One way or another the first date is one of the most important events in the life of any couple. And it doesn’t really matter whether they will continue their relationships or will never see each other after that meeting. People don’t go on dates too often, so accordingly, they don’t have too many first dates, so each such meeting leaves its trace in the memory of the people who meet in a cozy place over the cup of coffee or wine.

If you have already been communicating somewhere on the Internet, and your meeting has nothing to do with a blind date, then you have already had certain expectations towards the person and event in general. Yes, you are still strangers for each other but not like passengers on the subway but rather as good acquaintances, who want to get to know each other better. And if you like each other that much in absentia that you have decided to go on a date, then the first meeting has a crucial moment. It can become the beginning of a completely new romantic story, which you will tell your grandchildren near the fireplace. So, you shouldn’t underestimate the importance of the first meeting and the advantages of preparation. The thing is that not all topics are safe and appropriate for such an occasion, and if you are going to move further with this person, then you should approach the themes carefully not to spoil the atmosphere or provoke an awkward silence. Besides, certain tricks will help you make a positive impression about yourself and show you as an interesting and attractive interlocutor to the girls looking for dates.

best things to talk about on a first date

First Date Tips to Make a Conversation Going

We have decided that before you proceed to the topics themselves, it’s necessary to start exactly with the tips that will help make your communication more vivid and interesting. Every sphere of life can boast of a certain number of simple but very effective tricks that simplify life and help achieve the desired result. And dating is no exception, so the very thing you need to do is just to “pull back the curtain” and watch the process of creating a masterpiece. In our case, it’s all about the first meeting that has all the chances to become one of the most memorable and pleasant moments in your future life together. So, what things should you consider on a date to make a conversation going and turn it into a fascinating process?

Talk about things you like the most

You don’t know what to talk about on a first date, do you? The whole point here is not just themes that you like to discuss but your behavior, facial expression, and mood. When we are talking about things we like and ones that we are good at, we subconsciously change as if from inside. Your appearance changes and becomes more attractive, and your state affects the interlocutor. People like to communicate and watch ones who are talking about things they like because, usually, people are pleased and happy at such a moment, and that looks great. And if your spheres of interests coincide, then it will become a double win-win option. Just don’t turn your dinner date into a monologue or a show of one actor.

Don’t hesitate to ask her questions

Everybody likes it when other people are interested in their opinion and point of view on different subjects. So, if you want to have an interesting conversation, which both of you will enjoy, then don’t hesitate to ask questions. In general, girls who get attention and see a man’s sincere interest in them, become more relaxed and talkative. It doesn’t matter what exactly to ask the girl about, you can find millions of reasons during your conversation because the girl can have her opinion literally about everything. You can even repeat a part of her last words with an interrogatory tone, and she will try to explain what she has meant under that statement. Just make sure that it’s the right moment.

Listen closely to your date

To keep a conversation going, you should be not just a good storyteller but also a good listener. It’s pleasant and interesting to talk to a person who is sincerely interested in what you are talking about. It also about asking appropriate questions and repeating the right words of the girl. If you have decided to ask the girl out on a date, then she might be a pretty smart person, so you can find out something new, listening to her. You are provided with numerous chances to turn your conversation into one of the most interesting pastimes, just remember that talk is a two-way road.

topics to talk about with a girlFocus on exciting things that are happening around

If you feel the threat of the appearance of the awkward silence, you can easily save the situation, just looking around. It doesn’t matter where your data takes place, whether it’s a cozy restaurant or an amusement park. One way or another you will be surrounded by other people and things that can become a topic for discussion. You can play a game, telling your version about the stage of relationships of the couples who are sitting in that place in front of you. If this doesn’t work out, then try to turn on your imagination and come up with a story with right and false facts about the things you see around you. Then ask the girl questions about it.

The Most Inappropriate First Date Topics

The first date is so exciting and pleasant, you feel butterflies in the stomach and are afraid to spoil this wonderful moment. It’s a normal thing when you like a person and hope for the continuation of your relationship. So, even if you have been communicating for some time before the meeting, it’s necessary to think everything through and don’t rush events. This applies to the choice of topics of conversation as well. You aren’t at this stage of relationship yet when you can feel free to discuss everything you want, so be careful and don’t initiate the talk on the following themes.

