A strong woman is a confident woman. She is self-sufficient, and she knows what she wants from life and from men. She is able to make decisions, take responsibility for her actions, face challenges and go through life with her head held high. Very often, such women are the weak spot of many men. Confident women can be compared to iron roses. You see only a beautiful, fragrant flower, and there is an iron rod inside.

A complicated female fate is behind every confident woman. Men are attracted by their impetuous nature and unmanageability. A man wants to tame such a woman at least a little. Men are hunters by nature and appreciate the excitement of hunting. They like not just to woo beautiful women but also to conquer them. Any hard-won thing is more highly valued. You can feel a challenge trying to draw the attention of a confident sexy woman. She can be a complicated partner, but you will not be boring with such a woman, besides you have all chances to get more new sensations. What is a confident woman?

a confident woman

Confident women: what they are like in the 21st century

How do you imagine a woman with confidence? In your mind, this is a woman aged 30 and older who is like a fashion plate of a glossy magazine: slender, well-groomed, stylish and watching herself in all respects. She is always prosperous, regardless of the problems that arise in her life, she will always be able to find a way out. In the moments when she feels weak and doesn’t know what to do, she stands in front of the mirror, taking deep breaths and says herself, looking into the eyes, “You are a strong confident woman and you cannot just give up. Everything will be okay, you can do that.”

She cannot allow her tears to fall because it is a destiny of weak women. Obviously, this is the most common (but not the most correct) image of a "strong confident woman" of our time. And, of course, no one suspects that such a confident "iron lady" is not always as successful as it seems.

What about their personal life?

How to be a confident woman? Women believe that to become a confident one, they need to be intelligent, speak several foreign languages, be determined and know how to set the right goals and achieve them. This is another image of a strong confident woman that you will not meet in the reality. a woman with confidence Usually, such a woman knows how to appreciate her work using it as a means to show her greatness, unlike other women whose goal is family, husband, children, kitchen, dresses, etc. At the same time, the love life of these strong ladies develops not always happily. Many of them get married not once. Such woman decides to break up with her partner just because a man does not meet her expectations and requirements.

Usually, her requests are not too high. A confident woman always knows what she is worth and what she wants. However, the problem is that she can rarely meet a worthy life partner who will suit her and will be as confident as she is. Many men who have met such strong ladies wonder how to be confident as a woman, however, they don’t get an answer.

What about their professional life?

Relations with her colleagues develop not very well. Common business partners perceive her as a weak companion only because she is a woman. She is forced to have a man's grip, practical wisdom, intelligence, and cunning in order to get what an average man has. Therefore, a woman in the business sphere has to be smarter than her male colleagues in order to be on an equal footing with them.

A confident woman needs to demonstrate the qualities of a leader, not excluding "stepping on people." Perhaps, therefore, her personal relationships with men develop also with difficulties. She tries subconsciously to play a major role in her personal life because she does not want, and, maybe, cannot be weaker than a partner. A rare man is ready to put up with that. Of course, such a confident woman causes sporting interest, you might also think whether you will manage to draw the attention of such a lioness.

Things confident women do different in dating and relationships

She does not cling to past relationships

She perceives her past relationship as an experience, as one of the stories of her life. She honors it and takes it as it happened. She draws conclusions, goes through the lessons and goes further starting a new chapter in her life with a new partner.

She will not bear with the ugly strange things

A confident woman will not stand a man who cancels a date at the last minute when she is already dressed and ready to go. She needs promises that will be fulfilled.

She will not wait for your messages

Confident women know the importance of time. She will not sit with a phone and wait for your call or messages. And if you send her a message only in 3 days after the date, don’t expect to get her answer.

you are a strong confident womanShe will not forgive your cheating

A confident woman will never tolerate cheating. If she catches you cheating at least once, that will be enough for her to leave. It doesn’t matter how you will make excuses or expiate your guilt. A confident woman will not blame herself for everything, she knows that it's all about your insecurities.

She will not stand your excessive control

Confident women are independent women. They have their own lives, and the man is only a part of it. She will not stand the orders about what she can do and what she cannot, where she can go and where she cannot, what she can put on and what she cannot. You cannot control a confident woman.

