Imagine that you can always tell who likes you and make the best first impression every time you talk to someone. Or convince people that you feel more than confident in talking with them, no matter how worried you really are. Sounds like some kind of superpower, right? Luckily, anyone can master it, and you’re no exception. The name of this superpower is body language. Let's say you meet someone you like, but you’re still too far away from saying hello to them. You desperately want to attract attention but don’t know how. Why not try to flirt with body language?

During live communication, 80% of how people perceive us is based on body language, and only 20% come from the words we speak. If you’ve got any problems with single ladies for dating, think about it, what if the reason is in how your body behaves? Whatever pickup likes you come up with, the body will always reveal your complexes and stiffness. Maybe, instead of actual words, you should focus on the words of your body that will translate self-confidence? Let’s dig deeper into body language and figure out how to flirt with it.

how to attract women with body language

What is body language?

The first thing we need to understand a person and objectively evaluate the truth of their words it to pay close attention to their gestures and facial expressions. Our subconscious strictly censors what our communicators say. That’s why words are often worth nothing. But body language can’t hide true emotions and feelings, as it’s quite difficult to control them. To suppress unconscious impulses that come in the form of gestures and facial expressions, the level of self-control must be incredible. Most people can’t cope with themselves, so the body quickly blows all the secrets.

Body language is a set of messages that people exchange with each other through gestures, facial expressions, and expressive movements. It’s a form of non-verbal communication. If you watch carefully, you’ll find out much more about your companion than they would ever say. For instance:

  • A person in defense often stands in a closed position, with crossed arms and straight legs;
  • When a person leans back from you during a conversation, they probably don’t trust you or don’t consider you an interesting interlocutor;
  • Touching your nose, you tell that you doubt something.

Understanding such signals, you can easily learn how to flirt with body language.

The art of reading gestures and expressions isn’t about body features that show the individual characteristics of a person or their potential. Body language doesn’t always translate what’s happening in a person’s mind, and often, it’s just a cultural or social convention. The science of body language is the science of non-verbal communication. About how, observing a person’s body and gestures, we can unravel what they’re hiding from us, or how to use a body to communicate without actually saying anything. You never know where and when this skill might come in handy. You can use it at work, in a bar when flirting with a cute waitress, or even when surfing dating sites to find women for a sweet, relaxing conversation in the video chat.

How to correctly interpret body language

So, the body can speak, and the body language is a handy way to transmit 80% of the “encrypted” information. That is, with the right combination of non-verbal signs, you can easily tell how sincere your companion is and recognize some types of flirting signals. All that’s left is to learn how to read them. There are four groups of gestures you must distinguish before making any progress:

  • how to flirt with body language for guysAll expressive movements, such as gestures, facial expressions, gait, and body position;
  • Certain tactile movements, such as hugs, handshakes, patting on the shoulder, touching, and kissing;
  • Eye contact, namely, its duration and orientation;
  • Various spatial movements, like the distance during communication, orientation, and many other movements.

It’s impossible to interpret the sparking feelings of your interlocutor by one specific gesture because for an accurate determination, you need to carefully analyze several groups and take a person’s physical and psychological state into account. If you’re willing to learn how to attract women with body language, you must perfectly master the ability to understand the first two groups of non-verbal gestures.

Basic components of body language

Most key communicative gestures, like human facial expressions, don’t differ much around the world. If you’re happy and contented, you smile; if you’re in sorrow, you frown; people in a fit of rage and anger also have distinctive facial expressions. The clearest example of a universally accepted gesture is a shrug. It’s common in all nations and means misunderstanding. Here are some other examples.

Eye contact

It shows your attentiveness, disposition, and sympathy. If the companion doesn’t look at you all the time, they may uncertain or just shy. Eye contact can tell a lot about a person’s feelings towards you. A special role here goes to the movements of the pupils, their size (dilated or not), as well as facial expressions around the eyes.


Among all women's body language signs, this one always stands out. You don’t need to be a professional psychologist to tell that when someone smiles at you, they like you. Be sincere and smile – this is the best way to win over a person and reduce stress during a conversation.


Smiles can be genuine and false, and lips will always tell when your partner is faking. Characteristic signs of a sincere smile are lifted corners of the mouth and the wrinkles around the eyes. A fake smile usually looks crooked and asynchronous. By the way, a bitten lip doesn’t mean that a companion wants you. They may just want to say something but are embarrassed to do it.


