The wedding date is approaching you. It's time to start having fun before it all ends. The wedding is already close which means you should think about holding a cool party - a bachelor party. A relationship with woman is in front of you, you will become a married man, and there are only a few days of you being a single man. You have your own reasons for marriage, she is the most beautiful and kindest girl in the world, yet some things will be left behind forever, and there are some sacrifices to be made.

That's the date on which you can throw the biggest party in your life, go all out! Be sure to use this opportunity. Traditionally, the bachelor party is arranged so that the groom could say goodbye to his bachelor life. He invites friends, everyone has fun in an exclusively male company of friends.

When organizing a fun party, you need to consider a number of points. But how to turn this evening into an unforgettable adventure so that later friends will recall this day with nostalgia "how cool it was back in the good old days"? Today we will list some of the best bachelor party ideas, figure out how to plan a bachelor party, find out who plans the bachelor party, what to do for a bachelor party, list some bachelor party rules, and everything that has to do with this event.

best bachelor party ideas

A Brief History of Bachelor Parties

A bachelor party has different incarnations and origins depending on the part of the world or a given culture.

Most sources will tell you about the roots of the bachelor party go way back to the 5th century B.C. with the men of Ancient Sparta. There wasn’t much to it, it was just a tradition, people held a dinner in the honor of a man and made toasts on his behalf.

The world “bachelor” was initially used a word to describe a young knight who is in training, and it goes back to around the 14th century. Then, in the 20th century, the words “bachelor party” were published in the W. Chamber’s Journal, where it was referred to as a “jolly old” meeting of friends.

Now let’s talk about bachelor party planning. How to plan a bachelor party? What should you consider before planning a bachelor party?

How to Plan a Bachelor Party: Useful Tips

Most of us think that planning a bachelor’s party is very simple. It is as simple as organizing a game of golf with friends or robbing a bank in some provincial town. And that's why all the bachelor parties are extremely low in terms of originality and because of an abundance of forgotten important details. There are so many things to do for a bachelor party.

Coming up with a bachelor party plan is full of nuances and dangers. That is why we have created a complete guide for organizing a bachelor's party for men. Follow the tips below, and you will never get into trouble. First, you need to sit down and find out four things, it is advisable to write down.

Location and time. Where and when?

Some bachelors do not care about this stage of planning, but it is very stupid. It is best to immediately offer the culprit three options, based on their interests. Discuss each - identify all the pros and cons. Everyone who has to be a bachelor has very little left, his head is occupied with a completely different one, and therefore, your friendly duty is to help a friend. After that, you need to select a date. In order to have time for the necessary preparations, it is better to choose not the next weekend, but a day remote for about a month and a half. Moreover, it should not coincide with the generally accepted holidays. A short note about the place. Know the farther the venue is, the more friends will not be able to go.

The place where you will stay

It can be a house, a hotel, or a recreation center - depending on the country or region. The more space, the better. In the case of a country house, you will have a barbecue, a swimming pool, and fresh air - the best option in the warm season.

In the case of the hotel, there are also advantages. In particular, as a rule, within easy reach of bars and restaurants. Also, if you wish, you can temporarily leave annoying drunk friends and refresh yourself with a simple walk. Often you have to choose between, relatively speaking, a city and a village. The choice is yours.

List of guests

Of course, the person who makes this all happen will want to invite as many friends as possible to his party and spend 6 days in Thailand with a fun company of friends, BUT ... you have to convince him not to inflate the “team” too much. The ideal number of guests is 10. One of the reasons is the fact that during the feast, you still have to split the group into parts, which will immediately affect the social atmosphere in the team. Sometimes it is necessary to invite relatives of the bride (brothers or even dad). In this case, it is better to make a mini-bachelor party for one evening in your city with a large list of guests, and only then come off more seriously, with a smaller group but a wilder plan of action. This will create the necessary friendly atmosphere with a new family, and not give them the opportunity to see you drunk surrounded by strippers.

