Flirting is one of the best and most popular ways to meet a potential partner. It’s a very important skill both for men and women because sometimes the only way to draw attention to yourself is to start behaving in a playful manner. The dating experts from bridesbay.com claim that it doesn’t take a rocket science to learn some secrets of successful flirting and practice them once you spot an attractive person.


Keep your expectations low.

Flirting is fun until you don’t take it too seriously. In most cases, you flirt with a person whom you’ll maybe never see again. Some people wrongly consider it to be the first step of a serious relationship and they get frustrated when their fantasies do not come true. It’s just a kind of game and you are not bound to win.

Be open.

You should give an impression of an easy-going person willing to communicate. Keep calm and smile. Use your body language to let a person, whom you’d like to meet, know that you are cheerful, relaxed, and confident. There are no reasons to be nervous.

Read her body language.

Once you spot a girl with whom you’d like to flirt, take a close look at her. Her gestures will give you some clues as to whether she is interested in you. If she sits or stands with an open posture and her arms are not crossed, then she is available for communication. All people have an inborn ability to decipher other people’s body language and you are not an exception. If you notice one signal, make sure it’s not false.

Maintain eye contact but for a second.

Don’t stare. Just exchange glances, smile with your eyes, and then look away. Then, if you look at her again and see her following you with her eyes, some flirting will be to the point and it promises to be successful.

Speak to her.

It doesn’t matter what you’ll say or ask. Any conversation starter will do. You can just unobtrusively comment on the weather or something that is going on around you. If she smiles and replies, keep talking. If she doesn’t express any interest in your words, you’d better give up. Don’t start your conversation with something personal (personal questions, facts about your life, etc). Instead, talk about universal things such as nature, weather, or surroundings.

Gradually start sharing information about yourself.

If you’ve made a good start, you may communicate some pieces of information concerning your personality. You can tell her what you think about the concert you were at the other day or what profession is most appealing to you. Choose the moment to introduce yourself and ask a girl to tell you what her name is (probably, she’ll introduce herself in return). Make sure it’s a dialog, not your monolog. If she says she likes dogs, say that you’re also a dog person and tell her what breed is your favorite. The key purpose is to get to know her better.

Be attentive.

Be all ears when she speaks and don’t get distracted by the things and people around you. The more interest you express, the more interesting you seem to her.

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