What is testosterone? This is a hormone that plays a huge role in the male body. It is very important to maintain a good level of this hormone, despite the age. If a man adheres to a rational diet and a healthy lifestyle, he will be able to fully achieve the normal level of the male hormone. This will prolong youth and improve the general condition of the body. Low testosterone in men is actually harmful. Unfortunately, the lack of testosterone in men is a very common problem. Increasingly, people notice that due to a poor lifestyle, men begin to age much faster than they should. And this is because of the low level of testosterone. Let’s find out how exactly this hormone affects a man and how to behave properly when there is a lack of testosterone.

how to increase testosterone naturally

Low Testosterone in Men: Causes and Outcomes

What does testosterone do? This hormone is responsible for those properties of a man’s body that make him different from women in biological terms. Doctors say that at least 15% of men under the age of 50 experience a lack of a male hormone, and their number is constantly growing. Experts identify several factors affecting its level.


During life, testosterone in men is produced unevenly. The hormone reaches peak values by the age of 18. In 30-year-old men, the synthesis of this hormone gradually begins to decrease. And when a man reaches the age of 50, his body produces this hormone in very small quantities.


Testosterone levels decrease in men who don’t eat healthy food. The hormonal background is negatively affected by the excessive use of the following products: strong alcohol, beer, sweet soda, drinks with a high content of caffeine (coffee, energy drinks), fatty and salty foods - this is what can’t be called testosterone boosting foods. Also, harmful habits (alcoholism, smoking, drug addiction) and constant stress affect testosterone. Nervous tension caused by difficult life circumstances and monetary difficulties provokes the synthesis of stress hormones – adrenaline and cortisol. A high level of these substances in the body for a long time has a depressing effect on the function of testosterone production.


Some diseases are a violation of the production of sex hormones. Some men suffer from congenital defects, manifested by the underdevelopment of the primary sexual characteristics, while the amount of testosterone is within the normal range, but the hormone can’t affect the cells. Testosterone synthesis is significantly reduced in somatic diseases such as ischemia, atherosclerosis, hypertension, prostatitis, and diabetes. Sometimes testosterone is synthesized in insufficient quantities due to violations in the organs of the internal secretion. Inflammatory processes due to infections and mechanical damage to the scrotum increase the risk of reducing testosterone. The level of hormones can be influenced not by the disease itself but by the treatment associated with it. The use of certain drugs can artificially block its production.

Sleep deprivation

A lot of men are familiar with the state of morning erection. This happens due to the fact that testosterone is at the highest level in the morning. At night, when a man is sleeping, this hormone accumulates in the body. And in the morning, he can see the consequences of this phenomenon.

Environmental pollution

Present-day environment intoxicates our bodies with different harmful substances that negatively affect testosterone levels. The exhaust gases from cars affect its condition the most. Observations of scientists have proven that men who work at gas stations have a very low level of testosterone. But those cosmetic products that we use at home – shower gels, shaving foam, soaps, etc. contain substances such as bisphenols which also contributes to lowering the level of the hormone.

testosterone boostersWhat Are the Consequences of Low Testosterone?

In some pathologies, insufficient testosterone production is due to genetics. As for sexually mature men, the results of low testosterone are:

  • Impotence;
  • Irritability, loss of interest in life, depressive state;
  • Bad mood, fatigue, lethargy;
  • Brittleness and weakness of the bones, disturbances in the work of the musculoskeletal system, caused by a lack of calcium;
  • Slowing hair growth, baldness;
  • Deterioration of metabolism, weight gain;
  • Growth of mammary glands;
  • Symptoms that look like menopause in women – sweating, dizziness, sensations, when suddenly throws into a fever.

Symptoms of Low Testosterone in Men

So, for men, testosterone plays a huge role in life. By influencing the growth and development of the genital organs, the level of libido, sexual capabilities, social and physical activity, testosterone is able to turn a man into a superhero who can do everything. Happy fatherhood, high-quality sex life, willpower, and muscle power – it all depends on the level of testosterone.

