Nowadays, time is running so fast that a strong relationship may not be a boon but a real challenge for an ambitious and self-confident person. After all, everyone understands that a family or at least monogamy is always a great work on oneself and others, and it takes time. If you have just graduated from the university, then it will be difficult to follow this path. After all, the desires and goals that you have had since the youth, can turn into a bubble that would remind you only that you have not succeeded and achieved what you have been dreaming about for all your life. You face different challenges all the time, attaching special importance to your sex life, and at such moments, a relationship without obligations seems to be an excellent solution to the problem.

having multiple sex partners

What is it like to have multiple sex partners?

We live in a new century, we learn about ourselves more carefully and spend our leisure in a different way. Everything has changed over the last hundred years, and it seems that the world has turned upside down. It is real happiness that men do not have to run in the woods with homemade weapons, and they can devote time to caring for their beard or having multiple sex partners. A woman is not obliged to have a husband and children by the age of thirty. A man does not have to work with his hands or hide tears to be considered a man. We definitely live in a better time.

However, the society always wants to seem more moral than it really is. Hence the opinion that sex with multiple partners is a game for fools who believe in magical unicorns. This is, of course, at best. Perhaps, the desire of most people to position themselves in terms of traditional ideas about sexual activity is an attempt to find high meanings that don't exist.

The passage of time. Sometimes, we do not have time to do what we have planned for tomorrow. And when you start a new relationship, then you have even less time. This is not a problem. There are just great obligations that you cannot assess immediately without certain experience and knowledge of psychology. For this reason, sometimes, you are not able to understand your requests and desires completely. You don’t know what you want, you are afraid that you are not ready for a serious relationship, and in this case, sex with multiple people seems to be a kind of medicine, a way to understand yourself.

A simple attitude towards sex. Sometimes, sex is just sex and nothing more. It's like drinking a glass of wine before going to bed, getting your portion of pleasure in order to conquer the world with new strength. You can even meet with multiple sex partners in one day, and it’s okay. In the open relationship, you do not excruciate the mind with cares, you do not destroy lives and kill your potential. Sex with multiple partners serves as simple entertainment that will make your life brighter. If you need that, then you should not start a serious relationship ahead of time.

An open relationship. An open relationship is always a result of the agreement between the two people that they do not burden each other with mutual obligations and have the right to have sex with multiple partners. They can get a new sexual partner at any time without leaving the previous one, and it's not even considered to be cheating and a reason for a scandal.

An open relationship is a good alternative for those who are not ready to create a family in the near future, to have children, but who need communication and sex with different people. having multiple sex partnersTo summarize, in everyday life, an open relationship is the relationship of two lovers who are ready to spend time with each other, share intimate parts of their thoughts, but who don’t want to belong to another person hundred percent. There are so many different people for having sex to choose just one.

Multiple sex partners: rules and advice

A truly harmonious relationship with multiple sex partners can be built only if you meet the following rules and advice. Every kind of a relationship exists within certain rules that should be observed.

Respect each other and don’t limit freedom. You should understand that to have the right and the opportunity and to do something are two different things. Even if it is just a one-night stand, and you will not meet this girl again, this is not the reason to forget about respect. And if you have a comparatively regular partner, but you have sex with other women as well, don’t forbid your woman to meet with other men. You should be ready to share your partner. Many men like an open relationship, while their regular partner does not have anyone else. Jealousy and a sense of ownership can destroy everything. An open relationship should be for both of you. Women having sex with multiple men have the same rights as men.

Remember about the priority of the partner. The open relationship makes it possible to have sex with multiple partners, but you should remember that there is a regular partner who needs your attention in the first place. You can spend time with other women only if it does make the main one uncomfortable. Otherwise, you shouldn’t have a regular partner.

Do not play games, having multiple sex partners. If you want to have sex with multiple women, you should practice open communication instead of manipulative games with other people's feelings. In general, honesty has a wonderful property to clarify everything. The more biased emotions, tricks, and manipulations you make, the larger and more intricate web of mutual misunderstanding and mistrust you have.

