Are you both young, ambitious and don’t really want to burden yourselves with serious relationships with all consequences? And maybe it’s just sex for one of you, but your partner dreams about making “bed” relationships grow into something bigger? Regardless of which category of lovers you belong to, you will probably be interested to know that, according to statistics, a sexual relationship has every chance to grow into some serious feeling. Do you want to know how to do it right?

what to text a girl after a one night stand

Introduction: does she want a relationship after a one night stand?

A one night stand can be different. The problem is that we get used to putting different meanings in the same word. The expression “sex without obligations” in the women’s vocabulary can have a completely different definition than in the man’s one. Sudden sexual attraction can test the representatives of both sexes. Some people have an amazing ability to recognize the “right” person among the crowd and spend a wonderful night together. After that, partners don’t regret anything but go in different directions, most likely, never meeting again. It is an obvious thing in our time, because, as they say, good sex is not a reason for dating.

Modern young people are not inclined to long courtship. Partners often find themselves in one bed immediately after the first date. But mostly, after such sex, the question of whether there can be a relationship comes in people’s minds. And even if a woman talks about her positive attitude towards free love, in fact, she really cares what a man thinks about her, and she has thoughts whether a relationship is possible after a one night stand. So, what are the signs a girl wants a relationship and not a one night stand?

She wants to repeat it again and again

After sex, a girl doesn’t want to continue a relationship only in one case: if she didn’t like it. If she hurriedly puts on her clothes, leaves your apartment and says “I will call you!”, then this is not a very good sign. And if she doesn’t want to let you go and kisses you from top to toe, then you are not threatened to be rejected. Most likely, a lady who liked a one night stand would look for meetings by herself.

She becomes scattered

This can be the first sign of love. A girl who was attentive suddenly became absent-minded. She may forget many things. And most often it happens in the presence of the object of love.

She is very emotional

A girl who wants to start a relationship after a one night stand becomes too emotional. She can smile endlessly, even if nothing happens or, on the contrary, she can fall into depression, often cry, be sad and thoughtful (most often it happens if love is unrequited).

She wants to change something in her appearance

If a girl wants to start dating after a one night stand, she will try to make everything in her image perfect. For example, lovers of jeans, most likely, will replace them with mini-skirts and dresses. In general, if a woman tries to look more feminine and everything becomes perfect in her, then know – she fell in love with you.

one night stand vs relationship materialShe becomes jealous

Jealousy is also a sign of a girl in love. If a girl falls in love, she always wants to be unique for her partner. That’s why she begins to be jealous of him. It is important to catch the attempts of a lady in time and protect oneself from the potential danger – other women. And don’t give her so many reasons to be jealous of you if you also want to have a relationship with her.

She laughs at your jokes

If it is so, then she is in love with you. You know that women love with their ears. Therefore, it is very important for them that partners have a good sense of humor and can cheer up their ladies at the right moment. Remember, if a girl laughs even at a stupid joke, then she likes you.

She touches you often

This point is especially important. A girl will never touch a person whom she doesn’t like. If she accidentally touches your hands, legs or body, then there is love. Maybe she just wants to have at least some contact after a one night stand.

She asks for help

A girl can ask you to help in order to attract your attention. She can have problems with a computer, a smartphone, etc. She will find any excuse to get you out and show how much she needs you.

She looks at you with sparkling eyes

Loving eyes of a girl can’t be confused with anything. That love and sincerity, with which a lady looks at the object of love, are indescribable. If you have a chance to become a favorite, try not to miss it. After all, a woman in love can create a heaven on earth for her loved one.

And what if the night of love showed that she is your person? In this case, forget all prejudices and enjoy each other. If you are two halves of one whole, no advice is needed. You yourself will feel an invisible connection (not only the physical but also the spiritual one)!

What to text a girl after a one night stand

Depending on what your future plans for a lady are, you need to think about the content of the text message. When writing the first message to a girl with whom you had a one night stand, you can use the following examples:

  • “Hi, babe! Did you manage to get acquainted with other interesting guys yesterday?:))”
  • “Listen, girl, I’ve been thinking about our accidental meeting... And are you always so friendly with strangers?"
  • "Pretty woman, are you always such a cutie with guys at random acquaintance in a club/cinema/park?"

