It's no secret that girls love attention. Choosing a gift for your sweetheart is a pleasant thing, but sometimes difficult. And if there are only a few days or hours away, this task becomes much more complicated. Don’t worry, we offer you the best ideas for last minute gifts to present your girlfriend.

Last Minute Anniversary Gifts for Her: Choose the Right One!

Last minute anniversary gifts

A good tradition for a man is to give his girlfriend a present to mark the first anniversary of their relationship. A year is just the time during which people get to know each other better, get acquainted with the advantages and disadvantages of the chosen one. Most often, if young people stay together for a year, they will continue to build their relationships. Of course, this significant occasion should be celebrated, because girls have impressive memory for events, and your loved one will be delighted if she realizes that you also remember the day of your acquaintance.

But sometimes there is a question: "What to present a girl for the anniversary?" The choice of a gift depends on the character of your beloved, her hobbies and interests, but in any case, you can give her a bouquet of flowers, and in addition to it - a nice surprise. Consider some ideas of last minute anniversary gifts for her, on the basis of which you can make a final decision.

Make something with your own hands

This option is ideal for those who know how to make crafts from various materials. If you have a good knowledge of the technique of pyrography and woodwork skills, you can make an original jewelry box, decorating it with a pattern. A good gift will be a hand-made interior feature, for example, a beautiful lamp. Household girls who love to cook will be pleased with a shelf for kitchen utensils or a cutting board, a good bookshelf is suitable for book lovers.

Take her out

  • The anniversary of relations is your common holiday, so going to a good restaurant will be an excellent gift. Or organize a joint celebration of the anniversary at home.
  • A bottle of wine, snacks, dessert, romantic music and candles - all this will tell her about your feelings better than any gift. It’s in an intimate and romantic atmosphere that you can say your beloved the most important words.
  • Do you want to celebrate the anniversary with a flavor of debauchery? Rent a hotel room and invite your loved one with the help of a secret note.
  • And of course the most memorable gift for the anniversary will be a marriage proposal. But this is an idea for the bravest men.

Last Minute Anniversary Gifts for Her: Choose the Right One!

Traditional gift

One of the traditional gifts that young people can present to each other is perfume. Good perfume allows nobody to stay indifferent, usually people like to get a pleasantly smelling surprise. But all the same there are cases when this particular aroma may not suit a person. Therefore, when purchasing perfume compositions, you should focus on the scents that your girlfriend has used before.

Jewellery will be the perfect option for people who love traditions. It can be all you want - a ring, bracelet, earrings, pendant, or chain.

Make an original surprise

Some men solve the problem of what to give the girl for the anniversary in a very original way. They invite her to some exotic place where she has never been before. Here

the main thing is to take into account the peculiarities of the lifestyle of your chosen one and her physical abilities.

There are active representatives of the fair sex who go in for sports and drive a motorcycle through the night city, and there are some who are afraid of even a mouse accidentally running into the room. Therefore, before offering a girl an extreme pastime, you should appreciate her readiness for such surprises.

Here are a few places where you can go with a hotshot, brave woman:

  • Air club, where you can bale out or go up in the balloon;
  • Go hiking and camping in the wild;
  • Carting;
  • Jeeping along a heavy-going mountain road;
  • Travel by private car to unknown places.

If your girl is more quiet and homely, you can simply invite her to any romantic trip or one-day excursion, depending on the availability of money and time.

Last minute Valentine's Day gifts for her

St. Valentine's Day is the most romantic holiday in the year. Therefore, a gift for your beloved should be appropriate. We offer you last minute Valentine's Day gifts for her, which will show how much you love her.

Heart-shaped magnetic board

The new form of the fridge magnetic board is designed to increase the number of daily love confessions by 100 times! It was designed specifically to write pleasantness to each other right on your own fridge, draw beautiful things and write down something important.

Romantic dinner

Who said that it must necessarily be a banal trip to the restaurant (although this option is generally not bad)? If you want to be original and probably surprise your beloved, cook dinner by yourself. If your relationship has just begun, try to find out about her culinary preferences.

Pop art portrait

Stylish pop art portrait of the photo is a wonderful and original gift for your beloved. The portrait in turn can be done in different designs. A bright and modern picture is a worthy decoration of any interior. Also it will lend new cheerful colors to the house.

Plaid for two

This is a gift from the series "mimimi". But it will show your girlfriend that you treat her with tenderness. And in general it's very cozy to watch romantic films on cold winter evenings, wrapping up together in a paired plaid with sleeves.

Chocolate body wrap

Chocolate body wrap has a soothing and relaxing effect. In addition, it positively affects the skin, removes harmful toxins and liquid from the body. The procedure consists of three stages: peeling, wrapping, applying a cream mask. Every girl will be delighted with such a gift!

Cartoon figurine by photo

This is perhaps one of the most original Valentine’s gifts for her in our collection. Almost 100% of the doll's resemblance to the original photograph won’t leave your loved one indifferent. In addition to the appearance of your girlfriend, you can reflect in the figurine her hobby or professional activity.

