The biggest problem in our lives is the fact that almost everything turns into routine. You start a new interesting job, but a few months later it turns into routine. It seems that you have met your perfect match, but a few months after you moved in together you get the feeling that routine is taking over. That's why we feel the constant need to change something. But it would be ridiculous to change partners whenever you feel that your relationship has turned into routine. There are a lot of new things that you can try in your relationship to escape routine.

different things to try in bed

Why Trying Something New In Bed Is So Important?

The very first thing that turns into routine when you are in relationship is sex. Yes, you may have the most exciting sex when you get together, but a year later your sex life turns into routine. And that can be the worst thing that happens to your relationship. You may love each other all you want, but being bored in bed is the very first step to some sugar on the side. You may stick to the same position, to the same scenario of your nights of love, and all in all, you sexing comes to that awful "let's just get this over with". And that's when your relationship gives a crack. You may follow the same scripts and use the same moves as you believe that both of you are comfortable with. You rarely discuss your sexual problems because you are ashamed of that. But being unsatisfied with your sexual life can easily ruin your relationship. One of you feels absolutely frustrated because he or she cannot satisfy his or her partner. Another partner may also feel frustrated, thinking whether there is a possibility to save the relationship... But actually you can save your relationship by simply varying your sexual life. And in order to help you do that, we've collected new things to try in bed for 2019, which we offer you to check out without further ado.

New Things to Try in Bed for Couples

Now, if you are in a relationship for quite a long and you feel that you sexual life becomes boring, here are new things to try in bed with you girlfriend. Mind that you should be open-minded before you dive into our advice.

1. Sign the O-Spot With X

A lot of men feel a bit frustrated about doing oral sex to their girlfriends. But cunnilingus is one of the new things to try in the bedroom if you don't want to become boring. And you are at greater risk of becoming boring for your girlfriend, as women are more into new things than men. But we are not talking about the standard cunnilingus. Even if you consider yourself the master of oral sex, there is one thing that you are most likely missing. There is one little spot right above clitoris, let's call it the o-spot. So, if you apply some pressure with the top of your teeth and stimulate it with your tongue, it would bring her great pleasure. Try signing the o-spot with an "X" or your own name. The harder the stimulation, the higher the level of pleasure.

2. New Anglekinky sex ideas to try in bed

You are performing oral sex only when lying? We offer you to switch the position a little bit. Next time when you are getting ready for an oral treatment, ask your girlfriend to stand on all fours, and perform oral sex on her from behind. It brings the unexpected sensation, as stimulating clitoris from behind gives an absolutely different feeling than when performing it face down. It is also one of the best ways to find new erogenous zones. So, it is definitely one of the new things to try in bed for her.

3. Video Show

While sex chatting is definitely a thing for those in a long distance relationship, you should try it even living in one house. Voyeurism is the things that a lot of women dream about. So, how to do that? Sit in different rooms with your laptops and start the show. This is one of the different things to try in and out your bed. What's the main difference between simple sex video session and doing it while you are in one house? When you feel too hot, you can go and engage in real sex. That will bring absolutely new sensation to your sexcapades, especially when you are able to tease properly. A lot of people dream to have sex with cam models, but making a video show according to our advice allows you make this dream come true.

Kinky Sex Ideas to Try in Bed

Now, if above-mentioned things don't seem that kinky to you, and you start regretting reading this article, don't! We've collected something much kinkier. So, we offer you to check out the kinky stuff to try in bed without further ado.

1. Going Vertical

When it comes to sex, generally we think about doing everything horizontally. But you can get much more from the vertical position. Standing sex will make you feel like sex god and her like sex goddess. It gives a huge rush and brings a lot of new sensations. But if you are unsure about doing it vertically, we offer you to start with leaning against the wall. This is one of the fun things to try in your bedroom, but having sex vertically frees you from limiting everything to your bedroom. You can go vertical almost wherever you want.

2. Atypical Missionary Position

What can be less exciting than the missionary position? Despite the fact that a lot of people consider missionary position to be one of the most boring positions to try in bed, it remains one of the most popular sex positions... probably because people like being boring. But we've found how to add some kink even to this boring position. Rarely women know how to stimulate men while having sex. And a lot of people think that there is no way to stimulate anyone having it in missionary position. But there is one, often neglected, part of man's body. The small stretch of flesh between anus and testicles. When a woman gently pushes on it during intercourse, a man is most likely to travel to the different dimension out of pleasure. As it turns out that not only men can stimulate women, this addition to missionary position is definitely one of the new moves to try in bed.

3. Whipped Creams

Okay, if you are not into porn, then you can't see the connection between whipped creams and sex. If you watch porn, you can easily connect the dots. This thing seems to go in and out of fashion, but it's definitely going to be in vogue in 2019. So, take a can of whipped creams and spray it on some part of your body that you want your partner to lick. It works perfectly with fellatio and cunnilingus. Anyway, it helps you both to indulge in passionate sex, and it is one of the best things to try in bed.

Crazy Things to Try in Bed

Well, and in case if kinky sex ideas to try in bed weren't enough for you, we are going to give you some crazy things that you should try in bed. Some of them would seem too simple to be included on the list, while others may seem too ridiculous or too weird for you to try. So, here is our list of fun new things to try in bed if you don't want you sex life to turn into routine.

1. Do the Talking

Now, let's think about what contributes to the problems in your sexual life? That's right – lack of communication. We are mostly afraid to talk about sex with our partners. There are a few reasons for that. We are afraid to acknowledge that we are unsatisfied. We also fear the possibility to hurt our partner's feelings by letting him or her learn about our dissatisfaction. We are also afraid to express our sexual desires because we think that our partners may deem them too weird. But the result remains the same – we are sexually unsatisfied. No matter how frustrating it may sound, but you should do the talking. Talk to your partner. Let him or her know about your sexual desires. Offer him or her to try something new. Ask your partner if there is anything he or she wanted to try with you but never tried to offer you. Express what you don't like about your sexual life. Do the talking, if it doesn’t diversify your sex life, it will help avoid uncomfortable moments. But after talking to each other, even the most boring sex will feel way more intimate than it was before.

2. Feather Ticklersnew moves to try in bed

We rarely think about feathers when it comes to sex. A feather tickler can stimulate your partner's senses. Feather ticklers are quite popular among couples, as they can trigger sensitivity and pleasure. So, definitely use a feather tickler to stimulate your partner's senses, and get more pleasure from having sex afterwards.

3. Watch Porn Together

Yes, it is believed that we should watch porn alone, but nothing prevents you from watching porn together. To spice up your sexcapades, you can watch some porn videos and try repeating the same stuff that you saw on your screen. Mind that you should be careful, as porn actors are physically more prepared and certain scenes are almost impossible to repeat in real life without hurting each other.

4. Use Vibrator

That may sound the craziest thing that we can offer you. We are not offering to use vibrator on your girlfriend, though you can do that too. We are offering your girlfriend to use vibrator on you to provide you with some extra stimulation. You can apply vibrator anally or allow your girlfriend to place it against your scrotum, while she's giving you a blow job. This will provide you with the highest level of pleasure.

Get Kinky

All in all, you should get kinky. Regardless of whether you are going to use our advice or find some tips elsewhere if you want to save your sexual life from routine. You should also mind that you shouldn't try anything that you are not comfortable with. Trying anything against your will is unlikely to bring you any pleasure at all.

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