There is an opinion that love and friendship are things completely incompatible. The concept of friendship implies trusting relationships, support, and loyalty. Love is a completely different feeling. It is rather a sense of passion. And just a fine line does not allow friendship to grow into more intimate and deep relations. But can friendship turn into a relationship? This is what we are going to investigate.

turning a friendship into a relationship

Can You Turn Your Friendship into a Relationship?

In essence, such a concept as a friendship between a girl and a young man is relative since the representatives of different sexes should attract each other by their nature. And to feel attracted to people of the opposite sex, both women and men should feel at least sympathy at first.

Such sympathy can be the basis of friendship and eventually grow from friendship to relationship. When in friendship, people feel the same love as they feel towards their relatives and siblings, it is more about being soul mates and not afraid of showing your real self. And the difference between friendship and relationship is that if two people are dating, they always try to embellish their imperfections to make the best impression. Very often there is confusion between such love and the attraction of a sexual nature. Hence, various myths about turning a friendship into a relationship originate.

A woman was long considered a weaker human being by nature. How can she be a friend of a man, seeing primarily a protector and father of the family in him? Some people still think that it is on a subconscious level, nature itself predicted that a woman should be an object for a man to protect and take care of. Although men and women can talk for a long time on various topics, they still have to subconsciously convince themselves that the basis of the relationship is only friendship. Fortunately, those misconceptions have been gone long ago, and now friendship and relationship are considered two separate topics.

Psychology believes that friendship between a girl and a young man is a very unnatural kind of relationship but still possible. This relationship can exist for a long time only if there is sympathy between them, as well as if there are obstacles to their becoming lovers. Perhaps it is due to any of these reasons that the beginning of a friendship between a woman and a man often flows into love.

It often happens that one of the friends is in love, but does not find the strength to tell the other one about their feelings, no matter how hard they dream about going from friendship to relationship. In such a situation, it happens that the second one, without even noticing the signs of courtship, takes them as friendly gestures.

can a friendship turn into a relationship?It is good when in such a situation a rejected lover has enough moral strength to build their life with another person. Otherwise, the result of such a relationship will be a lost friendship and a broken heart. If one of the friends still notices signs of love, then only by clarifying the situation and making a common decision on further actions, consequences can be avoided. However, the happiest and strongest marriages arise when there is friendship before a serious relationship. Seeing and appreciating a friend in the business, checking their friendship makes it easier to build relationships. Common interests and spending time together can bring friends closer together. And then the attraction grows into a mutual love for each other. That is why building a friendship before a relationship is such a great idea. But if in such a situation one is already married, it is worth thinking about the existing relationship. Understand why such friendship is needed. Honestly answering yourself the questions about what such friendship brings into your life. Does it pose a risk to family relationships? After all, friends should not destroy your happy personal life.

It also happens vice versa. Love relationships, when close people eventually did not work out as a couple, develop their communication into friendship. The passion that is gone leaves good knowledge of each other, and you are able to understand the ex-beloved one without words because friendship in a relationship always exists too. A conscious and strong friendship can replace love and can last for many years. It is not necessary for the spouses to be jealous of their halves for such a friendship. After all, the stage of passion has already passed, and most likely, the desire to try again will not appear anymore.

How to Turn a Friendship into a Relationship?

Now the real question is how to move a friendship into a relationship. In theory, there are many cases of similar happy transitions, but when people get stuck in such situations, they really become lost. Here is a small guide on how to figure it all out.

A friend of early childhood

You met on the playground and now feel as if you are siblings. You know everything about each other: preferences, chronic diseases, career plans. You have long been acquainted with each other’s parents, children, and pets. You have trusted each other with heart secrets and have already seen each other in practically every state, including anger, happiness, despondency, hangover, illness, whatever... Lovers could run away in horror after this, and you are still friends. What else do you need to live together until old age?

How to translate friendship into a relationship? Spontaneous sex without obligations walks under the moon and romantic dinners. Break the ice, otherwise, you will regret about it till the end of life.

