Dating apps have become commonplace for many people. After all, finding an interesting conversationalist or just a person sharing your point of view is much easier online. It is interesting that previously people had to use only social networks such as Facebook or dating sites. But with the advancement of technology, more and more applications for smartphones that are focused exclusively on the search for a soulmate appear. The main thing is to choose the most optimal platform. It should provide not only quick and trouble-free access to the user base or chat but also the ability to upload photos to your profile. This is really an important point because nothing can be done without photos. Thanks to them, you can make a preliminary opinion about the person you are interested in and try to understand what kind of person is behind the “mask”.

According to statistics, every second person uses the most popular app Tinder. The number of stories about those who found a soulmate is off the scale. If Tinder has already been studied by you, but you have not yet found a person of your dreams, then you can try some more applications that help cope with loneliness on the Internet. So, let’s begin.

best free dating apps

Dating apps that don’t require Facebook


This is a #1 app for free dating, in which 3 million messages are sent every day and you can choose from 8 million photos of 40 million users from all over the world. This site guarantees that you communicate with people without a couple because this application is trying its best to facilitate your dating. If you register here, you will understand why users without a couple in different countries like Zoosk. Regardless of what you are looking for – love, relationships, or just want to get to know new people in your city, one of the best applications for dating will help you with this.


This application unites users on the principle of a common hatred for something. This is a very entertaining program for acquaintances, the key intention of which is to find friends who hate certain things. From the point of view of functionality, Hater differs little from its competitors: with a swipe up you confirm sympathy for a certain person, down – reject “friendship”. It’s simple. At the moment, Hater has more than 2 thousand ideas for hate, which you can join. According to statistics, Hater is one of the best dating apps for relationships for young people around the world.

Best dating apps


We can definitely say that this app is among the best dating apps for relationships. It helped find love for more than 10 million couples around the world. Tinder appeared on the market in 2012, and despite the initial reputation of an application for finding a partner for one night, it quickly became one of the most popular services around the world. Tinder can be used in all countries of the world (if there is the Internet). The interface of the application is simple and concise. All you need to do is to fill out a short profile, and then – swipe to the left if you don’t like a person, swipe to the right if you like him or her. When your “swipes” coincidence, you can start chatting. There you can talk about something interesting or just make an appointment. The dating application Tinder is suitable for all those who prefer fast dating and dating by location. For example, if you are going on a business trip and want to spend time in the evening, be sure to install the application Tinder. Users of Tinder are young and sociable people. Soon you will start swiping without stopping. So, you will match with someone for sure.

most popular dating appsOkCupid

In 2004, OkCupid was an ordinary website that offered users to answer the questions that revealed certain aspects of the personality, for example, “If you die, will people who enter your room be shocked by this?” or “Would you have sex with a woman on a first date?” The answers were compared and the higher your percentage of coincidences was, the more likely you would fit each other. Nowadays, this is one of the best dating apps 2017! Who uses it? Users of OkCupid are more attuned to relationships than on Tinder: mostly young people aged 20-30 download it. OkCupid has a very nice and simple interface. The search algorithm is not strictly related to the location of other applications, so you can search for potential partners in any country. If you like a certain type, you can filter users by nationality, age or keywords. This application has gained popularity among those who are interested not only in casual sex. Also, the app gives users the opportunity to learn much more about each other, even without entering into correspondence.


This app can be considered one of the most popular dating apps in the AppStore. More than 335 million users are registered here. So, the choice is quite large. This app can offer you a standard set of functions where all the features of the application become obvious at once. This application copies information about you from a profile on Facebook. So, if you log in via Facebook, then there is no need to fill in a profile. Everything will be done by this app.


Among our “romantic” applications, there is a place for the app that serves primarily to find friends (companions) for a particular pastime (for example, going to a cafe or a cinema). An important point is waiting time – one hour – that’s how much your offer is active. You don’t need to register here, just use the Facebook profile.


Love and entertainment are closer than you think – there are people who want the same things just next to you! Your friends and more than 4 million people all over the world use DOWN! It works! Its users get what they want. It’s much better than other dating applications. Immediately after the connection, you can get acquainted with a nice girl who looks like you want. Some of its users remember this app from times when it was called Bang With Friends. They like the new application even more – they can communicate and meet people who live nearby!

Free dating apps


Meet24 is among top free dating apps. This is a typical application from the category of “looking for people around”. There is nothing extraordinary in it – to start chatting, you need to create an account (you can use Facebook) and choose your city. After that, you can try to find your soulmate. For users of Meet24, there is a free chat available and they can send video and audio messages, as well as share photos and gifts. The application is free.


This is also one of the best free dating apps. It is originally a French application that selects users by location: you see a long, almost endless list of people profiles with photos, age, and profession with whom you were on the same street at the same time. If you click on someone else’s photo, you will see when and where your roads crossed: on the way to work or, for example, in a nightclub. You can quickly calculate with whom you live or work side by side because you can see how many times your paths crossed. You can try to attract attention by sending something like a postcard. It is fun to know exactly where you crossed paths with someone, which can’t be calculated on Tinder that selects users only within a certain radius.

Best new dating apps

best dating apps for relationshipsSapio

This is the application for people that appreciate intelligence above everything else. It can be a good solution for sapiosexuals. To start using the application, you need to answer 300 questions. For example, “If you were the supreme ruler of the world, what laws would you pass?” or “What makes you forget about your problems and everything that happens around you?” Then Sapio starts looking for a couple based on similar interests, intelligence level, and personality type. The application offers you candidates and if your interest turns out to be mutual, the application unlocks the chat so you can continue the communication.


Bumble is called one of the best new dating apps 2018. More than 21 million people have already registered on Bumble to find a partner, made new friends and business acquaintances. It was never so easy to get acquainted. Bumble is struggling with stereotyped ideas about online dating, setting a high standard of respectful online communication. Thanks to this, millions of people find new acquaintances on Bumble every day. Bumble is the first application that connects dating, finding friends, and networking within the same social platform. On Bumble, girls take the first step. In case of affection between a man and a girl, a girl has 24 hours to take the first step and a man has 24 hours to respond to it. Bumble offers its users to be bolder and not afraid to take the first step: this has already led to more than 3 billion messages in the app.


This incredible place of love is also among the best new dating apps for relationships. It is perfect for those who want to meet or just flirt, chat, find friends and new acquaintances or even love – nearby or 1000 km from their location. This social dating application uses a scientific algorithm to find the perfect couple for you, based on your preferences. It will make mobile acquaintances and communication more simple and exciting. Appreciate the elegant design and simple navigation of the application – nothing will distract you from dates and communication. The built-in chat of the application offers all the features of typical dating platforms. Thousands of new users close to you join HOOTT every day to take advantage of mobility!


Pheramor is going to be one of the best new online dating apps. The only thing you can’t deceive is genetics, so a new dating application uses the compatibility of DNA as the basis for its matching algorithm. The process works with 11 genes of pheromones and chemical signals that cause sexual attraction. Connecting this data with the personal data specified in the user’s social networks, the application will be able to make very specific couples.

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