Maybe you also have had been in such situation when you know that a certain girl likes you, she shows her interest in you and hints at a meeting. She sees you as a guy with whom she is ready to have sex and build further relationships. She wants to be with you, constantly communicates or she talks about a meeting all the time. It seems to be all right but the problem is that you don’t like this girl. So, how to turn down a date? How to refuse a girl? This can’t definitely be done rudely, of course. It is better to come up with something original so not to hurt her. Here are some nice ways to say no to a date.

date rejection

How to decline a date politely

Sometimes communication with a girl becomes a burden to a man, even if there are no conflicts. The easiest way decline a date is via text. You save time, you can refuse with one phrase and refusal doesn’t bring discomfort. Be able to adhere to these tips if you want to stop this communication.

Don’t answer messages

Communication by correspondence is almost anonymous, so there is a temptation simply not to respond to messages. However, in some cases, this is a wrong decision because there can be an uncertainty that prompts a girl to look for the cause of the sudden termination of correspondence. It would be better if you honestly say that your correspondence is burdensome. If you are almost unfamiliar, you can ask her not to bother you anymore because you are very busy.

Don’t ask friends to give advice on this matter

Most likely, your friend's life experience is not bigger than yours. It is necessary to understand the female psychology well in order to do the right things. It's better to say frankly that you are not ready to continue communicating with this woman and you don’t like her. This is the most honest and objectionable way. An obsessive girl should be refused politely but firmly so that she doesn’t have any doubts left.

A girl will not be offended by refusal if you mention that she is worthy of every guy’s attention but your circle of communication is different and there are serious circumstances hindering your communication.

how to decline a date Pretend that you are very busy

You can say that you have a high-risk job, have a lot to do and you don’t have even one free minute. Over time, it will bother her and she will stop pestering you. This is how to say no to a date.

Refuse politely

You can choose another tactic. You can refuse quickly and immediately. It is desirable to preserve the culture and courtesy of communication: “I like to communicate with you but we don’t fit each other”, “I don’t want any dates and relationships. I'm sorry”, “I already found a girlfriend”, “I think we do not match.”

How to say no to a second date

There is a huge number of “delicate” male ways to say no that will relieve you from annoying girls. Of course, we will talk not only about familiar girls but also about strangers from social networks or dating sites. Here are a few working strategies for turning down a date:

Pretend that you don’t understand what she wants from you

Even the most patient and persistent girls have their limits of activity. So if a girl sticks to you and hints at a relationship, there is a way that guys call “Pretend to be fool”. This method helps to turn down a date. Its essence lies in the fact that you respond to all the statements of a girl with the most naive, clean and kind words. For example, if a girl invites you to her home and hints at sex, you can tell her in detail that you need to stay with parents. Particular emphasis is placed on your desire to help your parents as they get tired after work and only you can help them.

If a girl invites you to walk, then you also can tell her that you either play with your friends and prepare for competition, or go somewhere for training, or something else. Thus, you don’t refuse a girl but tell her enthusiastically about your activities turning a topic into some nonsense. After several times, a girl understands that you just start telling her some stupid things to all her attempts to do something. But since you do this very kindly and positively, she will not be able to find any claims to you. And this is how to turn down a date.

Act like she is your best friend

This method completely duplicates the tactics of girls. It consists of friendly communication within certain limits. These frames are called friendship. The essence of the method is that you can frankly talk with a girl and discuss any topics. But when a topic begins to concern intimacy or relationships, you can say favorite girls’ phrases: “You are my best friend and it's so easy for me to communicate with you”. Then add some phrases about your ex or future girlfriend. Of course, a girl will try to overcome this friendly barrier. But if you don’t get drunk and don’t get into the unconscious state, then you will build such a strong wall quickly enough and she will not be able to get through it.

Say that you still love your ex-girlfriend

You can’t even imagine how much girls are angry at guys who constantly mention their ex-girlfriends: “Here we are with my beloved ex-girl” or “But my ex-girlfriend…”. This sensation is comparable to a punch in the rib – so unexpected and painful. The essence of this method consists in the fact that such statements attract a girl at the very beginning. She wants to prove that there are other beautiful girls and not just your ex. However, after a short time, a girl understands that your heart still belongs to another girl and leaves you looking for another victim.