1. Politics

Such serious and ambiguous stuff is not appropriate for a romantic meeting with a charming girl, and it is definitely on the list of what not to talk about on a first date. It’s great if you have the same opinion, and your moms vote for the same parties, but what if not? Then your discussion can turn into a battle without winners, and you will become two persons who are ready to tear each other apart. You definitely don’t need such a development of the evening. Anyway, politician issues are not on the list of things that determine the level of your comparability as future partners.

2. Religion

You will hardly start dating a person with “opposite” religious beliefs if it is that important to you. So, it is not among topics for first date conversation. And even if you have different religious beliefs, it’s not time and place to start assuring that the girl has to change their one. Usually, it evokes unpleasant emotions and desires to stop talking or even to leave the date and add such an offender to the blacklist.

3. Drawbacks in the person’s appearance

A girl may have some peculiarity in ther appearance (for example, a bit curved nose) that doesn’t make her look worse or anything like that. She is used to this aspect in her appearance and doesn’t perceive it as something ugly or one that should be necessarily changed, so your comments like, “Have you ever thought about rhinoplasty?” can make her feel awkward and give raise to numerous complexes. Even if you think that such comments are harmless, they can hurt the girl and cause a desire to escape.

4. Ex-relationships

There is nothing wrong with your curiosity about your potential partner’s past, but you should ask such questions only if you know each other well, and both of you feel comfortable with that. All people are different, and they go through breakups in different ways, so you should make sure first that you will not evoke negative emotions in your date. However, once again, you should better avoid this theme on the first date. Let this meeting be only about two of you, your positive emotions and pleasant pastime. Don’t bring the “third wheel” to your date.

5. Sex-related issues

If the meeting is not about a one-night stand when both of you understand that sex is the only thing you are interested in at the moment, then you should better leave this topic for later. If you proceed to the next date and develop your relationship, you will find out everything about their sexual preferences and favorite sex positions as well as understand the level of their sexual experience. However, the first date is too early to discuss such things. You can scary your partner away just because many people consider such questions to be rudeness and disrespect. So, it is not among things to talk about on a date.

Best Things to Talk About on a First Date

Fortunately, there are numerous interesting things that you can safely discuss with your potential partner. Forbidden topics are in the minority, while all other themes can be considered as appropriate. However, if some topics can be just normal, others can become your helper in getting to know the person better. All of them have different values and can be perceived by the interlocutor differently, so if you want to make a positive impression or even to win the girl over, try some of the themes listed below. On the first date, you can experience a big range of emotions, starting with joy and excitement and to unreasonable fear to mess things up because you really like the person. Nevertheless, prepared first date conversation topics are always a good idea that can come to the rescue. So, what do you talk about on a first date?

1. Favorite dishes and food preferences

If you have a classic date that takes place in some cozy cafe or restaurant with good cuisine, it can become one of the perfect first date topics. Do you remember the tip to look around? Now, you can look into the menu and start your discussion with it, moving slowly to your food preferences. If you are a good cooker, you can boast of your talents and tell your date how you prefer to cook different dishes, but don’t overdo. Besides, avoid negative comments on any dishes until you are sure what things both of you like or dislike, otherwise, you can spoil the moment and appetite. In other cases, it can become of good topics to talk about with a girl.

first date questions2. Favorite things to do

If you want to find the true nature of the person and understand how much your tastes coincide, you should show interest in their hobbies and other favorite things to do. Information about things that bring them inspiration and relaxation can say you a lot. Don’t hesitate to ask questions, share your opinion and tell her about your preferences. People who share hobbies usually create great families, full of understanding and happiness. You cannot even imagine how many things you have in common, and even a single thing you are both passionate about can become a foundation for the creation of healthy relationships.

3. Literature, movies and musical preferences

The question, “What kind of music do you listen to?” is one of the most popular ones, and it’s no coincidence. You can say a lot about one’s personality, having looked at their playlist or the list of movies they are fond of. Besides, such information can come in handy if everything goes well and you decide to ask a girl out on the second date. Some people believe that if your tastes coincide at least 80% in such things, then you can become a perfect match. So, you can safely ask the girl about her favorite songs and genre of movies.

