Russians have always been a distant and perplexing nation for westerners. They have a different mentality, traditions, worldview, and cultural background. On the other hand, Russian women have the status of the most desired candidates for long-term love relationships. And we must admit they deserve such a degree of admiration. Thousands of men search for a Russian mate to share their life with. Yet when you meet someone special, you wanna make sure this person is equally attracted to you. Russian women are even more mysterious than Russian men, believe us. In this article, we gathered the top 10 hints that a Russian girl is really into you!


1. Willingness to communicate

Even at the correspondence stage, you can easily know whether a girl is interested in you. Russian ladies mostly like initiative men, however, they also may drop some hints of affection. For instance, a girl into you starts asking more questions, willingly shares her mind, and never refuses to chat longer. If you shift to social networks, she typically likes your photos and follows your updates.

2. Eyes sparkling

“Eyes are the mirror of the soul” – this is indeed a widely used expression, and Russians totally agree with it. Their culture is actually based on the concept of “soul”. No wonder they pay so much attention to this part of a face. Once a Russian woman falls in love or just takes an interest in somebody, her eyes start shining and her pupils widen as she sees you. She is constantly in her high spirits!

3. Laughing at your jokes

Humour conquers any girl’s heart. The art of flirting, among other things, includes the ability to cheer your partner up. When a Russian woman responds to jokes you crack, this may be one of the ways to demonstrate she probably feels the connection between the two of you. Even if your gags aren’t so brilliant, she will display kind of a support to keep you by her side.

4. Trying to move closer

A well-known phenomenon: we try to keep distance with a person we don’t like and approach somebody we wish to get to know better. Of course, a true Russian woman will barely show her affection in a plain way. She will rather do this subtly. For example, she will get closer to you in a public transport – in Russia, buses and trams are usually full of passengers, not like in Western countries. So that she will have an excuse to lean on you.

5. Touches “by accident”

This sign is linked to the previous one. Say, your Russian friend takes chances to caress your hand or sits so close to you that your shoulders touch one another. Again, she is normally waiting for you to reveal some romantic feelings; those light gestures should encourage you to do so. Just keep it on your radar and pick the right moment.

6. Eagerness to meet you again

Certainly, no woman is willing to date a guy who doesn’t turn her on emotionally and physically. In particular, Russian girls are known for their native straightforwardness and sincerity. If she doesn’t like some men, she tries to avoid any contacts. On the contrary, she will always keep in touch with people who awaken her interest. That’s why she will find a time for a date with you again and again.

7. That special gaze

You can detect a Russian girl’s attitude to you not only by how her eyes sparkle but also how she looks at you. Maintaining an eye contact is critical to building the real bond between partners. If a girl stares into your eyes, doesn’t turn her head off while sitting opposite to you, those signs are definitely good. Besides, she studies your face, hairstyle, and the upper body in this way.

8. Body language

Any of us has a specific body language. And when we are getting attached to somebody, we wish to become closer to this person. First, we do it mentally. Second, we express it through our own body movements and positions, even unconsciously. So what about Russian girls? Like other women, they often imitate gestures of a prospective partner, even reflect those. Moreover, a woman into you will barely cross her arms and legs while sitting or standing beside you.

9. Struggling to look as beautiful as possible

Yes, Russian ladies are worldwide famous for their stunning attractiveness, however, romantic feelings trigger them to become even more dazzling. A girl in love will carefully pick every detail to create a perfect image. She puts on her best clothes, spends hours by the mirror to wear a beautiful makeup, tries new hairstyles and accessories.

10. Increasing sexual attractiveness

Although Russian ladies value the mental connection above all, they also mind their physical attractiveness to charm men. It’s not about any vulgar actions, of course. This is just about those indirect impulses a girl sends – like touching her hair, licking and biting her lips, trying to position her body to demonstrate its flawless shape.

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