First dates are indeed a hot topic. You meet a special person, communicate, and feel kind of a connection between the two of you. When you eventually go out, everything seems to be so fragile! You do your best to impress a girl, and so does she. Got the second date? Congratulations! This means your first time together was really great. Just don’t loosen up too soon – second dates may be even more critical to building a couple. They give mates an opportunity to promote the contact, to get closer than the previous time. In this article, we wanna tell you about some rules you should follow to charm a Russian girl at the second in-person meeting.


1. Make it different

Avoid repeating scenarios! Early stages of dating require inventiveness, originality, and fresh ideas. This is when the foundation for your entire romance is being laid. You will barely find the better time to allure and fascinate one another. That’s why your second date must be different from the previous one in terms of an atmosphere, a venue, and activities. Say, if you met at a restaurant first, invite your partner to the cinema or to a picnic and vise verse.

2. Pick her up

Typically, you go separately to the first date and meet on some “neutral” territory. But this time, it will be totally right to go together. Pick her up from her place or meet somewhere before to actually arrive at the venue. Thus, you both will have extra time to greet each other, discuss some news, and remember the nicest moments from your first date. In other words, the earlier you meet the more opportunities to strengthen your initial bond you get.

3. Speak up

While the first date requires the plenty of talking, the second one needs even more. You probably discovered many things about your girlfriend last time. Now, your job is to get more! For example, tackle the topics you discussed previously. Those may be her trips, or hobbies, or funny stories she told – ask for more interesting details or clarify something you didn’t catch that time. Likewise, talk over the recent events happened between your meetups.

4. Use “we” and “us”

Accordingly to hundreds of psychological studies, the way you speak about your romance is a key factor of a successful love life. As this is the second time you meet each other, it is legit to state your connection. Like if you discuss where to go after a dinner, ask her “Should we…?” instead of saying “I suggest”. This is how it works – you specify that you are closer now, you are together. Simultaneously, don’t get too persistent. You are still getting to know each other, make it gradually.

5. Recall your first date

When you see her again, remember some nice details about the previous date. Tell her what you enjoyed the most, what associations you had, etc. These memories and impressions should be positive of course. Don’t refer to any awkward moments if they arose. Not that you should describe it for too long, just drop a couple of phrases to show you are into her and your connection. These small talks help you relive the happiest moments again.

6. Touch her

Now, let’s get to flirting. You have already spent some time together, and this is your chance to get closer in the physical aspect. Well, we don’t imply you should paw her over or something like that. Just find an excuse to touch her hand or shoulder lightly. Kisses also matter a lot. If your first date ended up with a kiss – don’t forget to do so again. Keep in mind that at early dates, your kisses should be light as well.

7. Maintain the eye contact

Look into her eyes while speaking. This is the solid way to prove you like being here and now. Never turn your head off if she is sitting opposite to you at the table. On the other hand, there’s no need to stare at her throughout the entire date, everything should go naturally. Pay compliments looking at her; there’s nothing difficult at all. Say that she looks great, or that you like something about her face (eyes, hairstyle, etc.). Again, it shouldn’t be too compulsively.

8. Don’t be ahead of time

Yeah, you won that second date. However, this is only the second. And it must be even more amazing than your first one was. Just like that time, you should be a gentleman (in fact, you should always be a gentleman). Don’t plan anything radical. It’s still too early to discuss intimate topics or even initiate a sexual contact. Russian women are interested in serious relationships so they wish it develops rather slowly.

9. Show you are into her

Let her know you are looking forward to seeing her again. Don’t hesitate to express your affection. Tell her how great this time together was; ask what she enjoyed the most about the activities you took up or places you visited. This makes her feel needed and secured. Russian girls desire to hear sweet things from their partners, so give it to her!

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