Accordingly, the appearance of signs of a decrease in testosterone in the blood indicates alarming changes in the body. Of course, it is impossible to independently assess the concentration of testosterone. However, testosterone has a strong effect on the body that can be easily noticed. Here are the signs of low testosterone in men:

  • A man stops experiencing sexual desire or notices his temporary absence.
  • The number of erections decreases, their quality suffers.
  • Sex acts don’t bring the same pleasure and don’t last as long as before.
  • A man becomes sad for no apparent reason, and the level of irritability increases.
  • The processes of urination increase but become less pronounced.
  • Physical weakness, the impossibility to perform actions without significant effort that previously didn’t cause difficulties (for example, lift weights, run, etc.).
  • Memory worsens, absent-mindedness appears, thought processes require great effort and time. Impaired cognitive functions are caused by the fact that testosterone also affects mental activity.
  • Poor sleep, constant fatigue, general malaise.

As you can see, testosterone can worsen the quality of life of any man if you don’t consult a doctor in time. With age, any man is subject to the natural process of reducing testosterone production. The biological clock can’t be stopped, aging applies to many body systems, including the condition of the testicles, hypothalamus, pituitary, which secrete and activate testosterone. However, testosterone levels tend to decline slowly, and in old age, a man hardly expects to be as alert and energetic as he was at twenty. However, if noticeable symptoms of a decrease in testosterone level appear before the age of 50, you should go to a doctor and undergo a medical examination. Only a specialist will be able to assess the situation. Knowing what the signs of low testosterone look like, a man can pay attention to them and go to an andrologist with a problem.

How to Increase Testosterone?

Many men are concerned about how to increase testosterone in natural ways. After all, this hormone is rightly associated with male attractiveness and sexuality. The level of its content in the body affects the mood and behavior of a man. Despite the fact that all legitimate and effective testosterone supplements on the market are made from various herbs and ingredients that are safe for the body, there are other ways to increase the level of this hormone, while avoiding taking supplements. So, how to increase testosterone naturally?

Do sports

Sport is the best testosterone booster. Those, who regularly do sports, as a rule, don’t face problems with testosterone. Exercises that develop different muscle groups of the body increase it. Training has to be intensive, but there is no need to spend a lot of time on it. The most important thing here is to do everything in moderation. Otherwise, the brain will perceive your training as stress. Because of this, “bad” hormone cortisol can be produced. It is enough to do sports for about an hour a day to increase the production of testosterone.

Improve nutrition

To understand how to increase testosterone in men in natural ways, you need to pay attention to your daily diet. There are products that lower the level of testosterone. Regarding hormone levels, nutrition plays an important role in your body’s ability to produce them. This means that nutrition can directly affect hormones. Constant overeating or dieting for fat loss has a strong effect on your body’s ability to produce various hormones and, as a result, can disrupt testosterone levels.

how to boost testosterone naturallyConsume cholesterol, zinc, vitamins C and B

Most nutritionists recommend replacing some types of meat with fish because, in their opinion, it contains the minimum amount of “bad” cholesterol. Therefore, include foods that don’t contain it in your diet (foods that boost testosterone are fish, liver, eggs, caviar, milk, etc.). You can also increase the body’s hormone level with the help of zinc. Zinc can be found in pork liver, pine nuts, cheese, beef, legumes, cereals, and vegetables in large quantities. What else can increase the level of this hormone in men? You should eat foods that contain easily digestible fats, essential amino acids, and vitamins C and B that neutralize estrogen.

Drink water

How to naturally increase testosterone? Drink enough water! You must drink at least 2 liters of water per day. In addition to alcohol, you have to reduce the amount of coffee you drink. Otherwise, if you drink too much coffee, be ready for the fact that the level of testosterone will be significantly reduced.

Reduce the level of stress

The life of a modern person is subject to stress at work, on the street, at home. As a result, a man doesn’t even think that the testosterone in his blood has greatly decreased due to irritability and nervous tension. Life in stress provokes the production of cortisol (stress hormone), which suppresses the action of testosterone. So, what to do? It is necessary to do breathing exercises or yoga, drink tinctures and green tea.

Have enough sleep

It is hard to believe, but you can naturally increase testosterone when sleeping. It turns out that the body produces most of the sex hormones during the deep sleep phase. That is why men who suffer from chronic sleep deprivation are more susceptible to stress and are more likely to encounter problems in intimate life. You should sleep 7-8 hours a day. This is how to boost testosterone naturally.

Regular sex life

Testosterone and potency are interrelated. Sexual intercourse doesn’t affect the production of androgen, but the content of the male hormone in the blood drops sharply after 6-day abstinence. So, you should have regular sex. Any communication with women and viewing men’s magazines and candid videos are also good testosterone boosters.

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