This is not the whole list of things confident women do different in dating and relationships, every woman has her own peculiarities and issues.

Signs you are dating a confident woman

A confident woman prefers frankness

The first sign of a confident woman is that she likes to talk directly. She is very impatient with metaphors, allusions and empty words. She is a person of action and respects only those who love and know how to solve problems. If you date such a woman and you need something from her, say directly, do not look for circuitous routes.

A confident woman does not try to mimic someone else

She realizes that there are more beautiful, successful, happier, luckier, younger and smarter women. However, no one of these women will ever be her. She knows that if she tries to mimic, for example, Scarlett Johansson, she will lose herself and her originality. Therefore, she opens every day her new sides and enjoys that.

A confident woman does not forgive man’s inattention

This, of course, can be said about any woman, however, a weak woman will blame your inattention on the fact that you are a man, and a woman with confidence will not forgive. You cannot ignore such a woman for a week and then give her flowers and think that she will forget everything. She needs attention.

A confident woman is not jealous

It is very difficult to make her jealous, so, do not even try to use it as a weapon. Any childish attempts to show her that you are interesting to someone else, except her, will not lead to any positive results. It is just one of the traits of a confident woman. She knows her own value and knows what she deserves. If you try to make her jealous, it will only lead to the fact that a strong confident woman decides that if you need someone’s else attention and love, then you are not worth her care.

A confident woman is smart

A confident sexy woman will never pretend to be a fool so that you feel more intelligent and advanced person next to her. She will not lower herself to your level. She wants you to rise to her level. Talk to her about everything in the world, and not just about what you think may be of interest to a woman. signs of a confident womanA confident intelligent woman is interested in everything, and unlike you, she can simultaneously think of several completely unrelated things. She appreciates the intellectual interlocutor very much and wants him to appreciate her too.

A confident woman is a can-do person

The problem of every strong woman is that it is very difficult for her to find her match. There is nothing that she values more than a person who is able to make decisions. Contrary to popular belief, a confident woman will not be offended if you try to make decisions for her. She will be even pleased to transfer this difficult function to you, however, remember that it is necessary to ask her opinion and listen carefully to her wishes.

A confident woman supports her man

If you want to hear something like, "Dear, you're right," then strong confident women are not for you. They will never agree with you just to make you feel good and help feel like a man.

If she thinks that you are mistaken, she will definitely tell you about that. It is one of the signs of confidence in a woman. However, she will support you always, and not only when you earn well. She considers your relationship to be a partnership.

A confident woman motivates her man

Being a confident woman means to set goals, meet the challenges and always have an image of the future life. She will require you to become a perfect version of yourself. It's not as terrible as it may sound. After all, living with such a woman means to have an equal, loyal and reliable friend.

A confident woman is a loyal partner

It is one of the precious signs of a confident woman. They expect honesty and loyalty from you, and they are ready to fulfill the same with all their passion and devotion in all aspects of your life. You will not find a more loyal and honest woman than a strong confident one. Why? Because she knows what she wants and holds on to that when she gets it. If you are what she needs, she will give you all herself.

How to win a confident woman’s heart?

Both men and women have evolutionarily changed the system of requirements to each other, talking about the personal relationship. Nowadays, women are actively asserting their rights and are hungry for opportunities. Men tell that they are interested in the educated and intelligent girls with whom they will be able to talk, laugh and share common interests and views. However, while women, getting rid of their "armor", want romance, men want to satisfy their raw instincts after discussing Picasso. If you are going to conquer a confident girl, you need to accept her decision to demonstrate coldness and inaccessibility. It will eventually pass when she will be ready to open herself up. If you want to understand how to win a woman’s heart, then you should have the patience and the strength to stay the course. Everyone, even the strongest lady, gets tired of being strong all the time, in fact, she is waiting for someone who will be able to conquer and accept her.

It happens that a woman resists being conquered in order to prolong the pleasure of the process and to check the seriousness of intentions or to get to know a guy better. In any case, it is necessary to show her that she is the most attractive and special, then wait a while, so that the woman's excessive wariness disappears and she will be ready to open her heart.

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