Forget about unprotected sex. Unprotected sex with multiple partners is the worst idea that you have ever had. The risks are too high, and the consequences can be fatal. In addition to unpleasant and common venereal diseases that can affect your potency as well as cause tears and wild cries when urinating, there is a risk of contracting AIDS, and it is not a joke. This disease has taken many lives, and it will be incredibly offensive to die because you have not used condoms. Do you think your knowledge of sex is so good that you can easily determine whether the girl is healthy or not? There are so many diseases that have different symptoms, and you can find out about their presence only by testing, so this is not the best idea. A pack of condoms should be your permanent companion that will help protect you at the most important moment.

Advantages and drawbacks of having multiple sex partners

So, is it worth having multiple sex partners? Are you ready for an open relationship? Or is it better to focus on the traditional relationship between a man and a woman? To determine the final answer to these questions, let’s look at the advantages and drawbacks of such a relationship.

The main advantages:

1. You don’t need to lie. Mutual honesty brings people together. There are no lies and tricks between such partners. People frankly tell each other everything that happens to them both emotionally and physically, and this makes them truly close.

2. You have a change of pace. Sometimes, you want something new. Sex with one partner can be boring and annoying. So, there are no restrictions in the open relationship. You can enjoy a one-night stand or just have several partners. You can get double or even triple pleasure and variety. Basically, it's a desire to have sex with multiple partners that motivates people to agree to an open relationship.

3. You have freedom of action. In addition to freedom in sex, you get complete freedom of action. You can spend your time just as you like. No one will accuse you of the fact that you give little time or almost never come home. After all, an open relationship is the absence of any claims.

women with multiple sex partners The main drawbacks:

1. You can waste time. The open relationship looks good only at first. Over time, you can realize that you are not ready for it at all. However, it will be very difficult to change the situation. Even if two partners decide to live exclusively with each other, there will be an invisible presence of other people. Besides, people become emotionally close to someone over the years, they become attached to the very one person. So, at some point, you can suddenly understand that, in fact, you have wasted time, and that you need only the only girl.

2. You can face social pressure. Is having multiple sex partners bad? Our modern and quite progressive society does not still approve of such relationship and condemns it in every possible way, considering it an excessive emancipation. So, if you make bold moves and decide on it, then get ready to hear the disapproval of the relatives and friends. Since this model of communication does not imply the creation of a family and the birth of children, this censure can be very tough. After all, not everyone can understand how to build an open relationship right. However, the situation is even worse with women with multiple sex partners because people can call hard names, talking about them.

3. Such relationship has a short duration. Each partner needs to be ready for the fact that one of them will want something bigger sooner or later, and another one will not agree, and this will cause disappointment. It is necessary to be aware of it right away and not to hope that the situation will change later.

4. You should be a self-sufficient person. It is necessary to be a very strong person because it is not enough to accept the rules of the game, you should live 24 hours a day by the rules. You should understand that there are some effects of multiple sex partners, and you will hardly like all of them.

5. You have to forget about your true feelings. All people are egoists and proprietors by their nature. The closeness of a partner with a third person may eventually cease to amuse. Your open relationship can be filled with jealousy that will destructively act on both of you.

6. You have more chances to get infected. People who have sex with multiple partners have more chances to get infected, especially if they decide to ignore necessary protection.

So, what about the happy end?

Many guys seriously believe that personal freedom is much more important than love and that it even means love. They think that they are extremely tolerant and very respectful of all their partners. However, in fact, everything happens differently. The open relationship ends at times faster than a normal one. Why is it so? It may sound strange, but mechanical sex does not exist. Even if you buy it for money. Sex is the best way to create an attraction between two people. If you do it again, then you may create a sense of dependence on each other. People need not just a partner but a person who can be given a lot of attention. They need a like-minded person in whom they will be interested from all possible sides. Therefore, the open relationship is realizable only if the naked body of the partner does not cause any emotion at all. Like a closet, for example.

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