4. Plans for the next 10 years

Do you think it's too early to ask such questions? Researchers that have surveyed on this topic will not agree with you. Everyone reflects on their future from time to time, and the girl is hardly an exception. It’s not necessarily about relationships and marital status since you can talk about career plans, vacations, and hobbies. Besides, this theme will show you how much you fit together and what both of you expect from life. For example, if the girl is a career woman who has already planned her future for the next five years, and you cannot accept that, it’s better to find out such things in advance before you haven’t had a crush on her. So, it is one of the best things to talk about on a first date.

5. Sport activity

Nowadays, active way of life is in vogue, and many people are involved in some kind of sports activity, so you can safely try this topic especially if you see that a girl makes efforts to look posh, and her wonderful sexy shoulders are not just the result of victory in the genetic lottery. It doesn’t really matter whether you prefer one type of activity, for example, gym, or you are into the MMA, and she is into pole dance. You can share the reasons why you have chosen exactly these activities and what you like most about them. It is one of the safe things to talk about on a first date.

6. Animals and pets

For most people, animals evoke pleasant emotions and funny associations, so why not talk about them? If you are the owner of a fluffy cute cat or a naughty dog, and it’s important for you to start a relationship with a person who neither has allergy nor negative feelings towards pets, you should better discuss this topic in advance. Otherwise, you can face a challenge. Besides, if both of you are into pets, you can share different funny stories associated with them. So, your pets can become interesting first date conversation topics.

7. Family and a circle of friends

What to talk about with a girl? Usually, family and friendly relations have a special place in the life of a person, we are all social creatures who are constantly surrounded by many people with whom we interact, so it’s not surprising that this is one of the most favorite topics for many people. You can discuss whether you have close relations with your family, how often you hang out with friends and what your favorite pastime is. Ask the girl whether she has brothers and sisters and share your family story in return. This talk will allow you to get a general idea about each other’s families.

8. Travel destinations

Traveling is on the same level of popularity with a healthy and active lifestyle, so there are high chances you will have many things to share with each other about your travel experience. You can discuss the most popular gateways and your favorite travel destinations; boast of places that you have already managed to visit and share your plans about conquering new routes. You will get another key to the girl’s personality and make conclusions. You can develop this topic, discussing your impressions and sharing funny stories.

9. Childhood and life stories

You are not an empty sheet of paper, but rather a storybook with a fascinating and interesting plot. Both of you are grownups, and this means that you found yourself in ridiculous situations many times. It’s time to remember these stories and make your partner laugh to tears, especially if you are a good storyteller. Laugh and humor will help you relax and feel more comfortable in each other’s company.

topics to talk about with a girl10. Things that you would like to try

Everyone has a special secret list of things that they would like to try one day. It can be skydiving, climbing the mountain, a tattoo, drawing or a journey to another country on your own. Why not discuss such things, share ideas and maybe even complement your list with several new points? It can be an interesting and fascinating conversation that will bring positive emotions and help create a trusting atmosphere. The main thing is to not make negative comments.

Bonus: Funny Questions to Ask on a Date

Everyone likes laughter and good conversation, so here are some funny questions to ask on a date. Of course, all people have a different sense of humor, but we are sure you can pick up funny questions for the girl you like, thanks to which you will have a good time. These questions cover different topics, so there will be certainly those that are ideal for you and the girl. Some of these first date questions will lead to funny answers, while others will be just good for easy communication. Therefore, look through the questions to ask on a first date and choose ones that will suit you the most.

  1. If you could become a man for one day, what would you do?
  2. If your life were a TV series, what would it be called?
  3. What will you choose sneakers, high heels or slippers?
  4. How would you behave if a girl approached you and asked you out on a date?
  5. What is the worst movie you've ever watched?
  6. How would you react if I went on a date in a pirate outfit?
  7. May I invite you to dinner with breakfast?
  8. What are the 5 things that are always in your bag?
  9. People always say that the future is unclear. Why then do we take insurance policies?
  10. Do you have hidden talents that I don’t know about yet?

Just Be Prepared

The crucial mistake of most guys is their unpreparedness, they believe that they will come up with something cool and interesting right on the go. This overconfidence leads them to the deadlock when they don’t know what to do and how to behave. People who showed great results in something had spent a lot of time and effort on preparation, they decided not to rely on chance or that everything works itself out. If you want to succeed, you should have a backup plan and at least one ace in the hole.

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