The relationship between two humans in a couple is a very complicated thing. Scientists have been studying this subject since the very beginning of the science itself, but long before them, this topic had been covered by various artists an uncountable amount of times. Unfortunately, human love affairs are very popular among artists, and not from the happy side of love but the dark one. Many artists believe that it is the most inspirational one.

During the whole human history, people have been facing both successful marriages or relationships between two people and unsuccessful ones. People started wars for love or because of it. Many great human accomplishments have been made due to love. Today we are going to talk about unhappy relationships. Cheating on a partner may sound poetic and make us do something great too, but in real life, it is, first of all, very painful and disturbing. No one wants to face this situation, but unfortunately, humans have almost no control over their lives.

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What Is Cheating in a Relationship?

First of all, let’s find out what is cheating in relationships, then we will know how to tell if a woman is cheating. We can’t avoid saying that every single human being sees cheating in his or her own way. Some people believe that it is not okay when girls kiss each other when they say goodbye, while others believe that it is ok to have many partners at the same time, including sexual partners. In this article, we will try to find accepted standards of cheating by most people.

Usually, people believe that cheating is when your partner had sex with someone else while still being in a relationship with you. But this is not only about having sex. The process of cheating has many sides. For example, cheating is very close to betrayal because a cheating partner is, in fact, a traitor, who decided to search for love in some other place. Living together with a person involves the construction of relationships, family, home, raising children. Therefore, confidence in your partner, in their loyalty and constancy is important. Treason is like a sudden blow knocking the soil out from under your feet. Not everyone can survive this kick. Very often, cheating leads to serious consequences, including emotional pain, complete dissolution of a family, possible child trauma.

Thus, you may say that cheating is immoral. Yes, but the idea that only immoral people cheat is not true. In unhealthy relationships, where partners don't respect each other, don't love, or even care about each other, they both live in doubts. Thus, partners don't feel happy, and this is the reason why one of the spouses will look for a person who will show understanding and respect for him or her. This is why there are so many single females online.

As you can see, cheating is a very complicated part of human relationships. It is very hard to find a person who is to blame for cheating if it appeared in relationships. Generally, there is the only major reason that can answer the question, "Why do women cheat?" and this reason is unhealthy relationships. Only a few people desperately need to have various partners. Usually, humans feel absolutely fine with only one partner, but only if relationships between them are good and healthy. And when you see recently married women seeking men on a dating site, don’t be hurry to blame them that they are or were cheating on their boyfriends. Most of them probably have no idea how it feels to be truly loved.

Why Do Women Cheat?

Now, when you know what is cheating, you may have another important question, “Is my girlfriend cheating on me?” I think that you found our article for this exact reason because you want to know how to tell if someone is lying about cheating. This is a very personal thing. And you cannot always blame a woman for cheating. What if a woman cheating on the husband does that only because he turned out to be not what she had expected? Read our list of 5 reasons why women cheat on their partners. This will help you know if your girlfriend is cheating on you.

1. Lack of attention

Girls love attention, especially from their boyfriends. Most men have no idea how attention is important for women. They just hate to be alone, and desperately need to know that there is someone around them. Someone who can make their life nice and pleasant only by paying attention to her. You may satisfy all her material needs, but she still will cheat on you. She will do this not because she is an ungrateful creature but because she wants to feel loved. For a woman, it is better to live a relatively poor life, but with a man who loves and pays attention to her. They feel lonely when they live with someone who spends all their time away from her.

what is cheating in a relationship2. Rare intimacy with you

According to statistics, modern people tend to have less sex than thirty years ago. This tendency negatively affects human lives. We have less sex not because we have substituted it with something more pleasant, but because we don't have time or mood for it. Here you should remember another important thing: men and women approach sex differently. While, for men, sex is mostly about physical pleasure, women see it as an emotional one. Thus, less sex for them means a weaker emotional contact. Which may lead to cheating.

3. Revenge

Have you ever cheated on her? Have you ever seriously insulted her? Women, especially strong women, can easily cheat on their husbands only because they want to take revenge. Those women see their new partners as a tool that can seriously hurt the emotional state of their husbands or boyfriends. Of course, this happens rarely, and only when they have a really serious reason to do this. But, if a relationship is not healthy, then those reasons will become less and less significant with time, and sooner or later, a girl will cheat just because she wants to be with someone else.

4. Long-term relationships boredom

Have you ever heard about a midlife crisis? This may be another reason why she may cheat on you. Boredom is the worst enemy of any relationship. Very often, boredom makes two people betray one another because they simply don’t see any other options to have fun in their lives. Of course, this doesn’t mean that one week of boredom will make your girlfriend cheat on you. But what about a year? Even the strongest love will vanish without recharging. For this reason, it is very important to have some fun together with your girlfriend.

5. Different sex drive

We have already mentioned problems with intimacy in this article, but this one has a completely different nature. In this case, you both want to spend intimate time with each other, but your sex drives are very different. For example, you may like different things in sex, or you may want to have a different amount of it. This is a very complex topic, and differences between you may be very drastic. Usually, two people in love try to solve this problem by having a conversation, but this may not always help. When one of the partners stops trying to change this situation, he or she searches for someone else.

