When we talk about casual sex, it seems to us that this is always the same thing. But in fact, casual sex is a general concept, which includes many varieties. Sometimes we want sex, because we feel the irresistible booty call, sometimes we remember that earlier one of the girlfriends was not against sex by appointment (even if now she is in a relationship), and sometimes we go to a night club to listen to our favorite DJ and in addition we get one-night stand sex.

But we have good news for you: any casual sex is subject to the same rules. We will talk about them today. Enjoy reading!


Introduction: What is Casual Sex and Casual Dating

So, let's start by understanding what does casual dating and sex mean. No, this is not just an unplanned sexual intercourse. You can even be prepared to "casual sex", it can even be planned. Do you feel that your male libido has risen to a critical point? Sexual energy requires an immediate exit? You do not need to run to the toilet with a porn magazine in your hands or nervously browse sites that offer women of the most ancient profession. Surely, you have done all this many times and you want something new. Mark on the calendar the day off when you are certain no one will disturb you with an urgent task or a family meeting. Tell your plans to your best friend, who is also a bachelor. In other case, go hunting alone - so your chances of casual sex will be even higher.

Now you are ready to go on the "hunt". The first thing you need to know: this night there is a woman near you who is looking for the same. But with women everything is a bit more complicated: often they go in search of casual sex unconsciously. You also need to do very little: find such girl among dozens of others and pull her intimate intentions outward. It sounds difficult and even frightening, but in reality everything is very simple. You always have two best friends: alcohol and charisma. And if some men have problems with the second, then alcohol can turn into a charming handsome even the most tedious misanthrope. This is not a theory, it is a fact. Axiom. Law of life. Call it whatever you want.

casual sexNow the next rule: treat casual sex as an adventure. You do not take a serious step that will determine your future destiny. You just want to have some fun, get pleasure from intimate communication with another person. It's always fun and pleasant if you clearly understand your intentions and do not complicate them with unnecessary philosophizing. If you were hammered into the head that all sorts of open relationships, and especially an intimate relationship, is the greatest moral fall, this night will show that this is not so. After a successful "hunt" for casual sex, you can send all these wise men to hell. Now in the sect named "Masturbate and Cry" there will be one adept less. Now you know what is casual dating, mate.

Are you intrigued? This makes us happy. But do not rush to plunge into the abyss of casual sex without preparation. First, learn the rules that were born from the positive and negative experiences of thousands of men. They have gone this way and made mistakes instead of you, so that you, our dear reader, can get the most out of your enterprise and not lose face.

10 Rules of Casual Dating You Should Be Aware Of

1. Control emotions or leave them at home. You know, the Japanese have a wonderful practice, which we, the representatives of Western civilization, should take from them. They ritualize everything: from food to marriage and funerals. Do you know why this is done? No, not to complicate your life and confuse unhappy European researchers who tried (in vain) to understand the secrets of the Japanese way of thinking. With the help of rituals, they set themselves up in a certain way and stifle unnecessary emotions. When everything unnecessary recedes into the background, the consciousness space is freed to obtain maximum enjoyment from the current action. Your task is to become a real Japanese for one night. Leave your experiences about failures at work or fears of the opposite sex at home. If you drag them along with you like a bag stuffed with heavy horseshoes, you absolutely will not succeed in casual sex dating.

2. Be a different version of yourself. Your brain cannot cope with what you just read? This is not surprising, it was also difficult for us to formulate a thought, but we coped. Now we will help you understand what it means to be "another version of your own self." First, do not think that we are waiting for cardinal changes in appearance or character from you. False can be revealed immediately, especially if you are not a professional actor. And women, whose sensitivity is much higher than that of men, can detect fraud at the very beginning. Even if you know each other very little and your lady did not have a chance to study your character thoroughly, she will easily determine when you will impersonate someone who is not you. But you can turn minor adjustments into the traits of your character that make up the personality. Such changes, with proper implementation, will be visible to others, but will not look out of place, like a guy in a ski suit on one of the beaches of Miami. Be more determined, unpredictable, and inventive. Take just a small step away from the script called "My Daily Life." Find non-standard solutions. Make unexpected suggestions, but in the spirit of your personality. This is what we expect of you. Here's what will help you experience a completely new feeling from casual sex dating.

