Business trips, study abroad, work in another city or even another country are all quite common realities. Fortunately, today it has become easier to keep relationships at a distance due to the widespread availability of the global network – you can hear your loved one and even see a person when making a video call. Of course, this doesn’t mean that it is easy to cope with separation.

Long-distance relationships are extremely difficult for both partners. Usually, people feel lonely because they can’t be near their loved ones (and some girls looking for dates start communicating with other guys when their partners are far away). The complexity of such a relationship consists of the fact that people are exhausted since their loved ones are far away. They lack warm words, support, hugs, and tender kisses. Quarrels bring more difficulties since it is impossible to explain everything and understand each other at a distance. But despite all these problems, you can succeed in it, using our long-distance relationship ideas.

how to make a long distance relationship work

Long-Distance Relationships: Can They Work?

Whether such relationships are possible depends only on two factors: the depth of feelings and moral readiness to overcome obstacles. This is a real test of strength. During this period, you should remain faithful, and you can’t meet single women if you want to save your relationships. People who can pass it receive family happiness as a reward.

Can long-distance relationships work? What is the main difficulty? The test of separation is the most difficult for a relationship. Not to see a loved one for weeks (and sometimes months) is a very difficult test, which not everyone can pass. The main thing is to prevent indifference. Periodic meetings will help remember tactile sensations, the smell of a loved one, and romantic moments. This will keep the flame of love alive until next time.

Do long-distance relationships work? As practice shows, a considerable number of couples faced the problem of distance. For some, these were temporary difficulties, for example, in the form of a business trip or army service. But some couples once started a relationship and had to continue it at a distance. Psychologists have identified the situation with such relationships as one of the most problematic and unstable. Statistics show that many couples don’t withstand a long separation, so one or both partners turn their attention to someone else. There are also such relationships for which separation is not a hindrance, and people manage to maintain their feelings without even seeing each other for a long time. So, it just depends on people and their desire to overcome difficulties.

Reasons Why Most of the Long-Distance Relationships Don’t Survive

Do you fall in love with a woman who lives in another city or maybe even in another country? First of all, congratulations! Love is wonderful, and we really don’t know where we will meet it – in the supermarket or 3000 km from the place where we live. It is life. But anyway, it is very difficult to live with your loved one in separation (six months, a year, or even two or three), until you finally start living together. And unfortunately, long-distance relationships have a lot of unpleasant moments that you need to consider.


It is one thing to be with your loved one daily, and it is quite another one when you are hundreds of kilometers away. The first obstacle to happy long-distance relationships is the natural need for sex. People are arranged in such a way that it’s really difficult for them to live without it, and the longer you have to live without it, the harder it is, and sooner or later it will lead to betrayal of either one of the partners, or both, which, of course, can lead to new relationships and a breakup of an existing one.

Lack of trust

Distrust will not allow you to keep long-distance relationships. It is very difficult to fight with this feeling, and it is almost impossible being at a distance. In such relationships distrust is often born, entailing a breakup on the basis of jealousy. It is worth noting one more important point – a distance relationship shouldn’t be started if you don’t trust your partner. Otherwise, frustration and nervous breakdown are guaranteed. Just trust your loved one, there is no other way.

can long distance relationships workBoredom

There will be a moment when the euphoria from the romantic period turns into a routine. Men who live far from their women quite often can’t withstand the stress and leave first. In a relationship, boredom may indicate a lack of reliable attachment. People are together, but they don’t give each other emotional responses. This alienation gives rise to boredom. Boredom means that you don’t satisfy any of your needs in a relationship. So, both partners are responsible for having a healthy and interesting relationship.

Being too clingy

The fact that she is far away doesn’t mean that you should create the illusion that you are constantly together. Constant messages, calls, photo and video files will not benefit. The moment when such a relationship becomes a burden to her will come very soon. The desire to see and hear a loved one is quite natural. But people have a different need for communication. So, conflicts arise. How to make long-distance relationships work? In such relationships, it is important not to cross the fine line. Excessive perseverance leads to a breakup of long-distance relationships.

Long-Distance Relationship Rules

Our loved ones are not always nearby. Long-distance relationships are a special kind that requires much more strength and energy: to save them, psychologists advise people to be tolerant to each other and, at every opportunity, look for meetings with a loved one. What else you need to know?

Learn to trust and don’t give reasons for jealousy

If you probably know that your visit to a nightclub or meeting with friends after midnight is something that will not please your partner, then you shouldn’t do it. How to make a long-distance relationship work? Don’t ignore the fact that your partner may be upset by your actions. After all, the feeling of jealousy in long-distance relationships is hypertrophied. People become very vulnerable. Jealousy “corrodes” love in such relationships. So, don’t aggravate the situation. Your partner and you have to trust each other.

