she likes you. Here are some signs that she is flirting: when she texts a lot of emoticons in her messages, she flirts with you. If she often tries to make you laugh, then she definitely flirts with you.

She subscribed to your profile on social networks

If a girl constantly likes your posts or subscribes to you on different social networks, then she probably likes you! Of course, this does not mean much if she spends a lot of time on social networks, but if she is usually not too active, then this is a good sign. No need to think too deeply about her behavior on social networks. Sure, you can think that the “Like” mark on Instagram indicates her love, but you will lose your mind if you attach too much importance to such actions. If she often texts you online but does not communicate much in person, the cause may be shyness and her attempts to get to know you better. Perhaps she is trying to gather her will into a fist and invite you on a date.

The girl texts to you for no reason

If a girl sends messages to you just like that, for no apparent reason, then she probably thinks about you and maybe even in love. She’s probably looking for reasons to text you, like something that concerns your homework or your health if you are ill.

Listen to how she speaks about other guys

How to tell if a girl likes you over text? If she says that this or that guy is not good enough for her, or if there are no guys like you, she lets you know that she needs you. In addition, she can also tell you who is missing something, focusing on your personal qualities. If she says that she would go on a date with a guy with a great sense of humor, and she constantly praises your sense of humor, this means that she wants to date you. If she complains about other guys, she will let you know that she likes you more than the others.

Let’s take a break from signs that a girl likes you through text and figure out why it is so hard for them to talk about their feelings.

Why are girls afraid to open up about their feelings first?

Men and women are equally afraid of declaring love because both of them do not want to be rejected. However, if in women, it is more of emotional fear, for example, a fear of loneliness, then a man protects his vanity (he is a male, he needs to act strong and confident, and he can’t do that when he gets rejected).

It is generally accepted that a man should confess his love first. But it happens that a woman reveals her feelings first as well. True, not all men like it. Some of them just get scared of such confessions, especially if until this moment the man saw the girl just a couple of times. I drank coffee with her, and she says, "I love you." After such a confession, a man shies away from a woman, runs away from her, because he feels a sense of danger. He is afraid of obligations that he does not need. He needs easy leisure, a pleasant pastime, a romantic relationship and not to be strained in a relationship. A declaration of love implies a certain responsibility to the partner.

When women confess their love, the situation is completely different: the ladies do not feel any obligations, on the contrary, they believe that they owe it to them. A woman understands that, from now, she receives a certain power over a man and, if possible, takes advantage of this.

And here are 5 signs a girl likes you over text.

Main Signs That a Girl Likes You Over Text

It is often far from easy to understand whether a girl likes a guy. Some girls do not hide this, flirting openly, giggling and blushing whenever they are near a guy. Others, on the contrary, are very shy and hide their feelings. However, it does not matter what type of girls you are facing, because there are a number of unmistakable signs that can give her feelings away. If you like a girl and want to know if your feelings are mutual in texting, then pay attention to the following signs of sympathy.

How know if a girl likes you over text?

how to know if a girl loves you secretly

See if she teases you

When a girl likes you – she will act playfully with you. If a girl teases you, this is another signal that you are not indifferent to her. Teasing is a form of flirting. In such a joking manner, the girl makes you understand that she likes you. She can pester you, mock your clothes, push you, and even make fun of your clothes or hair. But do not be offended - she pays attention to you. See whether she acts this way with other guys or not. If she makes fun of everyone, then she is just like that. But if she only acts this way with you, it means she sets you apart from other guys.

Observe if she praises you

How to find out if a girl likes you? If a girl constantly praises you, then, most likely, she likes you. If she says that she likes your new shoes, or how cool you played basketball, even though you were just fooling around, then she certainly likes you. When a girl likes a guy, she likes any little thing that he does, and she is not afraid to tell him about it. She may be just a very nice girl giving out compliments here and there. Or she says nice things only to you. Who knows, maybe, in the latter case, she belongs to the type of very cute girls. Or maybe not. If she compliments you on a new shirt or haircut, then she follows your wardrobe and changes in the appearance. And this is a decisive signal that she has a crush on you.

See if she is looking for a reason to speak with you

Are you interested in the signs an introvert girl likes you over text? If a girl is in love with you, she will look for any reason to start a conversation, unless, of course, she is irrevocably modest. If you don’t have mutual friends or other reasons to intersect, she can just come up and ask a trivial question about what the lectures that she missed, which in principle is easy to learn from other classmates. She can even call or send you a text message, asking some trivial questions in the hope of continuing the conversation. If she likes you, she can try to start a conversation based on your taste, for example, about sports or your favorite TV show. She can send a message with such a question for no apparent reason. Perhaps she shares your hobbies or maybe just looking for a reason to start a conversation.

She might ask if you like someone

How do you know if a girl likes you? She will be interested in your personal life. In this case, the girl will try to sneakily find out whether you feel sympathy for someone, whether you are going to spend the weekend with a friend, whether you are in love with someone, which will serve as a direct hint of her feelings for you. If a girl asks whether you are in love with someone, it should be interpreted in the following way: “Do you like me?” There is only one more explanation for this - she can ask such questions because one of her friends is in love with you. If you tell her that you do not like anyone, she may ask the following, “Why? Really? After all, you should like someone." Here she wants to hear that you are in love with her. Even the fact that she is interested in your personal life proves that she has romantic feelings for you.

Pay attention to what she says about the girls that you both communicate with

How to know if a girl loves you secretly? Does the girl try to humiliate the girls with whom you communicate in any way? Does she say that all your ex-girlfriends are unworthy of you? If so, the girl hints to you that she is the one and only for you. If she speaks unflattering about your friends and any girls with whom you communicate, then she is madly jealous of you, because you do not pay enough attention to her. If a girl is jealous, although you haven’t even dated her yet, this is completely normal.

Now that we are done with obvious signs a girl likes you over text, I would like to say that, in the end, you will have to ask the girl about her feelings in a straightforward manner. If you also like this girl and want to know the truth, don't be afraid to ask about it. Just take a moment when you are alone in a calm place and ask what she feels for you. If you like her, tell her about this first and add that you would like to know if it is mutual. Speak calmly, look into her eyes, and give her all your attention so that she understands how important it is to you. But do not exaggerate, so as not to scare her. If she admits that it is mutual, invite her on a date and look where all this will lead. If she has no feelings for you, respond calmly. Do not be discouraged and do not be offended - be impartial and show her how wonderful you are.

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