An important problem of how to get the power in a relationship with a girl worries many guys who are fortunate enough to find single women who are strong-willed and independent. Having missed the initiative at the initial stages, it is extremely difficult to correct the situation. Sometimes men have to withstand real battles for a leading position in a relationship. So, how to gain power in a relationship with your woman?

how to gain power in a relationship with your woman

Power in a Relationship and a Respect - Is There a Connection?

A relationship leader must take responsibility for solving many problems. On the one hand, this may seem like superfluous duties for a person, but in fact, leadership has many advantages. For example, the defining word has the one who is respected and has power. This person decides how best to manage money, where to spend a vacation, what you need to buy, at what price, and so on. A true leader in a relationship will not constantly say that a partner owes them something.

A person who leads the relationship plays a big role in it. Without them, many difficult disagreements can’t be resolved. They help overcome difficulties. This guarantees them the respect not only of their partners but also of other people. So, of course, power and respect complement each other, and there is a connection between them. And every man should know how to take control of a relationship.

Why Do Men Lose Power in a Relationship with Their Women?

Historically, men always had power and control in relationships. They dragged mammoths into the cave, and their faithful girlfriends were engaged in everyday things: they cooked, kept a fire in the hearth, gave birth, and raised children. Nowadays most women do roughly the same thing but also manage to earn money. What has made them change their behavior?

1. Women don’t respect men who allow dominate themselves

The paradox of our society: a girl wants to dominate and, at the same time, wants to not be allowed to dominate. Therefore, at first, she tests the man’s will, trying to subdue him. And when she succeeds, she loses interest in him. Therefore, a man should respect her but also demand respect for himself. If something is important to a woman, a man should do it and take care of her not because “she said so” but because he decided so. He wants to take care of her. A man has to decide everything for himself.

2. Men become less confident

It doesn’t matter how successful a man in his work is and how others look at him. He should always remain an alpha male for his woman. She will see how society reacts to her man, how they communicate with him at work, but personal communication is still of great importance. It is important for her to see next to herself the same man whom she once managed to rely on. It is natural that a woman will cease to respect a non-initiative man who has lost all goals in life and even worse – cheat on her. Spotting cheating signs, a woman will forever lose interest in the man.

3. Men can’t make women smile, laugh, and enjoy life

Well, here men face another problem – their woman can’t smile, and they even forgot the last time they sincerely laughed. All couples face problems and troubles. power and control in relationshipsAt this moment, it is very easy to take the habit of being annoyed and quarreling for any reason. A man shouldn’t be a tyrant who yells at his woman at every opportunity. He shouldn’t insult her for every trifle in which she is to blame. Instead, it is better to turn the situation into a joke. A happy woman is a key to a strong relationship and a healthy psyche.

4. Women envy others

Comparing their men with male colleagues, friends, or neighbors, women will find something in which their men are inferior to someone. And how to respect a man after that? How can a man regain power in a relationship? There is only disappointment. And the man admits such misadventures and doesn’t do anything. Indulging means that claims and requirements will grow exponentially. It is more convenient for a man to ignore female discontent.

5. Men are lazy and uninitiated

The ability to listen can be the foundation of a strong relationship. However, if a man is used only to complain about a terrible life and after that, he lies down on the couch without doing anything, then it is terrible quality. So a woman will begin to understand that such a person is not able to help her solve any problem. Women like to see their men when they strive for something. There is no need to constantly be in a cheerful mood and take a walk every day – common interests and activities will be enough. If a man lies on the couch all day long and doesn’t try to show anything, it can end in a disastrous outcome.

How to Take Control in a Relationship Without Abuse

Everyone knows that sometimes women are able to very gently take on the dominant role in the relationship. In this case, a man unconsciously moves to the second role, only periodically making various decisions. However, some men start thinking about how to change the situation and have power in a relationship with a woman. What should a real man do to show his independence and, at the same time, keep the girl, make her respect him, and not allow manipulation? So, how to take control in a relationship?