Don’t forget to sign the message. Otherwise, there is a chance to get “Who are you?” as a response. But if you did everything right and your sex was amazing, then a girl would experience an emotional reaction from your message. Most likely, she will communicate with pleasure.

Can you turn a one night stand into a serious relationship and how?

Now, put up your hands those who had one night stands? Yes, most likely, most of us had. We are not saints. Now put up your hand those who wanted to turn them into serious relationships? We are sure that almost everyone. A one night stand is not so bad as it seems. It allows us to have fun, feel attractive, stop feeling lonely for at least one night. For someone, such sex is the only way to communicate with the opposite sex (there are people who are afraid of serious relationships). But sometimes it outgrows in love.

So, can a one night stand turn into a relationship? According to the research conducted in Western countries, 93% of women are ready to have a one night stand right after the first meeting. Thanks to social networks, smartphones, numerous dating sites, and applications, it is much easier than ever to find a partner for sex. But sometimes it happens that a person, with whom you planned to have only sex, becomes important to you. 43 percent of men admitted that when they had sex for one night, they did it with the intention of creating a strong and loving relationship. Although they try to hide their feelings, the fact remains – it’s hard to engage in sex without emotions. After sexual intercourse, the body releases the pleasure hormone, which forms a kind of emotional attachment, even if both sides observe a certain distance. Therefore, the possibility that sex for one night can grow into a serious loving relationship is very high.

How to start a relationship with a girl after sex?

relationship sex vs one night stand1. Don’t rush things

How to turn a one night stand into a relationship? After having sex, start a relationship very carefully. There is no need to clearly show your need for a girl, even if she suits you 100% and is perfect.

2. Periodically meet with a girl

Not always for the sake of sex. You should have romantic meetings. Thus, you can determine how it is to be with her when you are together. You know, earlier, men said such phrases: “Would you be my girlfriend?” or “Let’s start dating?” Today it is not relevant and stupid. Yes, there are men that do this. But it is funny and sad at the same time. No formal proposals are needed. Everything should be natural.

3. Having had sex with a girl, don’t lose contact with her

If you understand that you want to have a relationship after a one night stand, try not to lose connection with a girl. Communicate by phone and in real life, ask her out on a date, etc. Do it not too often but gradually increase the frequency of meetings.

4. Have sex after two or three dates

And if you see that a girl doesn’t run away and she wants to be with you as well, then she is also not against a relationship. Can a one night stand become a relationship? Yes, yes, and yes. Continuing to meet in this way, you will get closer and no words will be needed. Her eyes, kisses, passionate feelings will say everything to you. A relationship will begin to develop.

Relationship sex vs. one night stand sex: what’s the major difference

Here are many differences between the concepts of relationship sex vs a one night stand. We will try to prove that relationship sex is much better.

1. You know each other

It is assumed that you have been together for some time and this wasn’t sex for one night. You trust each other to some extent. You have already caressed each other and know how to please the partner, and most importantly, both of you want to do it!

2. You begin foreplay with flirting

It is this period when you don’t have “real sex” yet, but there are sparks between you and the best prelude to sex. After all, you just get excited by her admiring look... And it’s wonderful!

3. A woman can experience a more powerful orgasm

After all, girls’ physiology is directly related to psychology. They can have fun only with completely trusted partners (and this is hardly possible with an unfamiliar man).

4. You turn on your emotions

This is not pure selfish physics. This is emotional closeness, the kinship of souls, the connection of bodies... And this inexpressible feeling strengthens your pleasure hundredfold!

5. You try to bring pleasure to your partner and she does it in return

Relationship vs one-night stand… What to choose? Look, when we have a one night stand, we are only ready to receive. When we have sex in a relationship, we want to give as much as possible. And we do it not just for something. Thus, we give ourselves to our loved women and try to make them feel good.

6. There is strong chemistry between people in love

Sparks between you mean everything! Can you compare a one night stand with this? Feeling of love strengthens both attraction and pleasure, transforming your body and body of the partner into one continuous erogenous zone. So, relationship vs one night stand? Hope you will make the right choice.

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