Some claim chivalry is dead, others say that men are not the way they used to be, one thing, though, remains for ages… most men prefer to challenge themselves. Although they are no longer into conquering countries or killing dragons, challenges concerning women still live. One of those challenges is dating a neurotic girl. So, let's check out what it is like to date a neurotic woman and why it is challenging.

dating a neurotic girl

What Does Neurotic Mean?

Neuroticism – is one of the Big Five higher-order personality traits in the study of psychology. Individuals who score high on neuroticism are more likely than average to be moody and to experience such feelings as anxiety, worry, fear, anger, frustration, envy, jealousy, guilt, depressed mood, and loneliness, thus getting closer to neurosis. Neurosis can be considered to be a light mental disorder, as it involves chronic distress, but has nothing to do with hallucinations or delusions. Don't get scared right away. You are most likely to confuse a neurotic person with a psychotic one. A neurotic girl doesn't lose touch with the reality, she just takes it harder than you do. Moreover, neurotic behavior has nothing to do with aggression or rage. But let's dig deeper in it in the next paragraph.

What Does It Mean to Be Neurotic?

So, what does it mean to be neurotic? That's the question you would definitely ask before you start dating a neurotic girl. Neuroticism is considered to be a mild psychological issue because it simply goes down to the way people experience emotions. Those who have neurotic personality are likely to experience higher levels of anxiety, guilt or envy. A neurotic woman can be more jealous than others. But that doesn't mean that all jealous people who experience high levels of anxiety or guilt are neurotic.

So, what are the main difference between dating a neurotic woman and dating an average woman then? That is simpler than you might have thought.

A neurotic woman is more likely to have mood swings. For example, you are having an argument about something and she's blaming you for something. Wait an hour and she would feel guilty about it, thinking that she was to blame. When you date a neurotic girl you can notice that she is in a good mood in the morning, but showing signs of depression by the noon.

a neurotic woman How to Date a Neurotic Girl?

The question that bugs you the most right now, is whether it may or may not have some effect on your relationship. Well, two signs show that you are unlikely to have problems with her. First, you are already in a relationship with her and you found out that she's neurotic only going this far in reading this article. Second, neurotic people that don't experience high level of anxiety and have good social life are unlikely to cause you any problem. Moreover, neurotic people with active life attitude experience no anxiety and can function without an issue. So, basically, everything is going to be fine in your relationship with a neurotic girl.

15 Things to Know

So, as we assumed you are already dating a neurotic girl or a girl that may turn out to be neurotic. If so, most of the points on the following list will be quite familiar to you, although you shouldn't write off the possibility that we brought up something that you haven't noticed before. In case if you are one of those daredevils who like to challenge themselves by dating a neurotic woman, you are truly welcome to check out the following list. So, let's check out, without further ado, the list of 15 things that you should know when dating a neurotic girl.

1. Everything is over-analyzed

Yes, neurotic girls tend to analyze everything... over-analyze everything, to be more precise. So, forget that she will accept anything at face value. So, make sure that your phrases won't have a double meaning for her. Your 'have a nice day' may trigger a lot of brain processes, as she would try to figure out whether there was any double meaning to it. Maybe you've just wished her a good day or maybe you were hinting that you are going to leave her. Also, get ready to answer all of her questions. Whenever she asks you what you meant, you should really answer it. And don't get irritated, because most likely she will view it as a sign that you are definitely hiding something from her.

2. There are no simple illnesses

Yes, neurotic girls don't get sick. Every time she's having some health problems that she can't explain or that can be viewed as symptoms of some deadly disease, she will think that she is dying. You need to keep your neurotic girl away from the Internet when she is ill, as the vast majority of neurotic women suffer from cyberchondria. Cyberchondria is a mild mental placebo-based issue, which manifests itself every time when people inclined to it dig some info on illnesses on the Internet. Cyberchondriachs may have simply caught a cold, but digging HIV symptoms will instantly make them seriously think who could have infected them. Thanks to cyberchondria a mere headache becomes a symptom of brain cancer, and low blood pressure becomes a symptom of anaemia. So, careful with the Internet.

3. Not answering calls or messages is a deadly sin

Whenever you see that you have a missed call from her you need to call her back as soon as possible. Yep, whether you like it or not, but neurotic girls always think the worst when you fail to answer the call. If you are online, but not ready for some long online conversation, just reply that you are busy. Neurotic girls get really anxious when their messages remain without a reply, especially when the recipient of the message is online. It mainly works this way – didn't answer the phone = your dead body lying in the trench; didn't reply to the message – you are cheating on her. Neurotic girls bring the worst situation imaginable.

4. Never ever get late

Neurotic girls are always on time. Moreover, they are always there fifteen minutes earlier, so whenever you are up for a date, avoid getting late at any cost. As there is nothing that a neurotic girl hates more than guys who are late for dates. It works mainly as “don't slow us down or we are leaving without you”. And don't get neurotic yourself if she is late, because a neurotic girl getting late...smells like trouble.

5. They are overly cautious

Yep, neurotic women are overly cautious, but that's not bad at all. Let's be honest, you nonchalant attitude to a lot of things got you into a lot of troubles previously. Sometimes remembering those situations, you can see crystal clear that they were quite easy to avoid. Well, thanks to them being overly cautious neurotic women rarely get into any kind of troubles. And you can avoid a lot of issues if you just stick with the neurotic girl.

a neurotic girl 6. They are overly organized

Sometimes it's irritating, sometimes you get the feeling that neurotic girls are control freaks, but you can also benefit from this trait of them. A neurotic girl has a need to be supremely organized, because she may just go bananas otherwise. How can it help you? Let her organize your together time. You would be surprised at how you managed to do so many things that you haven't got time enough for previously.

7. They can be overly happy

Remember the mood swings that we mentioned above? Well, here you go. If she is sad, it can often feel as if she is the last human being on the Earth with all her friends perished. On the other hand, when a neurotic girl is happy, she is happy as if she has no problems and there's no air pollution and famine in Africa.

8. They are extra cautious about health

Yep, it turns out cyberchondria has its positive sides too. Surviving the state of mind in which she 'understands' that she has almost every symptom of every deadly disease that she has found on the Web, she becomes more or less an expert on healthcare. And considering the fact that she is more sober-minded when it comes to someone's health, you can also benefit from this trait of your neurotic girlfriend.

9. They love their routine

Routines are killing you? Your neurotic girlfriend loves routine. And because routine makes her feel safe, she hates when it's altered.

10. Lists, lists, lists

Neurotic girls have lists for everything. They have to-do lists for everyday. They have lists for shopping. The lists for Christmas shopping are ready twelve months in advance. Moreover, neurotic girls have a list for lists.

11. They are extremely tidy people

Well, doing the simple mathematics, it not that hard to figure out that overly organized neurotic girls that have a list for lists hates mess. She will take care of your dirty things, but don't take it for granted.

12. They torture themselves for every emotional outburst

We've mentioned it above already, but don't blame her if she said to you something insulting. She feels very guilty for that already. And after awhile she would ask you to forgive her, and she will be genuinely sorry.

13. They need to investigate all the strange noises in the night...

... or they will ask you to that. And you should really check out what was it, because she won't let it be.

14. Check, check, check

Neurotic girls constantly need to check if they haven't forget to turn off the stove or to lock the door. They haven't and they never forget to do that. Just don't get irritated by this habit.

15. They are deeply caring people

No matter how much they care about their health and well-being, they care as much for you. They would be eager to help you in all of your beginnings. And despite all of their issues, they will do anything not to disturb you with them.

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