1. Be confident in yourself

How to get the power back in a relationship? You should show confidence and high self-esteem through actions, behavior, and words. Thus, a woman will also feel confident next to such a man. You will be like a stone wall for her. If you are insecure, then you will get nothing good in relationships with women. How can a girl relate to you if you are not capable of anything? She will wipe her feet on you. So, increase your self-esteem by all means: start doing sports, learn something new, and study the relevant literature.

2. Be self-sufficient

What it is? It means not to depend on anyone and anything. Be able to earn enough money. Be able to wash, iron, buy everything you need for life on your own. Learn to cook some basic dishes. You shouldn’t depend on anyone, especially on a woman. You have to be able to do everything that she does. So, you don’t need any help. You are able to live peacefully without her or anyone else.

3. Make decisions

All decisions are made by you. You can consult with her. It’s good and normal. But in the end, you have to do it in your own way. It’s always up to you to decide as well as be responsible for the consequences too. This is a strong masculine position, any lady will feel and appreciate it. You will have to quickly fix everything and be responsible for what is happening now. If you calmly and steadfastly withstand such moments, rather than shouting that your girl advised you nasty things, you will quickly take a leading position.

4. Be purposeful

This is an important quality of a confident man. It will help you in all areas (and in relationships too). Set goals and go to them, strive, and achieve. Don’t stop even if it doesn’t work out several times in a row. This is the only way to achieve success. A girl shouldn’t feel uncertainty near you. When it comes to relationships, she must clearly understand where everything is moving. Make plans, talk with her about the future. This will give her a sense of calm.

5. Care about your woman

How to get your power back in a relationship? Well, it is important for a woman to feel the care of her chosen one. Many problems in relationships between couples occur precisely because women are offended by a lack of attention. Care can be manifested in a flower given for no reason, breakfast in the morning, the door opened, and more. Most women notice and appreciate such attention.

6. Be wise

It can’t be underestimated. Of course, it comes over the years, but not by itself – you need to strive for it. Why is wisdom important to men? It is expressed in everyday experience, inner calm, understanding the meaning of life, studying the world and its capabilities, constant desire for knowledge, and self-improvement. How to take control of your relationship with a woman? In a relationship, it is very important that a man has the wisdom to be tolerant and condescending to a woman’s weaknesses. He should allow her to show these weaknesses from time to time.

7. Be emotionally stronger than her

Life is sometimes hard. From time to time, life tends to challenge you, and a woman wants to be able to rely on her man to stay strong, no matter what happens. how to take back your power in a relationshipShe doesn’t want to be strong or a “man” and take care of a frightened, sensitive, or insecure guy who can’t cope with life pressure. She wants to be able to become more emotionally sensitive and vulnerable than to be strong for her boyfriend because he is weak.

8. Make her feel like a real woman

For this, you need to make her feel feminine and tender in response to your masculinity. When you are an invariably courageous man (for example, you are emotionally strong, you don’t suppress your male vibrations next to someone, you are confident in yourself, etc.), she can relax to become a woman next to you. This is how to be in control in a relationship easily.

9. Dispose of her checks and manipulations

Why do women do this? Most likely, she checks you for weakness. She does this not to subjugate you, but to make sure her choice is correct. From time to time, all the women do something similar to calm down. If you don’t demonstrate your masculinity, she will sometimes check whether the man is strong next to her or you've relaxed.

10. Keep your word

It often happens that men simply give up their own words in favor of personal gain. Many will say that this is wrong, and we can’t disagree with this. So, how to take back your power in a relationship? If a man gives his word, then he must fulfill the promise. Only in this case, the man will be respected by his woman. Ladies like such men because they can be trusted, they will become reliable support. Also, a real man will never gossip to humiliate someone.

So, how to regain control in a relationship? A girl shouldn’t feel uncertainty near you. When it comes to relationships, she must clearly understand where everything is moving. Make plans, talk with her about the future, this will give her a sense of calm. Otherwise, she will begin to try to set goals while you are lying on the couch. It is important for her to understand what is happening and what will happen next. And therefore, she will try to solve it and take on men’s responsibilities. Thus, you will never have power in relationships.

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