We live in the era of social media where Tinder and Skype are not the unknown words. More than 2,46 billion people use social media, show the results of 2017. By 2021, this number will reach 3 billion people, and this is almost half of our planet! No surprise almost everyone wants to socialize, chat, flirt and even have intimacy online.

But if you are one of the kind that needs a little practice in getting attention online because your way of flirting is a bit awkward, then this article is just for you!

ways to get her attention

By the way, do you know that meeting up online is so much easier than in real life? Here are some visible pros of starting a relationship on the Internet:

  • Conversation starters are so much easier when you are online. Agree, it is rather difficult to approach a girl in the club or on the street, coming up with original phrases and pick up lines (which are horrible and unnecessary anyway);
  • She doesn’t see your nervousness in the desire to make a good impression. You literally have a set of workable phrases that everyone can use in order to look friendly and charming, not just creepy or clingy;
  • It’s way cheaper than asking out on a first date (although online dating can’t last forever and you will need to continue talking in real life. At least you will know what she likes and then ask for a date that she will be astonished by);
  • You have much time to find out everything about her interests. Women are pretty mysterious, but going online makes them so sincere just because they don’t see your reaction, so they can assume you like their hobbies. The ice melts instantly).

Why Is It Important To Get Girl's Attention?

Some women are hard to impress, indeed. You need to realize the purpose of doing this stuff in order to succeed in meeting up new people on the Internet.

Ways to get her attention are numerous: liking her photo, retweeting her post, DM’ing her on the Instagram, or even thinking outside the box and doing some crazy things that won’t leave you unnoticed. Get her attention and see how easy it is to be noticed by a woman online. Even if you order a cocktail in a bar for a sexy lady, she might forget about you the next minute. But, with your profile, photos and tweets, you are always on the radar.

How to get a girl’s attention?

1. Like her photo two or three times throughout a week and then stop doing it. You will create something that is called ‘defeated expectancy’, when a woman thinks you will befriend her on Facebook, but in fact you are just window-shopping. You don’t rush to get her, and, if you are attracted enough, she might like you back, which is a good sign.

2. Direct message her on Instagram. Women love unexpected DM’s from good-looking strangers, but make sure your intentions are pretty innocent. Just tell her you’ve come across a beautiful account and you like her nice photos (nothing too sexual and creepy).

3. Retweet her thought and add a positive comment of how you agree with her statement. You can do the opposite and be straight-up rude. It works as a forceful hook for women’s attention, but the feedback may be negative sometimes.

does ignoring a girl get her attentionCan Ignoring Get Her Attention?

This topic interests a lot of men and arises many butthurt conversations on the Internet. Pickup coaches always recommend people to ignore the loveable person in order to awaken his or her desire, but other people just recommend being sincere and avoiding games like that.

Although this topic is highly questionable and people are highly hypocritical, there is something that girls want to admit - ignoring a woman to get her attention really works! And please, don’t even start blaming the author for such a pragmatic attitude. There are no people in the universe who haven’t been at least interested in cold and ignoring people. That is just the truth of life – we always get interested in mysterious, distant and even emotionally unavailable people. And I am not talking about women with daddy issues.

See, feeling that a person you like is about to run away automatically makes you want to chase him or her. If a person, on the contrary, is present in your life all the time, it all gets boring and soon you will feel this lack of emotions.

But, everything has its limits – don’t be an total jerk. Know how to be mysterious sensibly, just portion your attention. Ignoring a girl to get her attention will work with the following rules:

DO: text her for about a week, and then restrain from texting during the weekend. That way, a girl will understand that she is not your only goal in life you have hobbies and interests besides texting or sexting.

DON’T: answer in three days in the middle of conversation. Some men think they look cool while doing this. In fact, there is a rule that it has to take you three times longer to answer, compared to the time she waited before answering you. When in reality this is just insincere and dumb. No one will just sit and wait for your precious answer. That way, you have fewer chances to win her heart. She might become either pissed or bored.

