Who doesn’t like to watch YouTube? You open it just to check the new videos from the channels you are subscribed to and end up binge-watching your whole feed till 2 a.m. Because watching someone do the activities we would like to try is captivating. We enjoy videos of people traveling, filming vlogs about their everyday life, performing challenges, playing video games, or just funny shows and sketches to relax.

When the creator of an informative, funny, and esthetically pleasing content is a beautiful girl, watching YouTube becomes even more enjoyable. For this reason, we have prepared the rating of the top 10 hottest female Youtubers. Next time you wonder what to watch, you can just choose any beauty from this list. In case you know all of them, this is an opportunity to learn some more about your favorite sexy female Youtubers. Enjoy!

famous female Youtubers

Video Categories with Sexy Female Youtubers

Nowadays, influencers are media personalities who are fighting for our attention on equal terms with actors and TV celebrities. And staying pretty, stylish, and attractive is no less important for them. The overall impression of users left after the video depends very much on how the presenter looks. That is why beautiful women for dating, famous female Youtubers, and single women bloggers get way more likes and views. But to have the most pleasant experience you need to know which categories to dive into. We present to you the YouTube “Trending” sections which are full of beautiful bloggers.


Beauty Blogging is a relatively fashionable trend in modern Internet society. A beauty blogger is a person, most often a girl who has her own channel, to which she uploads videos with her purchases, fashionable clothes, makeup tutorials, personal care tips, sometimes but not mainly fitness exercises, shares her opinion, recommends something, etc. Beauty bloggers have long been the category producing the most content, and many of them have been on YouTube since the beginning. Whether you want to make the perfect winged eyeliner or know the latest trends for the lipstick, and indeed in any makeup-situation, the girls rush to the computer to watch the new video of their favorite gurus. Bloggers become welcome guests at fashion events, and it is a normal thing to see them on the covers of world glossy publications. Even if you neither wear makeup nor seek beauty advice, you should definitely subscribe to the channels of the beauty YouTubers we mention below. At least to observe how pretty they are or to receive tips on relationships with a woman as beauty gurus also make a lot of Q&A content and vlogs.

Sport and wellness

Now many professional trainers, as well as ordinary girls, are becoming popular thanks to their fitness blogs. They talk about how to exercise and eat properly, and some of them prove on their examples that anyone can achieve their dream body, and be fit even if you don’t have time to visit gyms. They are women who one day made a decision to work on their bodies and started sharing their way with others online. Some of them have now opened their physical fitness gyms, launched the online training courses, or founded lines of body care products, health supplements, and nutrition planners. On their channels, anyone can choose a program for their level: a beginner, advanced, intensive or buy individual workouts. Fitness blogs and their pretty owners offer you many useful posts on where to start, where to get motivation, and how to get things done. If you are on your journey to a dream body - you can kill two birds with one stone by getting inspiration from such hot Youtubers females.


Women-streamers are gaining popularity today, not only on Twitch but on YouTube too. While the first platform allows them to earn, they use the second for attracting the audience and posting real-life content. They try to entertain their subscribers with any content, spending their time not only on playing games but performing challenges, doing tasks for donations, and talking. Many female gamers stream video games and tell stories from life, talk with subscribers, and discuss different topics. Girls who are in good shape and own a beautiful appearance attract additional attention. Now the streaming services have become a platform for a huge number of people who want to get easy money. So, the streamer girls may do a lot in case you generously award them. Watching these girls doing somewhat ridiculous things for fame and money is really funny and captivating. Especially if you are a keen gamer and a connoisseur of female beauty, watching a pretty lady playing Half-Life Alyx in a provocative outfit is surely for you.


YouTube is a place for many people to express themselves. A lot of useful (and not so) video material is posted here daily. If you often visit this site and appreciate humor, then it would be reasonable for you to take a look at the funniest YouTube channels whose owners are also just stunningly beautiful. They say laugh continues life, so why don’t you watch hottest female YouTubers who know how to joke? We can bet this will make you mentally healthier in a broad sense. Because humor is another section of YouTube full of pretty bloggers who have been on the platform since its beginning. Some of them started from six-second-long vines at high school and have grown into amazing young ladies. And what can be better than a hot girl who knows how to be funny?

10 Hottest Female YouTubers

This rating includes the best bloggers from the spheres of beauty, comedy, gaming, and sports. No matter what you like to do in your free time and which category of videos you prefer, you deserve to follow only the sexiest female YouTubers! So, we have compiled this list based on the votes of users, the number of subscribers, personal achievements on the girls, and their diversity. They are different but all equally stunning!

