Today we are going to talk about the pros and cons of marrying Russian women. Some of you may think, “How can such a relationship be bad?” or, on the contrary, “How can such a relationship be good?” And here’s the problem, some of us have had bad experiences with these beauties, and some of us are still engaged in relationships with Russian women and are very much happy. If you had negative experiences with Russian women in the past, maybe when you discover some of the pros of such a relationship, you will be able to reflect on the negative aspects of such a relationship that you may have encountered. The same goes for the other side of the coin. Before we start, if you want to meet Russian women online, then be sure to check out this Russian ladies gallery and start dating online. You won’t find a better site with Russian women for a date on the Internet. Let’s start on the positive note. Here are the reasons to date a Russian girl.

what its like to date Russian women

Pros of Dating a Russian Woman

Each woman is looking for her happiness, and, probably, many women have thought about creating a family with a foreign citizen. After all, it is so romantic, overseas suitors are quite a bit more intriguing than most domestic men. Let's consider this possibility in more detail. We will not go to extremes, but we will talk about average men - not about successful rich businessmen, they will find a wife in their homeland, and not about the poor guys, and losers. What do they all want from Russian girls? Why are they drawn to Russia in search of a bride?

What things attract them to Russia and Russian women? Their beauty, youth, sexuality? Maybe it’s different, maybe a man just saw their friend or relative having a great relationship with a Russian woman, and they’ve decided to engage in it themselves. The other guy may have got to this point by visiting dating sites, where he has fallen in love with Russian ladies. One way or another, all of them come to Russia for a wife and return to their homeland with a beautiful spouse. Few girls refuse to foreigners, Russian girls believe that if you marry some American, then your life will be full of happiness, love, and prosperity. If one refuses, another girl will definitely agree to such a virtuous offer.


In his country, a 50-year-old, unattractive man will not be able to find a young wife. So he goes to Russia, here a young, beautiful, educated girl will follow him to the end of the world. Such behavior is peculiar only to Russians while Europeans marry only their peers. They are not materially dependent on husbands, and they won’t go for anyone, much less a man older than them. But, in Russian culture, patriarchy is still very much intact, and thus, women respect their men.


Here we are not talking about external sexuality, slender legs, a thin waist and a gorgeous bust, which Russian girls are naturally gifted. It's about inner sexuality. Only Slavs can carefully listen to foreigners and believe everything. Having heard about life in a foreign country from a friend, for some reason, everything is immediately taken for the truth.

7 reasons to date a Russian girlIt is this attentive listening with wide-open naive eyes, the desire to break into the world of the interlocutor and some kind of openness on the part of the girls that attract men so much. Especially if all this is accompanied by a charming smile, and sexuality of a woman that is excited to go abroad with a foreign man. Beautiful, slightly shy body movements, some understatement, and elegance just drive a man crazy. Russian women are interested in the affairs of men, do not ask many questions, agree with everything. Usually, they still do not speak a foreign language so well, so a man from overseas has to work with the body language, which, in most cases, is very much enough.


Why should I date Russian women? A well-educated, smart wife can be shown to all acquaintances and colleagues without fear of being made fun of. Yes, and a beautiful and intelligent wife allows you to stand out from such men, and this is sole because you have a beautiful wife by your side.


Here’s yet another reason to date Russian girl, it’s their femininity. This is what attracts foreign men. They are already tired of the masculine girls who are fighting along with them for money, power, and influence in society. Russian women are not like that. Tenderness, romance, tact, and most importantly, the desire to love a man are among qualities that are inherent in the Slavs. This is what foreigners are chasing after.


But Russian women are endowed with tolerance, that's for sure. Is her husband old? Not an issue. Is he not a good looking man? Appearance does not matter. Is he greedy? He will get better over time. Is he stupid? I don’t care. Is he weird? He is a foreigner, it’s normal that I don’t understand him. Do you know anything about him? Yes, it doesn’t matter, the main thing is that he wanted to marry me.

Cons of dating a Russian woman

Now that we’ve got the reasons why you should date a Russian girl, let’s switch the subject. Why not to date Russian women?

A Russian Woman Is Ruthless When It Comes to Men

They are absolutely ruthless. Russian women believe in the myth of their sacrifice, their willingness to accept a man, only they do not abandon worthless husbands: alcoholics, unemployed, home tyrants and even crazy people. Only they are ready to endure anything, for the sake of preserving the marriage and in the name of the love because of which the relationship once has begun. She is used to love this man, but now she pities him. He would be lost without her! Is anyone else besides Russian women is capable of this?

This is actually called co-dependency. A man must be bad so that a woman can be good. He must be unbearable so that everyone around her would be sorry, he should suffer so that she would be able to become the victim, but at the same time, be a criminal, so that she would become a judge. A Russian woman revels in these painful relationships for decades instead of engaging in her own life. So, in fact, a Russian woman does not save an addicted man, she drowns him to be able to "bear her cross."

