As dating Russian women is not going out of fashion anytime soon, it is extremely important for men from western countries to learn how to lure Russian ladies. The most important thing for building possible relationship is to make the right first impression. First date is the best possibility to show yourself from the best side and to impress your Russian princess. So, without a further ado, we offer you to check the list of the best first date ideas:

Restaurant or Café

Wait, what? You might consider it to be one of the most trivial ideas for a date. But, if you’re dating Russian girls, you must know that they don’t go to restaurants or cafes as often as western girls do. So, a cozy café with a romantic atmosphere, could be a perfect for your first date with a Russian girl.

Rules to follow, the café mustn’t be overcrowded with people or have loud music, as noises can easily overshadow your conversation, which is important for connection between you.

Great Ideas for a Date with a Russian Girl


Park can be perfect for date activities. Generally, Russian cities have at least few parks, which can be perfect to take Russian women for dating. The green trees and the fresh air will make you both relax, which will ease your conversation.

Rules to follow, a walk in the park requires good weather. Also, the walk mustn’t be long, as Russian girl will more likely wear high hills, and you don’t want her to get tired too soon.


If you date a girl from the big city, Planetarium is one of the most romantic date ideas. It is hard to enjoy the starry night sky in big city, so the Planetarium is the perfect choice to observe stars together, which can help in building up your romantic connection.

Rules to follow, if you decide to discuss the starts after your visit to Planetarium, try to link it with romance and don’t be too scientific.

Master Class

Taking a master class together can be a great date idea. Doing something together, will help your relationship to progress. Take master class in something extraordinary, as for both of you having a lasting memory of your first date. Moreover, if she’d discover her new talent in course of the class, for her this talent will be forever associated with you.

Rules to follow, learn what she likes and what she doesn’t like. Cause if you take her for drawing courses, which she hates, she would unlikely go for another date with you.

Hot-air Balloon

If you take Russian girl for a hot-air balloon flight, this can be the best idea for dating. She won’t forget it, as such date is both romantic and extreme.

Rules to follow, learn whether she’s afraid of heights or not, otherwise you date may turn into disaster.

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