Western men are mad about Ukrainian women. If dating services initially offered chatting with women from any East European or post-Soviet countries, now, there are a lot of sites that offer Ukrainian girls for dating. A lot of western men are dating Ukrainian women for marriage. But the confusing history of Slavic countries often misleads men.

One of the main aspects when dating Ukrainian women is to know their traditions and preferences. While Russian women are eager to marry a foreigner and leave their homeland as soon as possible, things are quite different when it comes to Ukrainian and Polish women. That's why if you're planning to marry a Ukrainian woman, you need to know how and when to propose. Moreover, your proposal will determine your family life afterward, that's why you need to make it in the best way possible.

Otherwise, there are two variants: a) she will refuse; b) she will agree but she'll be cracking jokes about it for the rest of your life. It's better to be prepared with the proposal ideas if you want to hear 'yes' from her.


Steps to Plan Your Proposal

If you want to marry a Ukrainian girl, you need to plan your proposal carefully. The place and time always matter when it comes to proposals. First, you need to pick the venue. Ukrainian girls mention a lot of places they would like to visit, so be attentive to this information while dating. You never know what place will become the turning point in your life.

Next step is to choose the best time. “Best” in this case means that you can't plan it taking into consideration only your schedule. If you're free at the certain time, it doesn't mean that she is. While romantic movies tell us that any time is good for proposal, in reality, it isn't. Wrong timing can lead either to refusal or to her disappointment. She could be dreaming about that moment for ages and you don't want the bad timing to ruin that moment for her. So, plan it carefully making sure that she's not busy at the time when you want to make that important step.

Proposal ideas can help in making sure that both of you will be free and devoted to the moment. You can take a romantic trip, have a romantic dinner, or you can organize a special date for that event.ruka_i_serdce

Rely on what she likes and prepare everything according to her, not your tastes. Also, keep everything in secret. Be sure that she has no clue about what you're up to until that very moment.

Still, there's another important thing to remember. All western men who want Ukrainian girls for marriage know that a man is to arrive first on every date. Even if she's generally okay with your being late, making a proposal requires that you arrive at the venue earlier.

Things to Avoid When You're Making a Proposal

You've learned the do's, now it's time for don'ts. If you want to marry a Ukrainian lady you need to know how to act when you propose to her.

In order to keep it perfect, you must avoid being timid or nervous. You're making an important step not only for you but for her as well. She must be confident in you and losing your speech doesn't seem to look quite reassuring.

Although you should propose to her in a straightforward manner, it doesn't mean you should be wordless or emotionless. She sees a proposal as the most powerful expression of your love to her. If it's cold and unemotional, it has no sense.

After you've made a proposal, give her some time to think. Although you're nervous, don't rush her to answer you immediately. Let her take her time, and you'll hear her “I will!”

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