Michelle Phan

top 10 hottest female Youtubers

She is one of the biggest beauty gurus. Since 2007, when she started posting her make-up videos and uploading them to YouTube, Phan has gained over 8 million followers who are interested in listening to her dreamy voice and instructions on everything from grunge makeup to Daenerys Targaryen-inspired look from “Game of Thrones.” Michelle has written a book, and now she is developing a premium video network and her own music label, but working on her service called “Ipsy” takes the most of her attention and brings her most of the money. The subscription service works in the same way as its competitor “Birchbox,” that is, it sends out a personalized set of beauty products every month in the form of constantly changing “Glam Bags.” Ipsy with more than 1.5 million subscribers (each of which pays $10 per month for packages) bypasses Birchbox as the last has half a million fewer subscribers. Plus Ipsy has recently received $100 million of investments from giant corporations like TPG Growth and Sherpa Capital, which rated the company to be $800 million worth.


hottest female Youtubers

Alia Marie Sheles (aka SSSniperWolf) is a 26-year-old American blogger who leads a YouTube channel. She has borrowed her nickname from Metal Gear Solid. The girl is one of the most popular female gamers with the most subscribers on social networks: more than 16 million people watch her channel. Although initially, SSSniperWolf became famous as a gamer, now she mainly publishes a variety of videos, from challenges to reactions. She is very beautiful and kind and hasn’t been engaged in any drama scandals during her career. Her fans love her for this, and her audience is not only loyal but also diverse. Everyone from the old-school gamers to teenage girl follows the vlogs about her life and enjoy the content of SSSniperWolf, one of the hottest YouTubers females.

Lele Pons

hottest Youtubers female

Eleanor (girl’s full name) was born in Venezuela, but when she was 5 years old, the family moved to the United States and settled there. 23-year-old Lele Pons is the star of the World Wide Web and was included in the list of "30 most influential people on the Internet" according to Times magazine. The girl began her ascent to Olympus of social networks with 6-second comedy videos in the Vine application. Now she has over 16 million subscribers on YouTube, and Lele’s short videos have been watched a total of almost 8 billion times. She was the first Viner whose videos gained 1 billion views. Her number of followers on Instagram is now 40.2 million. She makes video content in cooperation with Shots Studios. The girl prefers to keep her personal life a secret. There were rumors about her romance with Logan Paul, King Bach, and with Juanpa Zurita. Allegedly in June 2017, Zurita even made Pons an offer, but the more time has been passing since then, the more there is an impression that the audience has been fooled again. Well, everyone has the right to hype on something or to hide their personal life.

Alissa Violet

hot female Youtubers

This actress and blogger should be definitely mentioned among the hot women on YouTube. Alissa is originally from Ohio, but she has been dreaming of a modeling career. She once saw Victoria’s Secret commercial and moved to LA to pursue her dream. After the girl got acquainted with Jake Paul, the man helped her settle in Los Angeles, and they allegedly started dating. She signed a model-contract and joined the team of bloggers producing content under the label “Team 10” directed by Jake Paul. For almost two years everything seemed fine, but then the couple broke up with a loud drama scandal. Despite the huge media hype around the girl, accusations from the part of her ex-boyfriend, and rumors spreading among the audience, the girl did not lose her positions on YouTube. By the way, Alissa has starred at various series and films like The Mind of Jake Paul (mini-series, 2018), Infected: The Dawning, Wolves: Karma (2017), It's Everynight Sis (2017) and The Deleted (TV series, 2016).

Tessa Brooks

Tessa Brooks is an English-speaking blogger currently residing in Los Angeles, California. Tessa was born on April 5, 1999, in California. She started her career on Youtube almost recently but has already crossed the threshold of 3.5 subscribers, and her Instagram account has 9 million followers. She has also gained popularity due to her engagement in Team 10. The girl is a singer, an actress, and a vlogger. She has been allegedly dating Logan Paul and fans think that this was a part of the PR-company of the two YouTubers as well. Nevertheless, she continues to lead a separate media career and now has switched to fitness-related and beauty topics. She can be called one of the freshest female fitness Youtubers. The girl has lost 20 pounds and now shares secrets on how her subscribers can achieve such results too.

