By now, probably everyone knows about mail order brides, and this is not some modern trend, this is a long tradition that has a very long history. We all, more than once, were disappointed when we tried to build relationships with women. Hence, I bet that every second American man more than once asked himself why bother trying to date American girls if this requires so much effort without any guarantees of success if I can find nice Sweden mail order brides online? So, is this truly possible?

are mail order brides real

Why are mail order brides so popular?

A huge number of various myths about mail-ordered wives won't lie. It is a very popular way for American men to find wives. The first reason for this is that it is much more convenient. You just need to find a girl on special websites, then date her online to get to know her better, and then transfer her to your country. That’s it, plus chances are high that she will be super loyal to you. After all, you will be the only one she knows in your country, and she also has plenty of reasons for marriage. Of course, she may run away from you if you do everything wrong, but this can be applied to every girl.

The definition and history of mail order brides

So, first of all, are mail order brides real? This question bothers everyone who wants to order a bride online. Simply put, yes, it is real. However, you need to be very careful, because chances that you may encounter scammer are pretty high. This is actually why so many myths claim that it is not possible to order a bride online. But the truth is that during the last few years thousands of foreign girls arrived in the USA because they wanted to marry western men. So, it is true that foreign girls want today western men, and that you can order them online.

The second popular question is: what is a mail order wife? It is a girl who wants to marry a western man. She simply registers her account, writes a bio, and uploads a few the best photos to her page. Then she waits until some American man texts her. After that, they date online for some period to get to know each other better. Then, if everything is okay, a man pays for her transfer to his country, and they get married. As you can see, this has nothing to do with slavery and human traffic. However, in my opinion, the name of this tradition is rather offensive for both the western man and his new wife.

According to the statistics provided by companies that work with mail-ordered brides, more than 130,000 women from numerous countries annually register on those websites offering themselves for western men. This number may not sound that huge, but rest assured, you will have many girls to choose from if you decide to order one. In fact, nowadays you have the biggest amount of options to choose from than ever before. Yes, as I have said before, this tradition has a pretty long history. Since ancient times men from wealthy countries tended to marry foreign wives, but only in the 20th-century men started to order them online.

how much is a mail order wifeAs you have guessed, this has become possible after the appearance of the Internet. Nowadays, via the Internet, you can order girls from many countries worldwide. Today, Philippines mail order brides are the most popular in America. Even though Philippian girls represent the vast majority of available online Asian girls, there are also Slavic beauties from the former Soviet Union countries such as Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus. Probably, you have already heard about Ukrainian and Russian mail order brides. They are just awesome. Mostly due to their ability to adapt to any circumstances.

7 reasons to get a mail order bride

Do you still doubt whether you need to browse through Japanese mail order brides to eventually order one of them? Yes, you need to be very careful before you make such a serious decision, or you may become addicted to this. After all, there are so many beauties available online, and they all desperately want to marry a western guy. So, here are the top 7 reasons to get one of those ladies.

1. Diversity

I strongly doubt that you will be able to find so many so different girls available for dating in your neighborhood. On those services, you can find any girl you want. Maybe you like Latina women, or Slavic, or Asian, or maybe ebony, they all are there waiting for you.

2. It is faster

When you order a beautiful lady online, you don't need to waste time getting acquainted and dating them. Yes, you will have a couple of online dates, but their main purpose is to make sure that the girl you are going to marry is real.

3. Much more convenient

To order a bride online, you don't need anything apart from your phone or a laptop. You don't even need to create nice photos, because it is you who chooses. Hence, you can start browsing those women just right now. The only thing you need to do is to find a nice service.

4. They are traditional

In the majority of cases, male ordered brides are very traditional. They are very feminine and are ready to play traditional women's roles in relationships. Also, they expect their men to be leaders in their relationships, and this gives you many opportunities to show yourself as a real gentleman.

5. They are family-oriented

As you already know, those girls intentionally search for husbands. This means that they are ready to have committed relationships and create families. Hence you can be sure that she will be very caring towards you and your children.

6. They are less demanding

Probably you have already experienced how demanding some western women can be. This is not the case with mail-ordered brides. You see, those girls live in rather poor countries. Hence, even a simple visit to an American restaurant will strongly impress them. Needless to say that your dishwasher and washing machine will be a real blessing for some African mail order brides.

7. They maintain their beauty

Very often, shortly after marriages, Western women stop maintaining their beauty. This is not the case with mail-ordered brides, because women you get registered on those services just love to look beautiful. Also, they won't waste thousands of dollars on their looks like their western counterparts.

Most popular mail order brides in the world

As we have already said, the market for mail-ordered brides is very diverse. Hence, you may find women from every corner of this world. However, some mail-ordered brides are much more popular than the other ones. So, here is our list of the most popular mail-ordered brides.

Russian mail order brides

Russian girls are the first beauties that come to my mind when I think about online dating or about mail-ordered brides. Russia is a huge country, and you won't find more diversified-looking women than in this country. Russian girls are very diverse due to their genetic mix. Russia is a very multicultural country, and this allows you to date completely different women. At the same time, they all possess certain qualities that can be found only in Russian women. For example, they all are very traditional and family-oriented. Also, they can easily adapt to any circumstances. Furthermore, Russian ladies are very educated, and they know what they want in this life. This makes them perfect business partners. They are always ready to support their men no matter what. Also, Russian girls are very energetic and have pretty serious ambitions. They can easily play roles of housewives or real business women if they need to. This makes them a nice choice for those men who still don't know what they want to do in this life. Russian girls are great at motivating their husbands and can greatly influence your success.