Talk to each other, but don’t overdo

It is not very reasonable to impose constant communication when you are at a distance. Both of you shouldn’t sit with the clock in front of the webcam or talk about anything on the phone to show how you are dear to each other. However, many couples are sure that they can compensate for the impossibility of live contact through such communication. But this, alas, is not so. Moreover, this approach can even harm your relationship, as it is quite tiring for both sides! It’s not necessary to spam your soulmate with messages because this will deplete your relationship.

Support each other

If a girl writes about her problems, then support her and help with advice. This is one of the most important long-distance relationship tips. Words of support, compliments are about the emotions that she expects from you. Also, don’t be afraid to write about your problems, but don’t turn into a desperate whiner. It’s normal when a person can sympathize. It brings together. But you can overdo and make your woman feel like a vest, in which you constantly cry. If you support each other, then this is a good sign. This allows partners to increase the level of satisfaction in the relationship and become closer to each other.

Keep the fire burning

The key and perhaps obvious difference for everyone is that long-distance relationships don’t have physical contact. All the feelings you used to show your partner by touching, caressing, kissing, passion, you have to convey in words, using the speech and the timbre of the voice. Look for ways to maintain a “fire of passion.” Ask yourself these questions, "How can you convincingly show your devotion to a loved one from a distance? Are you ready to do everything possible to keep your relationship “spicy”?"

Long-Distance Relationship Activities and Ideas

It is not easy to keep feelings, being at a distance. It is important to understand that the desire to let everything go in this case will inevitably lead to estrangement from each other, cooling of feelings, possible mutual betrayal, mental suffering, and subsequently to breakup. If you are faced with the need to be separated from your loved one and want to maintain a relationship despite this, we recommend the following ideas.

Give your partner something as a reminder of you

There is power in small long-distance relationship gifts. It may be something that your woman will always carry with her: a small key chain, a ring, a collection of your favorite songs and films, perfume or something else. We just often associate such things with the person we love, allowing our memories and warm feelings to visit us every time we take this thing in our hands.

Exchange warm messages

Those who live a long time in separation have to use this way of communication. It is best if you have several instant messengers installed to avoid problems. As mentioned above, you shouldn’t force yourself and your partner to spend all your free time in online instant messengers. It is much better if you send several warm messages with gentle words to each other, instead of chatting all day long about nothing.

Stay a romantic person

Try to be romantic even when you are physically away from your partner. Romantic relationships are mostly real meetings and dates, but in a long-distance relationship, romance should turn into an emotional connection. Talk on the phone nice words, repeat that you want to hug your woman more often, share cute photos or send each other virtual kisses. The idea is to keep the romance and passion between you.

Use every opportunity to meet

Relationships can’t develop without meetings. Use different ways to meet, even if it is only a few hours. Make a travel schedule and stick to it. If you can’t see each other often for some reason, then you need to take it as a rule to meet no less than every 3 weeks for example. Psychologists advise people to choose a neutral meeting place. This creates a comfortable environment for both sides.

Joint activities

People who live together constantly do certain things together. As an example of long-distance relationship activities, you can watch the same movie or show, read the same book, talk on Skype or phone, cook dinner together, and so on. Make a daily plan on the Internet so that both of you can track what a loved one will do today.

long distance relationship activitiesImprove yourself with the thought of a partner

Choose what you like and let your hobby help you improve yourself. Think about how new skills will help you strengthen relationships and become more attractive. This will be a great motivation for both. A useful hobby will turn your attention. You will miss your woman less and at the same time, you will be inspired by the love for her.

Talk about everyday things

Don’t be too serious. Don’t discuss your plans for the future every day. This will create tension in your relationship. Talk about some little and insignificant things. For example, you can tell what you have prepared for dinner or what you have bought for yourself. Such conversations will give you the illusion that you are together, and this is exactly what you two are striving for. Such communication will help strengthen relationships and better learn about each other’s habits.

Try to get to know each other better

Just like in any other relationship, you must learn to understand your girlfriend. And for this, you need to learn as much as possible about her. When you talk with her, pay attention to her interests and hobbies. Learn what she likes to eat, what films she watches, what books she reads, what music she listens to. Ideal relationships then form out of all these little things.

Be mentally together, even if you are far apart

If you are going on a business trip or are absent for any other reason, always write a romantic letter for your woman before you leave. It is even better if you leave a few letters so that she can read them every day during your absence. It lets your loved one know what you think of her. Keeping each other in thoughts is one of the most significant components necessary for maintaining the fire in a relationship.

Keep a positive attitude

It is quite natural that you often feel sad due to the inability to be with a partner, but in such situations, it is very important to keep a positive mood. Constant depression, complaints, and whining can only worsen relationships. Love should bring joy. Try to control yourself, avoid conflicts and causeless jealousy.

It is a real test to make long-distance relationships work. How to keep a long-distance relationship? The main thing is that both you and your woman understand that separation may change the nature of your communication. If you find ways to compensate for distance together and learn how to deal with separation, then this period of relationships can be a new, sometimes very enjoyable experience. Remember that difficulties arise in any relationship. It is important to cope with them together, and you will be happy even if fate prepares you for a temporary separation.

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