When the couple is happy, partners do not have any anxiety or doubt about their relationship. However, some relationships that seem to be quite normal from outside do not really have a future. Sometimes it is difficult to recognize toxic relationships since the damage is not obvious at first sight. Nevertheless, they are slowly poisoning life. What is a toxic relationship? You can distinguish a healthy and successful relationship from a toxic one, which brings grief and pain instead of joy, by several features. Seven signs of a toxic relationship look like that.


You cannot easily talk with your partner

Your life is not without drama, and all your actions offend your partner: they pout, walk away, visually showing how badly you have acted and demonstrating how badly you have hurt their feelings. After that, you feel like a bad person, a cruel monster, and your toxic partner enjoys a scandal. It is possible that your partner consciously uses such tactics manipulating your sense of guilt.

Your partner is egoistic

Your partner is not able to sympathize and empathize with others. Such people have problems with emotional intelligence and empathy. The partner is not able to put himself into the mind of another person, and he does not set himself this task because he considers himself to be the center of the universe. Does he constantly talk about himself? It seems that next to you is an exemplary narcissus.

Narcissists are self-involved and self-obsessed so much that they do not notice what is happening around. The needs, desires, and feelings of such person are always more important than yours since in their picture of the world everything should turn around them. Narcissism is one of the signs of a toxic partner.

unhealthy-relationshipYou are not happy with each other's successes

When the partners are happy, they rejoice at the victories and achievements of each other, they support the undertakings of a beloved one and them in every possible way. Unwillingness to accept partner's successes, critical evaluation of their achievements, aggression or envy indicates toxic behavior relationships. When one partner seeks to lower the self-esteem of the other one, this leads to resentment, retaliatory aggression, and a quick breakup.

Your partner constantly wants to change and improve you

Do not forget that mature and strong relationship are based on the acceptance of the partner as he/she is. When there are toxic behaviors, you are compared to others, you are openly told or politely hinted that it would be nice for you to change something about yourself to become better.

Perhaps you should lose weight or get fat, cut off or grow hair, change the outfit or throw away half of the wardrobe. You are always missing something in order to become a perfect partner.

You partner tries to domineer

When a partner wants to control all your actions, be aware of all plans, know the content of each call and message, and constantly tries to impose their opinion, such a couple cannot be happy. With all the depth of love and affection, each partner must have a personal space. You should study how to have a successful relationship before it's too late.

Your partner shows resentment, jealousy, and mistrust all the time

For example, unreasonable resentment of a partner who spends his free time with friends or devotes it to his hobby indicates a lack of confidence. When there are some doubts, distrust, suspicions, and groundless jealousy in the relationship, the system begins to collapse. Under the weight of constant reproaches and accusations, feelings will gradually fade and life together will cease to bring pleasure.

You feel infinite negative from your partner

When you constantly discuss your unsuccessful life with colleagues, friends, and relatives, how you are not appreciated and not noticed, it is a red flag. If you see the only solace in the pity of others, you have become a hostage to unhappy, toxic relationships that slowly kill you. If conversations with a partner do not change the situation, instead of a long depression, think about letting go of toxic relationships with this person and start life from scratch.

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