Is My Girlfriend Cheating on Me? 7 Key Signs

Now, when you know major reasons why a woman may cheat on her man, and you know the answer to the question, "What is cheating in a relationship?" you would like to understand how to know for sure if she is cheating on you. There are many different factors that in one way or another, tell you that she is cheating on you, but still, it is very easy to get lost in them. Sometimes humans substitute reality with their imaginable picture of it. Thus, many people see some imaginable signs or wear pink glasses.

1. She doesn’t spend much time with you

Nothing in this world happens without a reason. If you were used to spending a lot of time together with your girlfriend in the past, but now she is always busy, and even when you are together, she still finds something to do without you, then she definitely hides something from you. This sign doesn’t mean that she is cheating on you, but it clearly indicates that you have problems in relationships. Try to gently talk to her about this since she may be going through hard times. Or she might just wait when you will start a “hard conversation” with her.

2. She has started to use her smartphone more often

Nowadays, in our smartphones, we have many messengers and can both talk to people and visit dating websites. If now she tries to hide her smartphone from you and goes into another room when someone is calling her, then this is how you know for sure that she is hiding something from you. Especially if she doesn’t tell you who called her and what they were talking about. Normally, she doesn’t have to retell you her conversation in every detail, but she won’t be hiding anything either.

3. She has some new friends where she stays for a night

At one point you may see that her friends have become colder with you, and at the same time, she has found some new friends, with whom she spends all her free time. This means that she is not interested in spending time with you. But it gets even more ugly because there is no guaranty that her new “friends” are girls and not a boyfriend whom she dates behind your back. You should be careful if she stays with them for a night and doesn’t send you any selfies from her “hen party.”

4. She works hard on her appearance

Usually, girls in relationships wear makeup only when it is really necessary because they already have boyfriends, who have seen them without makeup many times. Thus, girls wear makeup only when they need it. If your girlfriend started to wear makeup daily, and you know that she doesn’t do that for you because you don’t feel any changes in your life, then you have problems. Chances are very high that she is cheating on you, and she tries to impress her new boyfriend with her makeup and new clothes or maybe even a new style.

5. You have less sex than before

Lack of sex indicates that a couple has problems, but all humans need sex. So, if you both have less of it, then you somehow need to compensate it. Maybe she doesn’t want to have sex with you because she is not interested in you. Usually, couples discuss their sexual problems together, but if you have turned on an energy-saving mode in your sexual life without talking about it, then you have faced a problem. The best way to resolve it is to calmly talk to her and express all your concerns.

how to tell if a woman is cheating6. You are not a team anymore

An independent woman is, of course, good. Over the years, women have fought for equal rights, and they will do everything they can to keep them. But when you have close and strong relationships, you must learn to work as a team. If you and your girlfriend were once a team, but now you notice that she is returning to her old habits, this may be a sign that she plans to replace you or just leave. This is one of the most common signs that your girlfriend is cheating on you.

7. She points at every single flow you have

We all make mistakes. No one is perfect, and your girlfriend knows that. But if you notice that she suddenly began to point out each of your shortcomings, this may mean that she is looking for excuses to abandon you. She may also try to convince you that you were the reason for your breakup.

How to Catch a Cheating Woman (and Should You)

Usually, when men search for signs of cheating, they also look for ways to catch a cheating woman, if you suspect your wife of treason, then pay attention to her behavior. Try to "follow" her to work and meet her in the opposite direction, but of course, so that she doesn't notice you. You will have to carefully check the contents of her purse, incoming and outgoing calls, and messages on her phone. Find the trick to read her email. Remember, you must act smart, or you may reveal your distrust way too early. In this case, she will start hiding evidence even better.

It is very important to know how to check her smartphone because we compensate in the virtual world that we lack in the real one. If your relationships lack romance, sensuality, then she will certainly find it on the Internet. A virtual communication means much more than many people think. She will easily find those who will understand her on the Internet. You can easily tell if she is lying to you by checking her gadgets. If she is hiding her tablet or a laptop password, then she unquestionably has something to hide there. Even if she deletes messages and calls, there is a possibility that her new lover will write or call her at an unexpected moment. It’s difficult to hide everything, so don't hesitate. Some zealots manage to use espionage things to know what she does while out of the house. But this is too much.

If you are reflecting on how to discover your wife’s betrayal as quickly as possible and decide to “push” her with shouts and make a scandal, then this is an utterly losing position. Many women are very resourceful and know in advance what to answer and how to fool you. Therefore, be patient, sooner or later, she will make a mistake. The main thing for you is to be attentive and pay attention to everything. Especially if you begin to notice that she receives different gifts from her "new friends." This is an occasion to think about the mysterious boyfriend and watch more vigilantly.

If you don't have time to control your spouse or girlfriend, you can contact a special service, for example, a private detective agency. Professionals work there and probably have vast experience in such situations. They will help “catch” your wife or dispel all your doubts. Unfortunately, their services may be very expensive.

Now, when you know the main characteristics of a cheating woman, we want to advise you to carefully measure all pros and cons before drawing conclusions and moving on to radical measures, such as a breakup or even divorce. First, you should understand the true causes of treason. If your partner confessed to you and is asking for forgiveness, then maybe it’s worth giving him or her a second chance. Remember, it is very easy to break up, but the easiest option is rarely the best one. So, try to keep your relationship alive.

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