Russian and American cultures are hugely different, it’s obvious. Throughout the history, we know some events when these nations misunderstood each other. Yet we believe love has no boundaries – it is something much more important than political matters. On the other hand, when it comes to international dating and marriage, guys just get lost facing mentality gaps. It is pretty okay – people who search for the love of their life online usually go through a culture shock. What is more significant, those gaps can be fixed if you only know how to do it right. Now, let’s see what makes Russian girls so unique in comparison to Americans and learn how to possibly deal with it.



There is a true cult of comfort in the USA. Americans normally don’t try to impress their counterparts by how they look – in their view, your inner world and achievements matter more. Even though she can afford lavish clothes, a young US lady goes to a date wearing minimal makeup, casual outfit, and flippers.

In fact, Russians also think that your individuality should outweigh your appearance. However, one of their most known proverbs says: “Meet by clothes, see off by mind”. What if they’re right? After all, you get the first impression of people you meet by examining them visually. Keeping this in mind, a typical Russian girl rarely leaves her home without wearing a makeup. Besides, she loves fashionable clothes and high-heeled shoes, some ladies wear them almost daily. No wonder foreigners are so excited about the beauty of Russian women: their natural attractiveness is always emphasized with elegant outfits and accessories.


American girls like feeling secure about who they are and, what’s more significant, demonstrate it. When you meet a new girl in the USA, she will treat you rather like a buddy than a potential lover. Even if she likes you, she will barely try to enchant you with any “special” tricks. Well, this has a lot of sense – romantic relationships based on friendship tend to be longer and more successful.

Russian ladies have a different opinion about flirting. You see, they grow up in the society where gender roles are divided quite strictly – boys are expected to take the first step while girls should remain mysterious. Consequently, a Russian woman never speaks about her affection directly – she prefers dropping perplexing hints that you need to decode. Even if such a lady falls in love with you, she tries to avoid expressing that. This is you who shall come and ask her out first. Moreover, it usually takes some time to conquer a Russian girl’s heart: she wants you to woo her sophisticatedly and make her the center of your attention.

Attitude to relationships

Over the last century, American girls have become overly independent. They occupy profitable positions, found their own companies, and even join the army. Nowadays, it seems like they don’t need any help from men anymore. American culture is based on the “self-sufficiency” concept: you should achieve everything by your own. Get a good job, buy an apartment or a house, and pay all your expenses. As a result, an American woman rather looks for a partner to share her life with than for a lover to worship. Partners split bills, build their careers, and maintain everything together.

Russian culture is somewhat old-school. Here, women also get more and more freedom with the time. Yet they still aren’t supposed to “run the world” – it is the prerogative of men. According to Russian traditions, the man should be the main earner in his family. Moreover, his job is to protect his wife and help her solve some routine issues. Unfortunately, not all Russian guys are capable of acting so, and their women have to search for a strong lifetime partner abroad. It’s not about finances – they merely wish to feel loved, needed, and secured. That’s why Russians don’t call two people in love “partners”. It’s too formal and can’t be referred to romance in their view. They say “couple” or “lovers” instead.

Life expectations

US women are generally focused on their professional life. They are hard-working and competitive, always struggling to prove what they worth. Many of them even prefer being in open relationships over just getting married and raising children. In America, it’s the norm to settle down in your thirties or even later. This concerns childbirth as well.

What about Russia? Of course, emancipation affects this country, so local women (especially those who live in big cities) are willing to get well-educated and find an interesting job to promote their life. But accordingly to the norms of their society, a girl shall get married in her twenties. Being a single lady at the age of 30 is still considered to be odd enough here. This is actually the reason why dozens of Russian girls marry the “wrong” men in their youth and get divorced in their late twenties or mid-thirties. And when they become single, they instantly start looking for a “better” candidate. No matter what, having a happy family remains their main life goal.

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Feminism is starting to take off in USA, girls do not want to attract men by their clothes and make up. They continue to strive for equal rights and natural appearance. Russians do not make so high demands and allow men to be admire their beauty and polite attitude as ever. And its right. I want to conquer a desirable girl but not be treated equally.
19.06.2017 00:45

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