A longtime fan

So, you date other people when they diligently pretend that they just want to be friends. Sometimes such relationships can last for decades. Until one of you loses nerves and gives you both a try. How to turn a friendship into a relationship in this case? If you are the one hiding your feelings, just write your friend, “Let's run away from everyone!” Buy tickets for a cruise and by the end of the voyage in the Mediterranean Sea, you will be already quite an official and harmonious couple.

A friend with common interests

It is not necessary to climb Everest or study in one class to understand that this person is your soulmate. But then you both get busy, start new relationships. And it seems that the opportunity is missed… How to turn a friendship into a relationship? If you see a common bond between you and are sure that there is something more than just talking about your common hobby, take the initiative!

A good acquaintance

A neighbor, a friend's brother or a colleague. It can be practically anyone that always happily agrees to help if you install the program or change the tire. But the conversation does not develop further, and the person turns back to their life until you need help again. “I wish my partner was as reliable and understanding.” Maybe it's time Alex goes away, and you take a closer look at your good old friend?

How to transform this friendship into a relationship? Let them know that they interest you. Next time you ask your friend to check your computer, leave them a message on a desktop inviting for a dinner or a party. Give them a birthday present as if you are close friends. Now it is time to do something for them because of their devotion to helping you has been already clear.

A person from the past

The difference between friendship vs relationship is that when you are friends with someone, you can make other friends and everyone will be ok. But when you suddenly meet a new friend while being in a relationship, your partner gets visibly nervous. So, it can happen that even dating someone else, one day you run into your old acquaintance, you are both married, but something arises between you that is more than a feeling of nostalgia.

friendship and relationshipHow to translate friendship into a relationship? In order for this communication to grow into something bigger, you need to examine the risks of losing your current relationship, look through the photos of your new old friend, ask them about their career and plans for the future. If you think that they are the one you have been waiting for your whole life, give up everything and try from scratch.

Friendship to a Relationship: Main Stages

1. Refuse to play the wrong role in their life. So, your friend likes to tell you about the problems with their personal life. Do you think this is a plus because they trust you, and giving advice, you have a great influence on their life? Unfortunately, this only means that they have prepared a special title for you - “best friend.” And the best friends are not invited for dates and are not kissed passionately. So, avoid this on a par with the role of the "little sibling," which they will take care of, or the "parent," which is boring, too smart and suitable only for support in a difficult situation.

2. Find out what your loved one is looking for in a romantic relationship. You think that friendship is the basis of love, and your partner is a friend that you just have sex with occasionally. However, your friend you are in love with may think very differently. Ask them about what they seek for in a partner. Do you completely fit this description? Then do not hesitate!

3. Make them treat yourself seriously. If you have known each other for a long time, and especially if you belong to the same company of friends, it is likely that they simply do not perceive you as a potential partner but rather as a common friend. What to do? First, pay attention to your appearance, try to catch their eye. Secondly, go out on your own more. Suggest your friend to go somewhere just the two of you, they will understand what you are intending to do.

4. Touch them occasionally. But it needs to be done correctly. We all touch our friends and loved ones differently. Give up friendly pats on the back and do not let them touch you like that. Your goals are the hair, face, palms, knees, shoulders. And do not expect them to touch you first, act yourself!

5. Try to arrange a "no date." Of course, you want to be together with them in a dark hall of a cinema or in a restaurant. But such an invitation immediately tells a lot about your intentions, and if the person is not ready yet, all your efforts will be in vain. Therefore, not to scare your friend away, ask them to join you in the things that you still need to do: go somewhere, pick something up, buy something. It is an excellent opportunity to be together and get a little closer.

6. Your turn! If you do everything right, over time your communication will become more and more intense, flirting will be franker, and touches will become more and more intimate. If you feel that the time has come, you can try to talk about your feelings. Do not make this a special event. Just wait when you are alone and tell your friend how you appreciate your friendship. And then add that you would like to transfer the relationship to a new level.

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