Find team leaders

This is a very important question. Who knows what kind of people they are, and, most importantly, how they get along with each other? It is necessary to form the organizing committee of the bachelor party. Each member must enjoy the trust of each district (school friends, your friends from college days, friends at work). In many ways, bachelor party planning is like an election campaign. Each member of the Committee should be responsible for their site, and each should do their piece of work well.

Make a plan

When you formed the Committee, you need to get together, order pizza, and think things over. Now you should outline a plan for the entire event. If you do not have a clear plan, then there is a big risk of spending too much time and nerves on all of this. The two most important rules when planning any event:

A - Make sure that every part of the program (except the key ones) has an alternative, a fallback. Make sure that the members of the Committee agree with these options and do not have to convince them directly in the process.

B - Do not overload the program. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT. With a hangover, your comrades will not be tuned to funny competitions a la village wedding - keep this in mind!

Exchange with all email addresses

Now that you already have a plan, you need to dock with all the participants in the “action.” There are 5 things to do:

  1. Find out if anyone has changed their minds.
  2. Get all the phone numbers.
  3. Tell everyone about the amount of money that you have to spend and how much they need to chip in - there should be no surprises about it. The hero of the occasion can take on some expenses, but the meaning of the bachelor party is that here friends treat the groom, and not vice versa, like at a wedding.
  4. Get everyone to install the Venmo or Splitwise app so that all costs are transparent.
  5. Get a few burns and abrasions, as well as take more pictures of the groom in the most obscene way. It is very funny!

Bachelor's Party Do's and Don'ts


There are things without which the organization of a bachelor party is impossible, although it can be arranged, it will no longer be a bachelor party. So, the key components.


Invite only best friends. Some people think that the more people at the bachelor party present, the better. But no, this is not an ordinary party. You should call friends who you trust. Sometimes force majeure situations happen at the bachelor party that nobody expected, it is important that your friends help you out and not make it only worse.


This is the reason you are having this meeting (I’m joking). Of course, you can go without it. It’s good when there is a choice - vodka, wine, cognac. Everyone has different tastes. Although if you know who prefers what, it’s even easier. Get lots of beer. And do not forget to stock up on mineral water, a jar of pickles with lots of pickle juice, this is a traditional and very effective Eastern European treatment for a hangover.


There’s not only about alcohol. Think of fun activities for the whole company. You can play cards, pool. And if you choose a suitable place for the evening, then this will be entertainment in itself. For example, some arrange a bachelor party in a bathhouse or in a billiard room.


The Bachelor party is an exciting and wild day, but some things are not recommended. Otherwise, there may be a fight or disagreement.

For example, you should not try to get acquainted with any girl.bachelor's party

Do not succumb to certain things. How then will you look in the eyes of your bride? I mean, you will be able to look into her eyes, but it will be painful and uncomfortable. The bride will leave you and find someone else.

You should not try to intervene in the female party

Guys often do just that. Or have you forgotten that while you are having fun, your spouse is doing the same? If the crowd of men is in the crowd of beautiful maidens, then the two holidays will be combined into one. This is wonderful, maybe someone will find it to be more fun, but it implies some uncomfortable situations. In addition, you will be under the watchful eye of your beloved bride. You have to limit yourself to many things. Do you need it? So do not interfere with each other, let everyone celebrate with their own company of friends.

Don’t schedule it right before the wedding

Alcoholic beverages are one of the key components of the bachelor party. Surely everyone will be under its influence, and the next day the head will make itself felt. Therefore, it is best to schedule a bachelor party in advance, you do not need to get together the day before the wedding, it is better to do it a week in advance. You will have time to relax, pull yourself together, collect your thoughts. It is important on the wedding day to look not only fun but also cheerful. It is unlikely that this will happen the day after the bachelor party, moreover, a fume is inevitable.

You should not try to take photos of the party yourself

There will be no good material and footage. It is better to arrange it with a professional photographer, they can take beautiful shots before the party begins.

So go on, organize yourself the bachelor party of your life, consider all the little things so that you don’t have to regret later! Have a great bachelor party!

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