Each of us got into a situation when we tried to somehow get in touch with the girl, and she ignored us for a while or even completely disappeared. Then we had thoughts and doubts: the girl doesn’t want to communicate with me anymore or she is just playing hard to get.

When girls don’t text back, of course, we have an irresistible desire to find out the reason for that behavior, but we can’t do this. However, as practice tells us, there is a solution to this situation. So, how to make someone text you back?

when girls dont text back

How Does Ignoring Affect People?

People are social beings. And each person, regardless of character, needs the understanding and love of relatives, friends, soulmates, wants to be admired, forgiven mistakes and shortcomings. Only in this case, you can feel calm in this difficult world. If someone begins to ignore you and does it demonstratively, there is an acute feeling of discomfort, resentment, bitterness, and misunderstanding.

What thoughts arise in people who are ignored? They frantically begin to analyze their actions and words, recall what they did to provoke such behavior. Their self-esteem spontaneously decreases, “Am I so uninteresting that they don’t communicate with me?” “They don’t need me at all” “On single women sites, it is impossible to find love,” etc. They are angry and try to attract attention to themselves or cause a feeling of pity.

What Does It Mean When She Is Ignoring You?

Communication on the Internet is not able to replace the real one completely but plays an important role in people’s lives. Many men meet ladies online. At the University of Chicago, psychologists surveyed 19 thousand people who were married. 34% of them met online! Mostly, guys write first. But when a girl ignores messages, the chances of a good relationship quickly fall.

Women are not used to ignoring men. And if some woman ignores you, there is probably a reason that explains this behavior. Men need to understand why this is happening and how to get out of this situation. "Should I call if she doesn’t text back?" they ask. If this is your girlfriend, then, of course, you have to call her to understand what is happening. And if she is a girl from the Internet, then don’t bother her with your unnecessary attention. She will call when she wants it.

Main Reasons Why She Is Ignoring You

In the modern world, communication between young people most often occurs through the use of various messengers. But it often happens that girls may not respond to guys’ messages for a long time, or not give an answer at all. It is necessary to find out not only the real cause of silence but also a way out of the current situation.

1. She doesn’t look for new friends

If a guy wrote to a girl on the Internet for the first time a month ago, and she didn’t answer, this indicates only one thing – she doesn’t want to communicate with him. The reasons for this are different. Maybe she already has a man, or she is not interested in you. What should a guy do in such a situation? Try to write to her again after a while. If no answer is received again, and the girl stubbornly remains silent, it is better to leave her alone.

should i call if she doesn't text back2. She is busy

Why is she not texting back? Important matters can overwhelm the thoughts of a woman. For this reason, a girl can ignore messages all day. But if she is interested in a guy, then she will definitely respond to him in her free time. Therefore, the guy just needs to wait. If she answers the next day, then everything is normal.

3. She has a bad mood

…or you had a quarrel the day before. Sometimes girls begin to deliberately ignore messages from men. Thus, they seem to show men their resentment or apathy. But, unfortunately, men don’t always correctly understand such ignorance and try to find the answers on what to do if a girl is ignoring my texts. Indeed, it is sometimes quite difficult to understand what mood a woman has right now.

4. She uses tricks

Why is she ignoring my texts? Among women, there is a fairly common opinion that they need to interest a man. That is why he should be sometimes ignored. But few of them also understand that they should stop in time. In such cases, she just wants to draw your attention to herself. She likes it. Simple actions are often enough.

5. She is running from your persistence

No need to rush things and tell the girl about future children or show how you love her from the beginning of communication. Simple compliments are enough. At first, a woman will be flattered by statements like, “I would like our daughter to have your eyes,” but if they are repeated often, they will scare away the lady, and she will begin to ignore messages.

Is There Anything You Can Do About It?

Does she ignore you? Doesn’t she even give a chance? Perhaps your relationship with this girl is at an impasse or you didn’t even start dating. Perhaps she is not interested in you. But we know for sure that if you take some efforts, then you will again have the opportunity to communicate.

What does it mean when she doesn’t text back? To solve the problem, you need to find the reason why the girl doesn’t want to communicate with you. Here you need to do what they do in medicine – for the right treatment, you must first make the correct diagnosis. There can be many reasons for this behavior of a girl. But in any case, there is always a chance to make everything work.

How to Behave When She Doesn't Text Back

Relationships don’t always develop as we would like. At any stage, the guy may encounter ignorance. The guy has a natural desire to understand the situation and understand what to do to regain interest in himself. So, what to do when your girlfriend ignores you?

Try to talk to her

what does it mean when she doesn't text backShe, most likely, will not answer the call, but she may respond to the message. How to make a girl answer your text? No need to ask, “Why don’t you answer?” – after this, the girl will definitely ignore the guy. It is better to write something tempting. For example, “I want to go to a restaurant today. Are you with me?” Be sure to ask a question to provoke her to write a message. At the same time, you can pretend that you didn’t notice her ignorance at all.

Give her more freedom

What if she doesn’t text back? Well, give her a break from you, let her live on her own wave. And be sure to make some new acquaintances with other girls. You have to understand whether the reason is in a woman or the problem is really in you. In addition, perhaps you will meet a much more interesting person. Try not to think about your pain that the girl doesn’t get in touch with you. Continue to live as before, please yourself with gifts, go to the gym, find a hobby, do everything to think less about this situation.

Don’t ignore her in return

…and even more so, make her feel jealous. If your chosen one is currently suffering for some personal reasons or is depressed, then ignoring will only aggravate this condition. What to say when she doesn’t text back? First of all, don’t try to put an end to your communication. Don’t continue to write and call in the hope that she will change her mind and attitude towards you. She has already made it clear to you what she thinks of you, and what feelings she feels for you. Lack of response is also the answer.

Spend more time on yourself

Believe in yourself. When you invest in yourself, then other people automatically focus their attention on you because a lot of interesting things appear in you, and you have something to talk about and have fun. You are interesting to yourself – you are interesting to other people. And don’t scold yourself. Don’t compare yourself with other people. The more indifferent you seem to a girl, the more desirable you will be for her. And then the girl will look for the answers on how to react when he doesn’t text back.

Don’t impose

She ignored my text… Look, sometimes we suffer from a lack of attention so much that we simply annoy women with our attention. And your relationship with her becomes very bad. Try to understand this problem. The less we love girls, the more they love us – it really makes sense. After all, when we begin to show a lot of attention, then this bothers the girl, and she is reluctant to communicate with us. You should understand that everything should be in moderation. So, don’t give a girl too much attention.

Try to treat everything with understanding. You have to learn the psychology of ignoring by a woman. As we've said earlier, there are many reasons why this happens. Take a step towards a woman and try to understand her. Maybe important events that require her attention are taking place in her life. Wait a bit and if you have a good relationship with a particular woman, then she will definitely text you back.

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