3. Be a gentleman. Be a barbarian. Again a contradiction? Indeed, it is on the contradictions that a true love adventure is built. After all, straightforwardness is boring. This is something from family life, and not from the story of a budding Don Juan, who for the first time goes on the path of hunting for one night stand sex. Your trump card today is an explosive combination of courtesy, refined manners, and generosity with barbaric rigidity, some insolence with which you will examine the charms of the girl you like and the animal instinct that you, of course, skillfully disguise, but so that the ladies can see that under the fashionable dress coat there is only a loincloth from a just-killed saber-toothed tiger. Remember that the search for casual sex, as well as casual dates, is a game where only the bravest and ingenious player wins. We make it easier for you and give instructions on what to do, but the quality of implementation is only your responsibility. Did you like the girl in a chic dress sitting alone at an empty table in a restaurant? Be a gentleman. Some drunk asshole stops you from discussing high literary matters? Turn into a barbarian and tear him with your teeth. It's simple, mate.

one night stand4. Agree on everything in advance. The newcomer decides to argue with us, but any man who regularly practices casual sex or blind dating will agree that it is better to immediately dispel the unknown between you and your partner for one night. Tell her directly that your relationship will last a day, a maximum of a couple of weeks. So you avoid unnecessary headaches and leave room for speculation, which can lead to a lot of trouble. If the new girlfriend does not like it - safely say goodbye and go in search of someone who is looking for casual intimate adventures, and not a serious relationship. Try to use casual dating sites — there everyone knows what they want and there will not be any unnecessary problems.

5. Take everything you can. Did you go out in search of casual sex? And your quest was successful? Then squeeze all that is possible out of this victory. Have sex like it’s the last time you do it. Do not be afraid to hint to a partner that you do not mind trying something non-standard in bed. As our personal experience shows, casual sex partners are more relaxed than our wives or girlfriends. They are ready for anything - after all they have only one night left, and not a whole life. At the same time, do not be selfish. If you have not received an offer to stay overnight or repeat your "stormy sex" (which seemed so only to you), do not insist. This means that it's time to hide the barbarian costume away and wear a gentleman's suit. And by the way, it may sound strange, but casual sex is not limited to just having sex. You can eat sandwiches together, climb the roof of a skyscraper, even talk about your family problems - all this is an integral part of casual dates and it is thanks to such trifles that you will then remember your adventure with a pleasant tingling in the heart. You will dream of repeating this experience, but with another partner.

6. Come back home. First, at home it's safe. Secondly, there is favorite shower gel, shampoo and cold beer in the refrigerator waiting for you. When you return, go to the bathroom, relax in your favorite chair and the picture of your adventure will be fully completed. This is an important part of casual dating or casual sex, without which the sensations will be incomplete. If you decided to stay till morning with a new friend, leave her as soon as possible. Before this, arrange a meeting with a close friend. Believe us, you will spend some great hours discussing your adventures.

7. Choose your partner carefully. This is one of the most important casual dating rules. First, make sure that she is not married. Did you notice the engagement ring on her finger or on the shelf in the bathroom? Run. Her boyfriend calls every hour and even you hear him screaming? Be polite and find another beauty. Remember, you need adventure, not a broken nose and an unpleasant aftertaste in the morning. And no one will pity you if you seduce a married woman, and her angry spouse will teach you what happens when you sleep with other people's wives.

Casual-Sex8. Do not make promises. The worst thing you can do is to make promises that you are not going to fulfill. First, it's not gentlemanly. Men do not do this, even if you have not had sex for a year. Secondly, not all girls cry in a pillow when the next male will promise them love for life. Some are ready to take their own at any cost. And this means that you are in for a lot of trouble. Calls to work, harassment, angry messages on the answering machine, millions of messages on Facebook. So keep your mouth shut and do not drink too much alcohol if you do not know how to control yourself.

9. No witnesses! Passion overtook you with a hurricane force, leaving no time for the amenities? There is only one advice: beware of accidental witnesses. Park, train, cinema, car, someone else's door - it's unlikely that your behavior will surprise ordinary people, but if the law assumes responsibility for having sex in public places, it is worth knowing about it in advance. Meeting with the police will deprive you of the final link and pleasant memories, which, incidentally, is easy to endure. The most unpleasant thing is to see the hot scenes of your erotic experiments sent to the Web by random paparazzi.

10. No regrets. No matter what happened - the best sex in your life or the epic fail, which you want to quickly forget - do not harass yourself with self-examination. Do not regret or reflect - forget about self-critical attitudes imposed from childhood. Everything happened as it could. Want to get rid of memories - go on for new adventures. Want to repeat - you will get a chance.

Sum Up: Is Casual Dating for You?

Now it's time to make a responsible decision. Only by adhering to all of the above rules, you can get satisfaction from casual sex. Decide if you can follow them. Perhaps, this is not in your nature at all, and the search for casual relationships is dictated by some external factors, not your heart. The main thing: be extremely honest with yourself and the answer will not take long.

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