The main informative load is always on the eyebrows. This little detail can help you understand what kind of person is sitting next to you, whether they’re friendly, and how to approach them. Eyebrows can also tell you whether the person is surprised or just doesn’t understand what you’re talking about.


A girl twisting her hair very confidently is also one of the main female body language signs, which means she’s flirting and ready to conquer your heart. She knows how to surprise, and the smoothness of her movements hides a challenge to you.

Poses and posture

The total number of various poses the human body can strike reaches 1,000. The main semantic content of the pose is in how a person stands in front of their communicator. This indicates how interested your companion is in the conversation. If they don’t mind having a chat, they’ll lean towards you, and if they do, they’ll lean back and distance themselves from you.

Is it possible to attract a person with body language?

If you learn to understand what gestures and facial expressions mean, you’ll have no problem using it how you see fit. You have no idea how much you can discover by reading girls’ body language. In fact, you won’t even have to spend a lot of time, mastering your skills because you can start right now with a few simple tricks. For instance, to win the trust of another person, just imitate their gestures, facial expressions, and voice intonation. In psychology, it’s called “mirroring,” and we’ll describe it below. It helps to build contact because a person subconsciously begins to perceive you as a like-minded fellow. The same goes for romantic interest. You’ll get an even better result if you know how to flirt with eyes and mesmerize your communicator.

Posture and visual contact indicate a person’s disposition for communication. If your companion doesn’t look at you, they don't agree with what you say or simply can’t find anything peculiar to focus on, armed with that knowledge, you can tip the scales in your favor and switch to another topic or end the conversation. Your eyes should meet about 60-70% of the total time of communication.

Remember that “open” poses (like standing with your arms open and palms up or sitting with arms spread and legs stretched) are perceived as poses of trust, consent, and psychological comfort. So watch how you sit and stand if you want a better chance at winning someone’s heart.

How to flirt with your body language only

female body language signsAlright, there’s someone you’re interested in, but you have no idea what you can do to catch their eye. Feel free to try one of these ways to flirt with body language, and the result will surprise you.

Keep smiling

Start with the basics. A kind and gentle smile is always a good start in any conversation. Typically, if a person smiles after the first eye contact, this is a sure sign they’d like to get to know their communicator better; we all can feel it on a subconscious level. If a man smiles, he considers the girl pretty and worthy of his attention. With a smile, he encourages more decisive action. A few minutes of smiling, and you’ll prepare your companion for close interaction. Mix different types of smiles. For instance, begin a conversation with a wide, sincere smile and switch to restraint, shy one when you get closer. Keep in mind, though, that if you’re determined enough, even the brightest Hollywood smile won’t work.

Maintain eye contact

As a rule, when we’re charmed by someone, we come into full visual contact with them. This is one of the basic flirt body language signs. Doing that, you show that you don’t mind flirting with a person, but you’re not going into a full-scale attack, approaching gently. If you succeed, you’ll notice that your companion doesn’t take their eyes off you too, sending the same signals. If the sympathy is mutual, you might even see your companion’s pupils dilate.

Not-so-random touches

When someone finds you intriguing, they begin to look for any excuse to touch you. It usually starts with a friendly handshake and an encouraging pat on the shoulder. Then it grows into a light touch of the hand, elbows, and other parts of the body people usually don’t touch randomly. If you’re going to use this trick, remember one rule: always watch how your companion reacts to the touches. If you feel like they’re trying to distance from you, and then go back one step and progress slowly.

Use mirroring

This is a well-known technique that allows you to win over any person, not just your romantic interest. Here’s how it works: when your companion brings their hand to the face, you unobtrusively repeat this movement and so on. It’s quite natural for a person to repeat the movements of their object of interest, so the gesture will be appreciated.

Touch your face

This one for guys. In the flirt body language, female communicators always focus on the man’s face because its lower part is directly related to testosterone levels. Touch your jaw every few minutes or so and lightly scratch your chin. This will draw a girl’s attention to your most masculine facial features.

These, of course, aren’t the only means of body language, but that should be enough to make a person interested in you. Our body systematically sends signals, and the consciousness of others picks them up, and vice versa. But the main thing is to learn to understand these signals. There are dozens of books and articles on how to flirt with body language for guys and girls. Read them, and you’ll start using your potential much more effectively for a harmonious and romantic interaction with people around you.

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