A Russian woman doesn’t get married alone, her whole family does

A foreigner who has decided to connect life with a Russian woman should understand that from now he will be closely connected with her whole family. First of all, with her mom. Anecdotes about the mother-in-law are the reality of the life of Russian women that is completely incomprehensible to a person living in a different paradigm. The average European or American “flies out of the nest” early enough and never returns there. He is friends with his parents, but lives his own life, while a Russian woman remains near her mother as long as she has a mother. And this means that her husband will also have a mother. Her mother. Mom needs to be supported, even if mom has a husband who is there to watch after her. Mom needs to be protected; she will bring up her grandchildren. You can’t just take a nanny, you must have a loved one with your child, even if this very close person is raising your child completely wrong, don’t dare to object, this is the mom you are talking about, you can’t disagree with her!

And besides mom, there is dad, brothers, and sisters, grandparents, a complete set if you are very unlucky. A Russian woman herself, by hanging relatives on her husband’s neck, doesn't want to help, but to receive help. First of all, of course, from her mother, whose personal life should finally and irrevocably end at the time of the birth of the first grandchild. So, Russian women date life can be quite challenging when it comes to relatives.

A Russian woman perceives being a mother as something heroic

At the same time, a Russian woman perceives motherhood as a daily feat. She is a mother! She did a heroic deed! The very fact of the birth of a child supposedly gives her the right to a statue in her name, but this is only the beginning: now she will put life on the altar of motherhood and will demand honors. And, at the same time, she will jealously guard the child against her father: the child needs a mother! She is horrified by the concept of “father on parental leave.” It's impossible! Only she should be on this vacation, and until the child finishes elementary school. By this time, by the way, you can give birth to a second child, thus extending this vacation for another decade.

Russian women dateModern fathers want to take part in raising children. Neither sleepless nights, nor dirty diapers, nor childhood illnesses, nor the first battles in the sandbox scare them. Dads can do all of these jobs, but a Russian woman carefully ignores this, but that’s not all, she refuses to understand that dad wants to care for his child in the first place. The modern dad, who grew up outside of Russia, wants to be a full-fledged parent to his children and refuses to be content with the role of a sperm donor and a person that has to bring finances to the family. But a Russian woman will not allow this, motherhood for her is the only opportunity to fulfill her desires and goals in life.

A Russian woman does not allow her husband to be a parent because power over the child is the only power available to her. Otherwise, she does not know what to do because she does not want anything else in the world. So a man who wants to have a Russian wife should be prepared for the fact that the children will be a bit distant to him, he will not be able to play the same role in raising a child as his wife. And it is quite natural that modern men are categorically not happy with this state of affairs if they are not Russian, of course.

Russian woman does not know how to be happy

What it’s like to date Russian women? Happiness for a Russian woman is not a state, but a goal. A goal that she never achieves because happiness, in principle, cannot be a goal. This is a process, not a result. But for a Russian woman, everything is different, "A camel has two humps because life is a struggle." She needs to make some kind of sacrifice all the time. "Beauty requires sacrifice." “We need to work on relationships.” “Motherhood is hard but honorable work.” “A woman must...” A Russian woman wants to be like a cat, but in reality, she is a porcupine: just that - and she puffs the needles, defending herself from this cruel, soulless world. And it cannot be said that she is to blame for this, it’s the culture that she was brought up in.

But then we can say with confidence that a Russian woman does not want to change anything. She does not know and, most importantly, does not want to work on herself, does not want to acknowledge her problems and seriously deal with causes and effects. She wants to read base literature such as “How to Marry a Foreigner and Become Happy,” where it is written in plain language: cheat and manipulate, dominate, and humiliate. That is, do not change anything in yourself, continue to do what you already know how to do.

And you know what is the most striking thing? Russian women are sure that they are the best at everything, the most beautiful in the world, the best wives, and the borders of Russia have long besieged crowds of foreigners with wedding rings practically overflowing their pockets. And they are very surprised when it turns out that the foreign men are ugly, groomed, daring to demand equal partnership – they want to change something in them, but why? After all, they are so perfect…

So, these were the pros and cons of Russian women. Russian women are complex creatures that cannot be just described with only a few words. Some of them are beautiful, some of them are angry, some of them are smart, some of them are greedy, you can’t really know what you are going to get by just offering your heart and soul to the first random woman you meet. And the ultimate piece of advice that you can get is that women are women, their nationality doesn’t matter. They want to be loved, and the most important thing in a relationship is love. You may encounter a relationship that will embody all or none of the points mentioned above, so be open to new things and be open to love. You can’t really know whether or not articles like “7 reasons to date a Russian girl” will be of much use to you or not in the end, but at least now you know the experiences that other men have had with Russian ladies.

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