A set of chocolates

The most unmistakable option for a gift for a woman is chocolate sweets. It’s impossible to resist their refined taste, elegant design and delicate aroma. In addition, this is another way to remind your girlfriend how much you love her.

Delicacies and delicious spirits

Last Minute Anniversary Gifts for Her: Choose the Right One!

It isn’t the simplest gift, however, one of the most pleasant and unexpected. A bottle of good liquor is a great gift for any home. Also you can give your girlfriend some rare delicacy and arrange a romantic dinner in a quiet cozy atmosphere.

Last minute birthday gifts

Choosing a good gift for a girlfriend on her main day of the year is a difficult task for many men. If time is running out for you, but you are still breaking your head over what to give to your beloved, we race to rescue and offer some wonderful ideas for a last minute gift.

A few days of rest in a luxury hotel by the sea

Your girlfriend deserves chic surprises. The fact is that practical things can be obtained from relatives, in particular from parents, but only you can brighten her birthday. Such a zest can be a trip for a couple of days to a seaside resort. And the difference of such a trip is that you won’t live in an ordinary apartment, but in a beautiful hotel, the windows of which overlook the shore of the sea.

Smart watch

This accessory calculates the steps, calories and gives advice on the intensity of training. In addition, it will replace an organizer. Therefore, smart watch is an indispensable gadget for a modern active girl.


If you plan not only to surprise, but even shock your loved one, then you can offer such an unexpected surprise like a parachute jump. This idea should be offered if your girlfriend likes risk and active rest.

Day spa

It’s important for a woman how she looks, but, most women don’t often can afford expensive procedures conducted by professionals. It will be a gift not only for her, but for you, because a rested and pretty wife in high feather always looks good to the eye.


Your girlfriend will be especially pleased with tender and small pets, such as hamsters, chinchillas, cats and rabbits. In principle, any animals "in infancy" are always cute, so you can safely give her even puppies that in the future will grow up to be real defenders of their owner.

Last minute Christmas gifts

If for one reason or another you didn’t prepare a gift for your girlfriend, and Christmas is already at hand, don’t worry - you still have a chance to surprise her with a nice last minute gift. We have compiled for you a list of sure options that you can buy right now.

Thermal mug

Winter is always cold. It is for this reason that everyone wants warmth and comfort more than usual. A thermo mug keeps the adequate temperature of the warming drink and warms your girl even in the coldest weather.

Beauty appliances

If your girl does all the cosmetic procedures on her own, then she will definitely like beauty appliances. One of the variants of such beauty gadgets is a curling iron, which automatically tightens a strand of hair and forms a perfect curl in a few seconds.

You can also buy a set for a hardware manicure, which includes several nozzles, which differ in shape and surface structure. Another popular beauty invention is an electric brush for cleansing facial skin. The device deeply and delicately rinses out the remains of cosmetics and other types of impurities.


There are two options: either choose sexy silky-lacy pajamas for a seductive girl or present her warm and cozy clothes for sleep. The choice depends on the tastes and character of your significant other.


At first glance, a book may seem like a banal idea for a gift. However, now the market has such a large selection of books by famous authors that they certainly aren’t shameful to present as a gift.

Funny house slippers

Every woman knows that when you come home and take off the heels, you are in seventh heaven. Let your girlfriend be stupefied of the comfort in new soft slippers that you will give her for Christmas. And to amuse her, buy funny slippers with muzzles of animals.

Last minute wedding gifts

Last Minute Anniversary Gifts for Her: Choose the Right One!

Wedding is an event that all the girls are waiting for. Therefore, you should select a gift with a great care. There is a list of useful gifts that newlyweds exactly like. Stylish things for the interior

The atmosphere of comfort in the house is always created by details. Therefore, we suggest you to make a contribution to the design of the family nest and make a present that seems to you the most appropriate. For example, it can be home textiles, a flower bowl, lamp or console mirror. Certificate for household appliances

Instead of a toaster or multicooker, give a certificate to the shop of household appliances. It's much more convenient. You don’t have to carry a big box on the celebration, and they won’t have to think about what to do with three coffee makers. Let the couple choose and get what they need.


This is a universal gift, which is exactly needful for each and every one. Money never goes amiss, especially in a young family, which probably has a lot of grandiose plans. This is really one of the best last minute gifts.


Vivid emotions are no less important than material values. Choose what exactly will please the bride and groom: a parachute jump, paraglider flight or spa for two. You will present not only new sensations, but also memories for many years.

Practical gift

Think about how the couple usually spend their weekend. If they love barbecue in the out-of-doors, give a grill. If they constantly go hiking, buy a new cool tent. Prefer to stay at home - look for woolen rugs. Such a gift is guaranteed to come in handy.

Collectible expensive spirits

Of course, this gift is appropriate only provided that none of the newlyweds is a vocal opponent of alcohol. If you can afford the high expenses, give them a few different drinks for special occasions.

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