Each profession has its own specifics, but the work associated with constant traveling is especially difficult to create strong family relationships. While truckers travel across the vast expanses of the country and neighboring countries, their wives have to do housework and look after their children on their own.

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Dating as a Trucker: Romance on the Road

It is necessary to adapt to a partner, find compromise solutions, value, and respect each other's interests in marriage. But if spouses rarely see each other, it becomes more difficult to do this with each meeting. It is difficult to build long-distance relationships, especially when it comes to family life.

Some women see truckers as only problems and try to avoid such connections in principle, while others, on the contrary, find their advantages and live happily with long-distance drivers for many years.

BTW! If the husband is no longer a trucker in any other profession, and this job is not just a job for money, but a vocation, then neither his wife nor any circumstances will be able to change his attitude to life. In this case, it is easier to not bound your lives together. Thus, a relationship with a girl can be quite problematic if you are a truck driver, and here are some of the main difficulties of such a union.

Why Dating a Trucker Can Be So Hard at Times?

Female emotional burnout

Long separations with her husband, concern for his health, lack of regular sex life, suspicions of infidelity - these are just a few moments the wives of truckers constantly put up with. A woman has to take in full the burden of responsibility for the house upon herself. All these factors lead to female emotional burnout.

The weaker sex is called just that because ladies often need help and support from the outside. The psychology of women is such that they want attention and care. A man, while away, sometimes does not even suspect this. And in the meantime, the wife may begin to doubt her feelings and decide that she has stopped loving. She constantly needs to nourish her feelings with emotions. Not getting enough attention, a woman begins to experience stress. Such conditions can cause many diseases of the nervous system, which are expressed in the strange behavior of women, tantrums, constant depression, and fatigue. This is what it means to live married to a trucker.

BTW! Spouses of truckers often begin to drink to somehow relieve tension or make lovers.

Doubts of marital fidelity

If a woman plans to be dating a truck driver, she should be ready for thoughts of infidelity. When the spouses do not manage to see each other for a long time, suspicions of adultery begin to arise. The fact that the wives of truckers are cheating on them is a common opinion among men. Many women also believe that their husbands find lovers on the road. Unfortunately, often such suspicions turn out to be unfounded. Sometimes women put up with cheating husbands and also find someone on the side. For other couples this is unacceptable.

Suspicions of marital infidelity can cause a marriage to collapse, therefore, in such relationships, the ability to trust each other is especially valuable between spouses. Do not pretend that everything is fine. It’s better to discuss these issues right away to prevent further uncertainty.

BTW! There are tons of “dating a truck driver” forums to be found online, they can be quite helpful if a woman feels uncomfortable in such a situation. Yet, with that being said, there are some upsides to such a relationship. There are quite a few reasons to get married to a truck driver.

Trucker Dating: a Blessing in Disguise

There’s money to be found herepopular truck driver dating sites

Earn, in modern times, can be very good. The times are quite hard, we are in the middle of a pandemic crisis, and it seems that it is not going to go anywhere. While designers, lawyers, economists, and other “well-paid specialists” are being cut everywhere, truckers are always in demand.

Romance on the road

It's an acquired taste, although it has the right to exist. Roads have their own unique atmosphere. You drive thousands of kilometers of wildlife, old villages, cities that are not alike. And although the road is dangerous, such life makes you stronger and challenge your self-determination. The trucker's lifestyle gives you the opportunity to appreciate purely masculine qualities: mutual assistance, responsibility, willpower.

Kudos to the profession

If you are asked: what do you do for a living, dude? That answer, “I am a trucker” sounds much more proudly than, “I am a manager.” No offense to other professions, but truck drivers have a great halo of masculinity. Perhaps this is just the romanticization of the image of a truck driver. The profession itself is not stained by anything, it’s not a “traffic cop” or a “politician” for you. You will always be respected in society, even though you work in the transportation industry.

Mutual assistance

The trucker community is very close-knit. Each driver will happily help the other if any problems arise. Because everyone knows that if they help you, you will help as well. You will always be insured if there is any fight with bandits, then a normal driver will never refuse to help. In general, staying on the road is important. Thus, the whole value of the male fraternity is manifested.

Your own business

If you have the means, then it is better to buy a truck, organize a company and transport yourself, saving up money for a second car. There are many dudes in the country who have just started their small businesses. If you take a used car, it doesn’t come out so expensive, the return will quickly repulse the investment.

There is always work to be found

Payment can change dramatically, but you are not threatened with a glut of the market. If it gets really bad, then this kind of work will feed you. A good trucker will always be with constant work.