DO: Ignore some questions about your past. Something interesting, like previous sexual experiences or some awkward stories. Make her wonder. Make her believe there is something more to add to your story.

DON’T: ignore her to get her attention BEFORE you have revealed your character. This will show that you are not interested in further communication and the mystery will be ruined by your stupidity. Just tell her enough, and then leave the space for imagination.

How To Get Her Attention: Online Dating

So how to how to get her attention online dating?

1. Take initiatives

Be the one who starts the conversation or chatting. Trust me, each and every woman is to encourage you if she sees you as a self-starter. Females often feel uncomfortable and awkward giving different first-move signs and hints to men. Well, they are crazy about flirting but flirting is not how the conversation starts, right? Therefore, you should bring a topic or ask a question to show that you are interested and to give her some space to flirt. Tired of all the manipulations, she probably wants a man to exercise care and let her relax. A few women enjoy cowardly and shy men, but most of them don’t.

2. Exercise care

Care is what you need to keep in mind not only during the wooing period but throughout the whole relationship. Never show a girl that you care more about your phone or friends hanging at your place, while you have a video chat.

If someone is calling you, you may pick up the phone, but do not let the talk last longer than three minutes, otherwise you show no respect to her. If you happen to talk to her (or to write to her) at work or at any other crowded place, show that she is in the center of the crowd even though she is far from you in reality. Don’t leave her alone (she may get a bunch of catchy mails from other guys while you are not around). Even if you need to discuss some work issues, apologize and try to make it quick. If you are sure that it will take a lot time to solve that thing, it is better to reschedule your chat or talk. By the way, try not to be too slow in responding her messages. Open her letter and read it ASAP, and don’t make her wait for your respond. Make your responses fast and funny and you will definitely get her attention online.

how to get a girls attention on online dating3. Follow her tone

What about audio chats? There is nothing difficult about calling a girl and talking to her even if she is about 5000 miles away. Trust me, your talk will hardly differ from those you have via your cell phone on a daily basis. The key thing here is that you cannot watch her gestures, mimics, and the only way to get her emotions is via her tone. Besides, the phone talk lasts less than the face-to-face conversation.

Unlike sociable and talkative women, men are conservative and brief when talking on the phone. It’s not because they have nothing to say, it is just another way of how a man is trying to get her attention online. A man will 5 times analyze what to say to a woman before actually saying it. The thing is a man will not carry a 2-hour conversation even if he has plenty of spare time. Fortunately, such behavior is a part of the master plan, like how to get a girls attention on online dating. Have you ever noticed that it is the man who is hanging up on women? The decision to hang up on a lady adds some mystery to the relationship and makes the girl curious about you. This brings the entire desire to talk more, to get to know you more, to analyze what is so special about you.

4. Avoid using trite phrases

If you ever wondered what other guys do to get her attention on online dating sites, then you should try a funny and busted way to do it – create a female profile on one of that dating sites and see what other men will write to you. If you have never done this before, you will be surprised, definitely! Start the experiment. Put some pretty photos and a typical bio text (a good girl, fond of dancing and sushi, etc.), and you will get a bombshell of messages from men.

What will men write to you? You will receive dozens or even hundreds of almost identical messages, asking how things are going, saying “let’s have our get-acquainted talk”, giving compliments and poems, asking what such a beautiful girl is doing on a dating site. Men will offer you to meet for real (it is especially funny when an offer to go on a date comes from 38 profiles simultaneously). Well, the most banal guys will wink.

5. Do not rush it

You know and I know that normal guys do not want to really enjoy long chats on the Net, preferring to quickly and decisively meet a pretty girl face to face. Why is this creepy chatting so important indeed? After all, the goal is to meet her for real. However, the trick is that all the guys who write to your girl think so. Thus, a significant part of them will immediately try to get the girl out into a real life in their first or second message. And they will fail.

Listen, the worst thing in online dating is to be like the other 2140 guys that have already written to your girlfriend. In this cruel world, where all men are eager to get the girl for real as soon as possible, you will pleasantly differ from the others if you let the girl know that you would like to have a little chat with her first to get to know her better.

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