Choosing a partner, we’re looking at people with no shortcomings or at least minimum number of them. But the thing is that it’s not about the absence of shortcomings but the presence of merits, even if they come with a difficult character. Most men prefer easy-going girls: they’re much simpler to deal with, and they don’t ask for much.

But difficult girls won’t be silent if they don’t get what they deserve. They need more from themselves, life, and men. They can argue, convince, and persuade. They put all the passion, care, and emotions into a relationship. If you’re dating such girl or are looking for one, here are some tips on how to handle them.

how to deal with a difficult woman

Why are women so difficult?

This question bothers every man, and even women themselves don’t understand their actions sometimes. The famous philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche once said that a woman is God’s second mistake.

A rare man is able to understand a woman. The thing is that they are completely different. Thoughts in their heads often go in different directions. How to love a difficult woman, then? One can truly appreciate her only when she wants it herself, and when she doesn’t wish to complicate anything and strives to be understood. All this doesn’t mean that a difficult woman is silly or insensitive. That’s just the way she is. But most of what they do, talk about, plan, and think is also unclear.

In addition, there’s a very good reason for a woman to be difficult: to distinguish insecure and desperate guys from men, who can truly love, admire, and appreciate her. What men call ‘playing games’ is, in fact, a type of subconscious test. It’s so subconscious that a woman doesn’t even realize that she does it. Such test is an opportunity for a man to show that he’s really ‘the one’ and ready for a serious relationship.

A woman, who keeps her standards high, is the one that attracts men, who want to put effort into a relationship. Such woman has all the chances to find the partner that suits her best.

Signs of a difficult woman

The need for a strong and responsible partner

A difficult woman wants someone to take responsibility for her life and for most of her key life decisions. It can be a friend, a partner, or parent. She wants this person to act as a personal assistant. She, in her turn, will play the role of a victim, enjoying the benefits. In this case, the victim skillfully manipulates her assistant, gradually turning him into a victim himself.

how to seduce a difficult womanThe need for power over others

Basically, this sign is expressed by the need to constantly control everyone in an effort to subordinate people and events to her will. Such woman is afraid of everything she can’t control, even if such control is elusive. She doesn’t tolerate uncertainty and is devoid of spontaneity.

Narcissism or the tendency to constantly admire herself

Perhaps, this is one of the key signs of a difficult woman that shape her character. Such person creates the image of the ideal self in her head to replace her true character (which is always very far from the ideal) with it.

The need to be perfect

Such woman tries to be better than others. She wants to be impeccable and infallible. This applies to personal qualities and actions. Sometimes she tries to reach her goals not through real achievements and personal development but through diminishing the merits of others and exaggeration of her own small successes.

It’s impossible to create a certain image of a difficult woman because there are so many different signs of a tough character. But we still can make up a generalized conclusion:

  1. You often feel uncomfortable with a difficult partner. There’s always tension and anxiety in the relationship.
  2. She doesn’t like people around her. It’s hard to find a common language with her; she either changes her mind and plans or stubbornly follows them.

How to seduce a difficult woman

A difficult girl is a special kind. She’ll try to throw you off balance. This way she demonstrates her interest in you. She doesn’t flirt like other girls do, so it’s not easy to tell how to seduce a difficult woman for sure. But if she shows at least a bit of interest in you, you have a chance. Below we’ll describe how to use this opportunity.

Don’t play games with her

A difficult woman doesn’t have time for liars. She has no intention to communicate with a man trying to seem a person he’s not, so no exaggerations. These women smell fakes for miles. To win such lady’s heart, you must show her that you can be trusted.

Show that you’re independent

If you still live with your folks or don’t earn much, you’ll lose. Sometimes, a difficult woman can be a little more indulgent, though. But you should still make it so that she sees an independent, successful person in you.

Know what you really want

How to seduce difficult women? They’re only interested in men, who are brimming with confidence, so keep that in mind. Know what you expect from life, relationship, and sex. Be specific in your desires.

Be ready for a fight

When dealing with a difficult woman, it’s important to be self-confident because she’s always very critical. From the moment you meet, you should prove yourself as a person, who’s able to take criticism in his address calmly. Difficult ladies often think that men are useless. Prove her the opposite, and you’ll get what you want in return.

How to deal with a difficult woman

Handling a partner with a difficult character is a tough task with a lot of peculiarities and minor details that can lead to quarrels or even a breakup. So it’s a skill that needs to be mastered. Here are 10 handy tips on how to deal with a difficult woman.

