If you are reading this article, then you have probably found yourself in a troubling situation. There is something wrong about your relationship, you probably have some clue as to why this is happening, maybe not, but the fact remains the same, you want some things to change.

In such a scenario, most people would prefer to just stay in one place and let people around them fix every issue that they face. But, if everyone abides by this logic, the world would have stopped turning a long time ago. This doesn’t mean that every relationship should be broken, it means that people tend to think that things can be solved with inaction, but, unfortunately, this is not always the case. Sometimes, you just have to break a relationship to not waste your own time and nerves.

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how to end long term relationship

Some reasons why you should end a long time relationship

Now we know that it is worth fighting for your health and sanity, let’s dive deeper into the subject. What are some of the most common scenarios in which one should consider breaking a relationship? This is a tough question to answer, and it depends much on a relationship that you have, yourself, and your partner. But there are still some common signs to end a long-term relationship, here are just some of them.

How to know when to end a long-term relationship?

You Have Different Goals for the Future

While sure, one can be an engineer, and the other can be an artist, it doesn’t mean that goals in the life of two partners can’t go against each other. Let’s give you an example of what I am talking about. You love kids, you always wanted to become a parent and spend time playing with children, giving them all of your love and wisdom. Your partner doesn’t seem too keen on this idea, they always tell that maybe at some point in their life, they will eventually come to love children and change their attitude towards them, but the expiration date on this “point in life” has already been over. Why bother? Move on, find a person that will suit you.

Your Partner Is Selfish in Bed — and Unwilling to Change

Selfishness ruins relationships. While true, you should be able to achieve your goals in a relationship and not be controlled by your partner, it doesn’t mean that you should focus on your priorities alone and ignore the things that they want in life. The same goes for sex and everything that has to do with intimacy. Some may tell you that sex isn’t all that important, and it is basically irrelevant to a loving couple, but that is simply not true. A healthy relationship should have a healthy mix of an emotional connection between two partners, and healthy sexual coexistence. If one of the partners isn’t all too keen on giving pleasure to another – maybe they don’t love them all that much?!

Your Partner Refuses to Communicate

Should I end a long-term relationship? If your partner refuses to communicate with you then yes. Communication is crucial to relationships, otherwise, you are strangers to each other, what’s the point of continuing your coexistence? If your partner is the one who poisons the well of your love by ignoring you and the things you feel – why bother wasting your time on a person that doesn’t love you?

best way to end a long term relationshipYour Partner Lies to You

Well, love is complex, relationships are complex as well, especially romantic ones. We will not tell you that you should never lie to your partner, some lies can be quite beneficial to a relationship, there is no point in preaching this holy devotion to being honest to your partner. But, that being said, if your partner constantly lies to you about the things they don’t have to lie about, things that simply don’t make sense – maybe there is a big issue in front of you.

Your Partner Is Financially Irresponsible

When to end a long-term relationship? When your partner doesn’t feel like a financially-reliable person. Love is not about money, love is about being happy and creating memorable moments of love and pleasure. You have probably heard a phrase like that or some other variation of it in your life, I’ve been personally called “mercantile” for bringing up a financial aspect of a relationship as an issue a few times in my life. But still, can we just be honest and admit that finances are important? If your partner is financially irresponsible, has a gambling addiction, or anything else that they waste their (and your) money on, then why would you not speak out about it? If they don’t seem to be too keen on changing their ways – burn the bridge, start a new life. Now that we know quite a few possible reasons to end a long-term relationship, let’s move on to some tips about preparing to end a long-term relationship.

Tips to End a Long Time Relationship

Let’s say that you are a bit more motivated to start a new life and end your suffering in a bad relationship once and for all, but how should you do it? It seems rather hard, doesn’t it? Well, we will now give you a few tips on how to end the nightmare and tell your partner about your intentions. You are facing the end of a long-term relationship, how to deal with it? When should you end a long-term relationship? Let’s find out.


