Today, our world rapidly changes and human society goes through a transformation. In particular, this concerns dating and romantic relationships. With an abundance of online dating services, modern people don’t have any difficulties with finding a potential match on the other side of the planet. As a result, a growing number of men from all over the globe choose Russian girls for marriage. The perks of it are obvious – these women are beautiful, smart, kind, and family-oriented. But what makes Russian ladies choose foreign guys? Do they hate their fellow countrymen? Let’s clarify the situation right now.

Why Russian Women Prefer Foreign Men

There is the demographic imbalance in Russia

In spite of the fact Russia is the world’s largest country, it’s not overly populated. Local natural conditions are rather hard so large areas remain uninhabited. Yet there is one more thing about Russian population: there live more women than men. During the 20th century, this land faced numerous military and social conflicts so the male population decreased. Contemporary Russian guys are somewhat privileged as there is a plenty of potential brides for them. At the same time, Russian girls don’t have too many candidates to choose from. That’s why some of them decide to try their luck overseas.

Russian economic conditions are uncertain

It’s probably not a secret that Russian economy is rather unstable. Big cities there live better, of course. Yet in smaller towns, life quality may be really poor. Consequently, many young Russians leave their native towns and rush to Moscow, Saint Petersburg, and other megalopolises. Simultaneously, the local governmental system is now going through modernisation. In such a situation, Russian girls feel insecure as they don’t really know what to expect from tomorrow. No wonder they wish to get more stability and the Western world provides it.

Flat question

This is actually one of the most bizarre features of Russian life. Since there was no private real estate in the USSR, many people had to live in communal flats. Well, the state did provide its citizens with separate homes but those people worked really hard in order to win this privilege. Today, the biggest part of Russian families lives together – we mean, there are several generations of the same family living in just one flat. It’s natural that young Russian girls don’t want to exist like that as they know there is another kind of living outside their country.

They believe westerners will respect them more

Next thing you should know about Russian society is that it’s somewhat obsolete if we speak about the perception of gender roles. Women here don’t run the world. On paper, they allegedly have equal rights with men. But in practice, their salaries are typically lower and their chances of getting a dream job aren’t so high. Especially in small towns – indeed, the problem of centralisation is bothersome here. As for men’s attitude to women, it’s sometimes disrespectful. Even if a guy doesn’t hurt his wife, he is supposed to perform the leading role in a couple. But Russian women barely agree to take the backseat. They look for partnership – and they are convinced Western men will give them that.

They wish to be wooed

Feminine and romantic, Russian girls value courtesy above all. As you might already guess, not all Russian guys are capable of wooing their ladies in a proper way. At the same time, gentlemen from abroad seem very attractive to these women. In their turn, male westerners are eager to act chivalrously towards their female partners – yet some Western ladies don’t appreciate this behaviour type. Thus, we have a win-win case: Russian ladies long for chivalry while men from the West long for femininity.

They prepare the grounding for their future families

Normally, the main Russian lady’s life goal is to become a decent wife and loving mother. Yes, she has career ambitions as well but they aren’t as strong as her sense of a family. On average, these women get married in their 20s and wish to have at least 1-2 children. In the light of facts we mentioned above, building a healthy family in Russia isn’t a simple job. The growing proportion of ladies understands this and attempts to solve this issue. As a result, new ladies come to online dating sites every single day with the purpose to meet foreign soulmates.

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