1) Stay calm when she’s in rage

Sometimes, ladies love to argue with their partners, especially when they think that they know better. In this case, just try to stay calm and listen to what your difficult companion has to say about the issue. Your friendly attitude will spare you from troubles in the future.

2) Let her win arguments from time to time

As the leader in the relationship, you shouldn’t be the one who knows best and wins all arguments. Your partner would also like to feel how great it is to be a winner. Even if you know that her opinion is wrong, let her have it her way and see where it will lead her. But if there’s a lot at stake, it’s better to convince her to back down.

how to seduce difficult women3) Have time to discuss potential issues

A relationship with a person that has an awful character is definitely not about compatibility. So when living next to a difficult woman to love, you might need to sit down and have chat about those issues that bother you the most. Let her speak out, too. This way you’ll make the relationship a bit more comfortable.

4) Take it easy

Remember that for every action, there’s always a reaction. So take a closer look at your behavior to see if there are any relationship problems you are responsible for. Sure, dealing with a difficult woman isn’t always sunshine and roses, but try not to lose your temper.

5) Make compliments

Some men forget that ladies fall in love through their ears, even difficult ones. So be sure to please her ego with a couple of sweet words now and then. Remind her that she’s the best thing that happened to you, and there’s no way you can live without her. Keep her heart warm so it doesn’t turn into an ice brick again.

6) Ask for help

Feel free to consult someone, who knows a lot about relationships with difficult women. Sometimes, it’s hard to tell what’s wrong between partners, so why not listen to a professional’s advice? Do that to show that you care about your companion.

7) Be patient

There are situations when patience does much more than actions. And when it comes to women with a tough character, patience is the first skill you need to master.

8) Set boundaries

When you already know where the line both of you can’t cross is, solving some issues becomes much easier. So set things straight and define what behavior is acceptable what isn’t. If you see that your partner is about to cross the line, it’s up to you to not let her do it. The main thing here is not to be overly aggressive.

9) Don’t compromise

Know when to stand your ground. A difficult woman can mess up your relationship together with your opinion on different matters. In order not to lose your true self, you need to learn how to protect your point of view.

10) Ignore her or end this

If the situation is gradually getting out of control, and your partner becomes too demanding, just ignore her. If she doesn’t calm down, it’s time to end this relationship.

Gifts for a difficult woman

So, what gifts does your difficult companion expect from you? Let's think about and find out all the peculiarities of each variant. We’ll start with something simple.

gifts for a difficult womanChocolate

All girls love chocolate, and everybody knows that. All that’s left is to find out what kind of chocolate your partner loves. But here there’s one thing you should take into account. If you buy the one she hates, you risk finding out how difficult her character is.

The disadvantage of such gift is that she may not like chocolate at all, or she may be too concerned about her diet. That’s why it’s better to think over the details. In addition, chocolate is a secondary gift, so you’ll need something bigger.

Perfume or cosmetics

These are nice gifts for a difficult woman; besides, cosmetics are often pretty cheap. But there’s one problem: you need to know what kind of cosmetics the girl’s using, and it can be a pain in the neck. First, it’s harder to make a surprise if you start asking questions. If you try to find out what flavors she prefers, she’ll know for sure that you’re going to give her perfume. But there’s a more serious disadvantage: some girls think that such gift as cosmetics is unacceptable because they see it as a subtle hint that they don’t know how to choose the right makeup.


This is a truly feminine gift. Any woman will be pleased to receive a shiny necklace or ring. Even if it’s a small heart-shaped pendant, she’ll be happy. If she likes something classic, give her a gold bracelet with precious stones. But here there’s one nuance: some girls love gold but hate silver. On the contrary, there are ladies, who don’t like gold but adore silver. And there are also ladies that prefer simple, semiprecious trinkets.

Spa or gym membership

Difficult girls are striving for an ideal body, so your partner might be happy to get an annual gym membership or a free visit to a beauty salon. But such gifts have a big drawback. Oddly enough, they can make your companion think that you’re trying to tell her that she’s not in the best shape, and this can lead to a scandal.

Bottom line

Girls with a bad temper are usually a pain in the ass for men. They constantly make you feel that you can’t make them happy. Besides, finding perfect gifts for difficult women is hard. But over the years, when a difficult girl grows up and gets wiser, she’ll become an ideal partner. And as soon as you find such girl, hold on to her. She just might be the best thing that can ever happen to you in life.

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