Chinese mail order brides

how to get a mail order wifeJust like their Russian counterparts, Chinese mail order brides are very diverse, because China is huge, and it is populated with many different cultures. Hence, all Chinese women are unique and vibrant in their own way. However, they all possess the same quality: they are very beautiful. You definitely need to order a Chinese mail-ordered bride if you like tiny, slim, and elegant black-haired women. Also, in China, different goals live in different economic conditions. Hence, if you want to have a highly-educated woman, then you need to search among those who live in major cities. And if you want a housewife, then search for a girl who lives or, at least, grew up in the rural areas. Also, she is likely to be very conservative and respect family values. In the meantime, girls from big cities are more independent. Generally, all Chinese girls are very faithful, beautiful, and family-oriented.

Ukrainian mail order brides

Ukrainian girls are among the most popular mail-ordered brides in America. These girls are well-known for their beauty, tenderness, kindness, openness, and pleasant appearance. Very often, Ukrainian girls search for men abroad. Also, they are very popular in Europe. The reason for their popularity is that they have many things to offer to their men. They are great at housekeeping and raising kids. At the same time, they are pretty good at managing small businesses. Furthermore, Ukrainian girls are very educated, but at the same time, they are pretty traditional and conservative. These Slavic ladies are very demanding when it comes to appearance. Hence, they will never let themselves look bad, and they tend to avoid dating men who don't care about their looks. They can easily adapt to new living conditions and are good at making new friends and social connections.

Philippines mail order brides

Some say that the happiest people live in the Philippines. The reason why some people may think so lies in the fact that they have a very nice sense of humor. Also, they are one of the most devoted girls in the world. Hence, if you truly love her and treat her well, then she will never betray you and will always be loyal. Furthermore, their easy-going nature and positive sense of humor will help you to overcome any problems and difficulties in your life. They are very good mothers and perfect wives. The majority of Philippian girls are slim, have nice skin and dark hair. Another interesting fact about them is that they grow older very slowly.

How much is a mail order wife?

Finally, we have come to the third most important question that men ask when they want to find a mail-ordered woman. So, how much is a mail order wife? The answer to this question depends on many factors, and here are the most important of them: Her origin country, how much you have already invested in her, which service you use, what kind of girl she is (if she likes expensive gifts, then it is obvious that you will have to spend more on her), and, finally, whether she wants to move to your country or not.

If a girl wants to move to your country, then you need to consider the next expenses: you will need to buy her visa, flight tickets, will have to care about her accommodation (if she visits your city for the first time, she will definitely want to have a separate one), and you can't forget about your dates. So, in total, you should be ready to spend from 13,000 to 33,000 USD to find and marry a mail-order bride. Yes, this is not very cheap, but you need to remember that this is your investment not only in your future but also in the future of your kids. You definitely need to have a perfect wife and mother to make sure that your kids are going to be happy.

Are mail order brides legal in the world?

After dealing with mail order bride pricing policy, the time has come to the last myth about these ladies. According to some people, mail order brides are real powerless slaves. This is why some people believe that it is not OK to use such services. So, are mail order brides legal? Yes, they are. You need to understand that it is not about human traffic. When you "order" a mail-order bride, you pay money for using dating services, finding a girl, buying presents for her, and will cover her transfer and will pay for her documents. Hence, it is not that different from common online dating, but these girls clearly know what they want and understand how to get it. Furthermore, American law since 1996 provides protection for mail order brides. Hence, you will have to fill the questionnaire. Nowadays, online services do their best to protect their customers from scammers and abusive behavior.

A few tips to build a healthy relationship with a mail order bride

Now, when you know how to get a mail-order wife, the time has come to share with you several tips on how to make sure that you both will be happy together. You see, whether you have met a girl in your local bar, or "ordered" her online, you will have to pay effort to build a healthy relationship with her.

1. Support her

She is a foreigner in our country. Furthermore, you are the only person she knows, and for this very reason, you need to constantly support her. Send her to language classes, to make it easier for her to adapt in our society, help her to find new friends, and do everything you can to ensure her comfort.

russian mail order brides2. Be tolerant

Due to the fact that she belongs to a completely different culture, she may find it hard to adapt to our society. Additionally, she may have her on traditions and religion. Hence, you need to be very tolerant. With time, you will find a balance, but now, don't offend her by neglecting her values.

3. Respect her

Yes, you have paid a lot of money to bring her here, but this doesn't mean that you can treat her without respect. Remember, she is a human too, and she also has her feelings and emotions. Respect her and her ways of life, and she will do the same for you.

4. Honesty

From the very beginning of your relationship, you must be honest with each other. Honesty is a foundation of happy relationships. If something bothers or worries you, share those emotions with her. She will be glad to support you. Furthermore, this will encourage her to do the same for you.

5. Work on your communication

It is important for both of you to be able to communicate. She will never feel comfortable if she can't share something with a person she loves. Hence, make sure that you can freely communicate on any topic. Also, it is better to avoid cursing and shouting during your arguments.

As you can see, it is pretty easy to meet a mail order bride. Nevertheless, we recommend you to approach this decision seriously. Yes, such services allow you to find the best and the most suitable partner for you in the world, but you should always be careful. Make sure that you have learned enough about each other to avoid false expectations and potential problems when you decide to get married. Never forget that it is not just enough to bring her to you to be happy. Love requires constant work, no matter who is your partner. Yes, it is much easier to build a happy relationship with a mail-order bride, but you should never think that this will happen automatically.

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