Let’s now talk about the pros and cons of dating a truck driver.

Pros and Cons of Dating a Truck Driver

Here are the pros and cons of dating a truck driver.


Despite all the above difficulties, there are a lot of pluses in the work of a long-distance driver:

  • trucker labor is well and stably paid;
  • representatives of this profession, as a rule, are strong and resilient guys;
  • drivers of the highest category will cope with the management of any vehicle;
  • truck drivers are also mechanics, so they are well versed in how cars work.

A trucker man knows how to work both with his hands and his head, and has plenty of road and everyday stories in store, so he will definitely not be bored. Such a person always behaves confidently on the road and is ready to cope with any difficult situation. At heart, the trucker is most often a romantic who works out of love for the road and travel.

Being separated from loved ones, men begin to love them even more, often try to please them with gifts and souvenirs from trips. Truckers appreciate every moment spent at home, and always remember their relatives on the road. Such men are not picky, especially in choosing clothes. For example, a trucker cap is one of the most beloved attributes.


The eternal absence of a man at home is a test for family life, so women should be prepared for the fact that being with a trucker in marriage will not be easy. When a spouse is on the move most of the year, marriage can be a real test for both the wife and a husband.

The main problems of family life with a trucker include:

  • mutual suspicions of infidelity;
  • unhealthy lifestyle and constant risks;
  • female emotional burnout and feeling of loneliness;
  • difficulties with raising children;
  • unresolved household problems.

All these difficulties can be encountered in the lives of many families, but couples who have to be apart from each other for a long time face them more often.

Let’s now shift our attention to some rules of how to make truck driver dating work.

Dating a Truck Driver Advice: How to Make a Long-Distance Relationship Work

Long-distance relationships can be incredibly difficult, telephone conversations can easily become boring over time, and the number of conversations will become less. So how do you keep such a relationship going? Here are some dating a truck driver advice.truck driver dating site

Be spontaneous

How to deal with dating a truck driver? Nothing can diversify the routine of relationships so much as a little romance and excitement. Whether it will be a package in the form of a bouquet of red roses to the girl’s place of work with prepaid delivery or even just a nice text message - all these things will surprise your loved one and cause a smile on her face.

Get creative

Here is one of the things you should know about dating a long-distance truck driver. Show your creative side, do something interesting, and get your partner involved. Gather photos, tickets, and various other little things and memorabilia from those places where you have been alone and prepare unique notes. Make a list of reasons why you love someone, adding something new to the list every day and when the list is complete or when you meet, give it to them, if you are quite creative, you can even write a poem. But, if you are not a supporter of such practical things, you could easily prepare a collage of photos online with them.

Get together

There are many things that you and your partner can do together without actually being together. Watch your favorite TV programs or movies at the same time. You could even go to the movies together at the same time. Cook in the kitchen together on the camera or phone, and also sit down to eat at the same time. Start a hobby, whether it's participating in local sports teams or just reading books - a common hobby will give you a common topic for conversation. Buy computer games - nothing beats the healthy competition between you and your partner while playing your favorite game online! Run a joint project, you could start writing your own book together or draw your own comic book. Whatever you choose, it will undoubtedly be useful for you and your partner and will become a topic to chat and laugh.

Play games

Come up with some interesting games that you and your partner could play on the phone or on the webcam. There are a lot of ideas that you can turn into games, and there are thousands of games to be found on the Internet. They will make you think, give you a topic of conversation, and perhaps help you even get to know your partner better.

Plan your next meeting with your partner, whether it be a weekend surprise or a scheduled visit

You should both find time to plan your relationship and when it is convenient for you to be together. Occasional meetings are very important, as they help get rid of routine over long distances. Having a good time can make a big difference. Even if none of you can drive the entire distance, you can "meet in the middle of the road." Planning your next meeting will give you the opportunity to think ahead about what to talk about and what to see.

Let’s now look at some truck driver dating apps and sites.

Truck driver dating sites

Here are some of the best trucker dating sites and trucker dating apps you can find on the Internet.

1. truckerdating.com is a great truck driver dating site.

2. Bridesbay.com is one of the most popular truck driver dating sites on the Internet.

3. meetatrucker.com is one of our favorite truck driver dating sites.

Being a trucker is a difficult, responsible job. Trucker dating has some issues as well. Creating a family with such a person is sometimes difficult, a woman will need a lot of work and patience, but you can meet this challenge. If the husband and wife trust each other and do not look for reasons for quarrels, then their relationship can smooth out the bitterness of constant separation. Each time they meet, they will not blame each other but will enjoy the time spent together.

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