Show that you are a real hard worker

You don’t want to refuse a girl and upset her but you are young now, you are striving for great achievements and completely giving yourself to study/work. Therefore, you communicate with a girl but constantly do something and are always in a hurry. And anyway, you just don’t have time for relationships and meetings with a girl. Most likely a girl will understand that you will choose work between dates with her and your work. Any girl will like this state of things.

So, how to decline a date? Most importantly you should never give a girl any hope for a relationship. She has to understand that nothing can ever happen between you. You should show that she is not interesting to you like a girl. In no case tell her compliments or show that you like her. If a young lady realizes that nothing can happen between you, she will try to forget you and this is exactly what we need.

Common mistakes in declining a date

Usually, men make 4 classic mistakes:

1. Lack of specificity

Men often try to behave politely and keep a warm relationship with a girl. But girls confuse politeness and sympathy of men with abstract hints. So, you have to speak directly, explaining how you want to see a relationship with a particular girl.

declining a date 2. Opposite behavior

You refuse a girl and wink and smile after a minute. This creates the impression that your rejection is just a joke. In this case, a girl will want to conquer your heart with double perseverance. Often such mistake is made with friends and acquaintances, like: “I want to continue our friendly relations and I choose coquetry as a way to stay in touch”.

3. Play for time

This applies not only to delaying a “serious conversation” but also to denials like “I have no time now”. Such formulations temporarily save you from excessive attention. But the situation will return to its former course later.

4. Promising actions

Such a mistake is made by men when girls don’t understand hints and polite refusals. “Why do I need to spoil relations with a person? Maybe our roads will cross and it will be of use to me. What if I like her later? It will be very difficult to establish relations after a rough refusal.” — These are wrong thoughts. Thus, you will only torture a girl.

When a girl says no to a date

Quite often, when we start new acquaintances, men expect to have fun but girls think about serious and promising relations. As a result, men, who are not in a hurry to burden themselves with family ties, try not to give hopes to girls and girls, in return, double their efforts in order to get men. What to do and how to get rid of a girl who is too intrusive? Now we will give you concrete advice on how to get girl’s date rejection.

Many men like to start a one-day relationship that doesn’t oblige to anything. But women think differently than men. For many of them, the night of love is the beginning and the base for creating a serious love relationship. As a rule, after such night, especially two or three, a girl begins to compulsively offer her communication with various calls, dates, meetings near work, and quite often girls deliberately forget their belongings in an apartment of a potential groom in order to return there allegedly for taking them back. Quite often men get tired of this but don’t know how to get rid of a girl: the slightest hint from men is perceived with hysteria; some even threaten to commit suicide.

It should be noted that there are several ways to get rid of a girl after an unsuccessful date. As a rule, such things are not forgiven even by those who are horribly in love.

Choose a noisy and crowded place for a date

If it is a nightclub or a noisy lounge zone – it is the best option. It is also very important not to clarify with a woman whether it is convenient for her to get to a meeting place, whether it is too far; and if she doesn’t like something, then postpone a visit to that place to indeterminate periods. And don’t call her, don’t remind about a date and don’t tell how passionately you wait for it.

Agree on a date and cancel it at the last minute

Let a girl know that your plans are more important for you than this date. No girl will like it. So, most likely, you will get dating rejection next time.

Talk about yourself without stopping as soon as you meet with a woman

Tell her about your ex-girlfriends, that you don’t plan to get married and that you are not ready for children. Be sure to inform her of your numerous problems. Speak only about what is interesting to you and often joke adding obscenities.

Drink alcohol

Drink cocktails in order to relax and not to feel awkward. It is best to mix several strong drinks. Then both your speech and your appearance will be unforgettable and irresistible.

Offer sex

Sex on a first date will show a girl your real intentions and that you take everything from life. So intimacy with a stranger is the norm for you. Most likely a girl will not like this! Thus, you will not even think about how to say no to the next date.

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