Today plenty of people still believe that all women are tender, weak and want men to dominate in bed. This is a delusion. Every woman expects completely different actions from men, and it mostly depends on her psychological type. So what is female sexuality?

what is female sexuality

What kind of sex do women love?

Let’s start with understanding female sexuality. There are four female types - two dominant types (mother type and aggressive type) and two submissive ones (passively-submissive and daughter type).

The differences of male and female sexuality in bedroom

Dominant type women prefer to lead in bed. They are bold, sometimes cruel; they want to control the situation. A mother type woman has a weakness for soft men and losers. It makes her feel like she takes care of him and teaches him in sex. She enjoys his quirkiness and anxiety. She wants to protect him in bed, teach him and show the right moves. Such man should be gentle and obedient. An aggressive type woman is inclined to sadism, extraordinary foreplays and sex games. There is no doubt that one must be obedient and fulfill her wishes in order to please such woman. Your sex should be bold, tough, and, perhaps, even cruel. A man should be a victim with no right to contradict.

Women of the submissive type are very affectionate; they want men to act. A passive-submissive woman wants to drown and dissolve in caresses of her partner, he must fully possess it, subordinate it to himself. She is inclined to masochism, and sometimes she wants a man to be brutal and cruel. She wants him to show a master behavior. A daughter type often looks for an older man to have sex with. She appreciates his experience and wise thoughts. She loves tender caresses and music, and gentle whisperings. At the same time, she wants to feel weak, defenseless and feel like a little girl in the arms of a strong man.

What is wrong with myths about female sexuality? Nothing is wrong. The point is that myths in most cases are the exaggerated true facts. Therefore, take a deep look and search for respected sources when you face another myth about female sexuality, and you will find out where all the stuff is from. Of course, the boundaries between types are somewhat blurred. You won’t find a pure type in reality. Still, each female character corresponds to a certain type, so the behavior of the partner must be appropriate, if he, of course, wants to satisfy her woman. So, first of all, sort out what type your lady belongs to, in order to get and give the maximum pleasure in bed.

What Women Really Want In Bed: Raw & Honest List

Here is an honest list of things women want men to do in bed:

what women want to hear in bed1. Kisses. It seems that kisses are not so popular nowadays. Alas! Kissing is a great tool to turn a woman on. Do not skip this part.

2. Touching. Kinesthetic is no less important than kissing. Good foreplay = good sex = you are a macho for her.

3. Eye contact. Make her feel your passion in your eyes.

4. Be gentle. Whisper how much you care about her and how much you want her.

5. Do not forget about her clitoris. Well, this is a very important point! I will not tell you about statistics, but you must have heard THAT clitoral orgasm predominates over the vaginal one.

6. Find the balance. Not all women are crazy about gentle men. Some are looking for rudeness in bed. Thus, do not hesitate to say a few dirty things. This is the only way to find the balance.

7. Do not rush. This is another important thing. Your speed, as well as the tempo, should be diverse. Make the whole process go neither too slow nor too fast.

8. Hugs. Do not let her feel used after sex. Hug her for a while.

What women want in bed but never say?

So what do women want in bed? The majority of women are not shy to say what they like, or give you a hint that it would be great if you did something like… Anyway, there are situations when it is difficult for a woman to be direct and sincere. The thing is that we are often afraid to hurt your feelings.

Therefore, if a man, for example, starts the process with oral sex, believing that this is a great pleasure for a woman (and in reality, it is not), it is difficult for us to say that what you are doing is not really pleasant. Besides, it’s easier for a man to turn on, while women often feel that they need at least half an hour to reach the same level. Thus, do not be in a hurry.

The hidden desires may be various:

  • I want cunnilingus. But since I refused a partner in a blowjob, I hesitate to ask for oral caresses.
  • I want anilingus. I do not know how to ask.
  • I want anal caresses, but I'm ashamed of my body after having a baby.
  • I like it when he sucks my toes. Men rarely guess about it, and I never dare to ask.
  • I like everything in my partner, but he likes to do cunni and does it awfully bad. I hesitate to tell him about it at last.
  • I want him to bite me during sex. But how to say and what if he does it painfully? I hate pain.
  • He does not like to be fond of me in the process. And it is very necessary for me.
  • I want to exchange partners with a couple of friends. Or strangers. How to tell him about it?
  • I want a threesome sex (with twins, and without my husband).
  • I like it when he rubs my clitoris with his penis. But he needs sex.

Do women want to be dominated in bed?

In real life, we play a dominant role, but in bed, we prefer to be victims. For us, this is a long waited rest and the perfect moment to fill the gaps. Do you remember the stories when successful men paid "mistresses" to please them in brothels? We often limit ourselves in everyday life and sex is a rare field where we can let our fantasies go. The problem is that we want a harsh treatment, and men tend to lack rudeness. They are watching romantic melodramas, fighting for their right to express feelings, etc. We miss the strong mannish hand, clenching our hair in the fist. What we need to do is to lead our partners to their instincts. Yes, this is not what they expect from confident and independent girls.

Do you want to make it harder? It is easier to jump in a pool with cold water at once than do it gradually. In hard sex, the opposite is true. Before you rush into the abyss of passion, you should get used to the boiling point.

women want to be dominated in bedStart with small things. Determine immediately what you want and what don’t. For example, you are for slapping, but against insults. Discuss this with your partner. Think of a stop word, meaning a sharp stop on his part. You should always have the opportunity to withdraw.

Increase the intensity. Start with light strokes, crushing. Let your partner put his hand on your neck, choke you slightly. Continue if you like. Just do not go beyond the agreed. Ask him to ask you about each new step, like "Can I spank you? Do you like how I squeeze your neck?”

Change the dominant position. If you like it, try to do the same dominating thing with him, when it strangles you. This way both of you can find out what it means to have control and what it's like to obey.

What do older women want in bed?

Long does not mean good… Do you know what kind of sex is even more annoying than short sex? That's right - a very long one. I had a serious relationship with a guy about 3 years ago. When it came to sex, I thought that for the first time everything will be fast enough. My experience shows that during your first time man comes quickly and does not bother waiting for a woman and during your second time he is doing his best to please you. But a strange thing happened. He could not cum for three hours. Well, I thought that maybe he was nervous, although the erection was great. The next three days I was walking like a wounded duck. The second time did not differ much from the first one. I could not stand such tension for several hours, and I finally got tired. Besides, it hurts a lot. None of my girlfriends enjoys too long sexual intercourse. Therefore long sex is far from things women want in bed.

Do not pick up the phone, do not be a fool. Leave all your affairs for later; when you make love, no one, even the boss should interfere with you. Even a ring-tapped bell is irritating; this buzz can drive you crazy. My boyfriend does not only turn off the phone during sex, he also takes calls. Imagine the whole fatality of the situation when we are almost there and just about to ... the phone rings and he says something like, “This is my son, I should take it.” Besides, he does not look like he truly tries to finish the talk ASAP. I want to kill him at such moments. It turns sex into a catastrophe.

Suming Up The Above Mentioned Desires And Preferences

Unfortunately, men rarely think about such issues. Otherwise, they would not be repeating the same mistakes in bed all the time. Often guys forget that girls are esthetes. They often take girls to their messy dens, where all the stuff is saturated with nicotine, and the ashtray looks more like a hedgehog. Things are scattered all over the room and the bed has not been made for more than a month. Men, a woman is not a dog that is ready for mating in any place. Choose the place for sex wisely. Take care of the mess for starters. Trust me, if a lady is comfortable, she will make it worth your while and will give you a huge pleasure.

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