Lauren Gray

Lauren Gray is a well-known blogger in America and abroad who is engaged in video blogging and is building a modeling career. The full name of the celebrity is Lauren Gray Beach. Success knocked into Lauren’s door when she started being active and posting a lot in her social networks, it happened in 2015. Since Lauren is a well-educated and versatile girl, she easily talks about modern fashion, popular trends in cinema, music, pets, read works, and other informative and interesting things. In 2016, Lauren Gray started dating a guy named Julian Roman. At first, their relationship was very serious and strong, the couple was posting photographs and stories. At this stage, Lauren doesn’t share so much of her personal life anymore, so it’s difficult to judge how well their relationship is developing, and whether the two are together. Despite being very young, Lauren is one of the hot female Youtubers who prove that even makeup tutorials can be fun and captivating.


sexy female Youtubers

Marzia Bizonin (26 years old) is a blogger and model born in Italy. At the very beginning of her YouTube career, she called herself CutiePieMarzia. She was making vlogs and videos about makeup. The girl stopped any activity on her channel at the end of 2018. She was involved in posting and creating videos on her channel for quite some time because her boyfriend was no one else but the most subscribed YouTuber at that time, PewDiePie. A gamer who now has 104 million subscribers, making him the second most popular channel in the world, made his girl a proposal on April 27, 2018. And the happy couple celebrated their wedding the same year. Although this beauty is no longer free, we wish her a happy family life and hope that she will turn back to YouTube one day.

Bethany Mota

sexiest female Youtubers

Bethany was born November 7, 1995, in the county of Merced (California). Bethany has Mexican and Portuguese roots. And her family consists of her parents, herself and an older sister Brittany. In childhood, the future popular blogger received a home education, however, she attended a public school (from third to sixth grade). Mota also took dancing and acting lessons. Bethany Mota became famous thanks to her YouTube channel, where she talks with subscribers about fashion and style, hairstyles and makeup, shares recipes, and life hacks. Bethany has her own clothing line. She meets with her fans around the world, and also starred in the 19th season of Dancing with the Stars. In 2014, one of the world's leading business news portals, Business Insider, estimated that Mota makes $ 40.000 a month on her videos. Because she loves her subscribers, this hot girl with a kind heart, constantly holds giveaways, awarding her fans with prizes.

Eva Gutowski

hot women on YouTube

Starting to shoot videos on YouTube in 2012, now Eva Gutowski is one of the most popular bloggers in the world. She is a kind, cheerful, and very open girl. She does not hesitate to make faces, upload photos and videos without makeup, and show her life for what it is. At first, Eva was posting only entertaining content: videos about fashion and beauty, vlogs, and DIYs. The purpose of these videos was to cheer up or give a little advice. However, when her audience began to grow, Eve realized that she could do something more. Then she began to raise serious social topics, which were especially related to her personal experience. And perhaps the most powerful of these videos was “I'm a rape victim.” The video gained more than 15 million views and 54 thousand comments, in which people were thanking Eva for the video on such an important topic, shared their stories of rape and harassment, and also supported each other.


sexiest female Youtubers

Zoe “Zoella” Elizabeth Sagg (born March 28, 1990) is a British Internet person. Zoe grew up in Lacock, Wiltshire, where she studied at The Corsham School and at the College of Art. She has a younger brother, Joe Sugg, who is known on YouTube as ThatcherJoe. She currently resides in Brighton. Zoe worked as an intern at an internal design company when she launched her Zoella blog in February 2009. By the end of the year, she already had a thousand subscribers. In March 2014, she had 140 million views on the channel. In 2014, she released a number of cosmetic products under the brand name "Zoella Beauty." She is not only a makeup lover, beauty blogger, and lifestyle vlogger but a writer. Her debut novel, “Girl Online,” was released in November 2014. The continuation of the novel was released on October 20, 2015, under the title “Girl Online. On tour.” July 8, 2016, this beautiful and smart blogger announced the imminent release of the third book. In 2015 and 2016, she released her second and third collection of Zoella Beauty cosmetic products accordingly. As you can see, she is an example of a self-made woman who is not only intelligent but successful and sexy.

Some believe that bloggers do not put enough effort to earn as much money as they do. People would rather complain about their favorite bloggers using sponsored products in videos and posting ads than try to do stand up in front of a camera themselves. For some, blogging is the meaning of life, for someone it’s just a hobby or a pleasant pastime, but in any case, all bloggers have gained their audience not for nothing. So, if people follow these hot women, you should check their channels! They all have different stories, and they are active in sometimes directly the opposite spheres, but one thing unites them all. The women described above are all hot and interesting, and everyone will find something for themself on their channels.

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