How to end a long-term relationship? Rehearse the text in advance. During your eventual conversation, emotions will overwhelm you. Choose and rehearse the words you need to say in advance to prepare for the conversation. Ponder over each phrase so as not to say anything wrong or useless. You can write a text on a piece of paper or print it out to get your thoughts in order. If it didn’t go all too well, then be sure to check out the following single women website to find a new partner.

Pick the right spot

How to end a long-term relationship gently? Choose the right moment. When to end a long-term relationship? Well, the right time for breaking up will never come, but try not to start this conversation when your partner is stressed, before leaving home or at work. In such a situation, you and your partner will not have enough time to assess the situation and pay due attention to it. Also, do not share this news in public.

Say it in person

What is the best way to end a long-term relationship? Talk face to face. Surely you had the idea of ending everything without personal meetings, but this is a rather cowardly and destructive approach, taking into account the duration of the relationship. It is not easy to say everything directly to the partner, but, at the end of a long relationship, it is important to show respect for the partner and their feelings. You do not need to leave a voice message, write a text message, send news by phone or via social networks. That would be insulting.

Be respectful

How should I end a long-term relationship? Be honest. At the time of breaking up, it is important to show sincerity. No need to hide the specific reasons that prompted you to such a decision to avoid unnecessary problems in the future. Do not be rude. Sincerity does not have to hurt the feelings of a partner.

The worst that can happen at the time of the breakup is an explosion of emotions and a storm of indignation on your part. Why complicate an already tense situation? Naturally, it will not be easy, but you should not deliberately make your emotions even stronger.

Decide how best to talk with a partner, and then try to relax. This news should be reported with a sober head and a calm mind. It is difficult but possible. If you are very tense, then try to relax, for example, read a book or listen to music. Do not blame the partner. Try to do end a relationship without any accusations. A relationship is a complex process that cannot be considered within the framework of peremptory statements, so try to leave a relationship calmly and not blame anyone. Even if the reason for the breakup was the actions of the partner (for example, an act of cheating), still try to keep your dignity intact. Reprimands and resentment will only complicate the breakup.

when to end long term relationshipMake a clean break

Specific reasons prompted you to such a decision. When reporting this to a partner, it is important to remain decisive. Explain that you are unhappy and do not want to correct anything. If you are confident in the futility of the relationship, then do not succumb to any attempts of your partner to rebuild a relationship. There is no need to put off the inevitable.

How to Move on After the End of a Long-Term Relationship

Let’s say that you don’t have any problems telling your partner, and you are sure that this is what you want, there is no coming back and you want to start a new life with someone else. Well, good for you, but how can you come back after something like that?

Be positive about the future

A break, especially after a long relationship, will take time. Keep in mind that your lives are intertwined very closely, so it’s difficult to part. You almost certainly have common friends, possessions, and habits. All of this will create temporary awkwardness and tension. After the relationship ends, your habits and life will begin to change. It will take time to adapt to change. There will be a feeling of intimacy between you, even if you no longer love a partner. Flashes of emotions are possible as signs of a struggle with fading feelings.

If necessary, move into a new environment

Take a break from the situation. One of the best ways to bridge the gap is to focus on new emotions. Take care not to remind you of the breakup and your former partner. This is the only way to recover and diversify life. New experiences will help you heal mental wounds. Set a new goal, sign up for yoga or drawing lessons. Find something to your liking.

Forgive yourself and those who hurt you

Show indulgence to yourself. Immediately after the break, especially in the case of a long relationship, a person never feels completely happy and joyful. Do not reproach yourself in moments of sadness or tension and do not try to forget about the past as soon as possible. Everything needs time.

Try not to rush and be sad about past relationships to live on. No need to suppress feelings, otherwise, they will pop up into your life after some time at one point or another. Friends and family will realize that you need time to readjust and get back to normal.

Be with supportive people who understand what you go through

Chat with family and friends. After the break, try relying on loved ones. In any case, emotions cannot be avoided, even if it was you who initiated the breakup. Get help from loved ones and get the support you need if you are upset or exhausted after breaking up. Spend more time with your family, leave your home more often and talk with your loved ones via phone or means of online communication. This way, you will feel the love of people you care for.

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