With all of the modern technology available nowadays, dating indeed spread out beyond borders. We are able to get to know each other via Skype, slide into each other’s DMs and do so much more fascinating stuff. Communication has become a matter of time. There is no need to spend money on cocktails in the club to seduce a girl and get laid. You don’t have to pick up the phone each time (if you are busy) and be a little bit of a jerk anytime you want to. Is this method of pickup sincere and physical? No, it is not. Is this newborn method quick and successful? Hell yeah, it is!

snapchat tips and tricks

Is Snapchat a dating site?

Although Snapchat is not considered as a dating app, most of the teenagers, younger people and adults use it to get closer to a wanted person. It works just like any other messenger, but has a whole lot of cool features, altogether with flattering filters, notifications and even video chat. You can totally date on Snapchat. But my question is: is it worth it? Dating would be a strong word here. This app is rather used as a means of communicating and convincing a hot girl “this guy looks even better in real life”.

Dating on Snapchat: how to

This is going to be a quick guide on how to get an account, how to seduce a girl, what type of feed you should upload, how to talk to a girl, what to text and to keep silence about, and, finally, how to transform your innocent sexting into a full-blown real life experience with physical elements.

So, let’s start using Snapchat for dating. For this purpose, you need to create an account and submit your data. Communication in Snapchat can be both tete-a-tete, and broadcast to all subscribers and viewers. Here there are no likes (they are not present as a complete unit), number of subscribers, comments. This is the messenger in the first place. You will have to learn how to create good content, and then hop into messaging privately. Here are some essential steps you need to learn:

  1. Download Snapchat.
  2. Create an account. Why is it so important? You’ll have to think over a creative unique name. It all depends on the type of the girl you want to get close with. Yes, seduction starts with little things. If you want to attract mindless creative hipster young girl, nicknames like “p**sydestroyer101” will do the trick. If you know that the girl is mature, use your real name as the sign of serious intentions.
  3. Add your friends to a friend list (optionally). You can easily do this by choosing the right recipient in your phone list. These are the people who will see your feed and message you.
  4. If the girl you want to start dating is not on your phone list, skip the previous step. Now everyone should see your stories.
  5. If your stories are silly or explicit, create a list of people who will see your stories, not mentioning this woman’s name. Now if you get drunk and accidentally post your friend throwing up in the middle of the party, your girl will not receive this whole spectrum of positive emotions and not perceive you as a mental alcoholic.
  6. Press and hold the circle to create your first snap. Videos are usually up to 10 seconds. Your aim is to make fun, innocent (or feisty) short videos and photos to create positive content that will definitely attract a lot of ladies to your account.

Why is Snapchat popularity so important?

The thing is you don’t have to create content you don’t like just to appear pleasant and rich, successful and busy. Be yourself, allow to upload silly bits of your life. Make your audience fall in love with your creations. A lot of YouTube stars started with Snapchat, filming short stories and gaining popularity in the shortest time.

snapchat and datingHow will it help you with dating?

Snapchat allows you to be popular among different circles of people who hang out and waste time watching stories and photos. If you appear outspoken, physically attractive and funny, even stranger women can’t resist falling in love with your creations. Now that we finished talking about the technical side of this marvelous app, let’s hop right into Snapchat tips and tricks that will make you an online Gigolo!

1. Snapchat dating starts with a positive image. Upload regularly. Do it with enthusiasm. Be sound as if it is your only business throughout the day.

2. Don’t use too many masks. Masks are a funny feature in Snapchat that make your story or photo very colorful. Unless you are a straight male that wants to get laid. Monkey and flower fairy masks work out perfectly for cute girls, but if you want to date a usual woman, restrain yourself from making your stories too weird or scenic.

3. Show success. Women often fall for money. You don’t have to look like a rich jerk with off-brand sweater and in front of the random Ferrari you see once a year. Just create an illusion you are an employed person with lots of interests and some money. Have photos where you are in a nice shirt with a clean hairdo and a wristwatch (almost no one detects an expensive watch from a rip-off anyway). Make a girl send your photos to her friends with comments of astonishment.

4. Upload cute short videos once in a while where you hug a child, pet a little kitten, etc. Women fall for that stuff like crazy. The first reaction will be: “Aww, he is a family person”. The second reaction is often her desire, because this is how women function. Snapchat dating starts where her instincts whisper you are a good, rich, kind and funny guy. That way, sliding into her DMs will be easy as hell.

5. Find your perfect angle. Women call this pose “daddy af”. If you are not familiar with teenage internet slang, that means that the production of hormones in a girl’s body overpower her brain work once she sees your jaw, torso or other interesting parts of your body. Show your good side and hide some fat areas.

6. Don’t post too much. Although you need to seem alive and post stories regularly, there is no need in sharing all the details of your daily routine: don’t share your brushing your teeth, having cornflakes or sleeping (that is just creepy). However, everything might work out if you are cute.

7. Show your interesting life. Upload photos from a party, from a zoo, gym, public pool or just a park. Show your versatile and meaningful existence. Make sure you create an image of a person whose main goal is to enjoy life, not get laid.

How to get a date on Snapchat

Snapchat dating is a productive thing when you make sure a girl you like watches all of your stories. The process has to be mutual. Watch all of her photos, send hearts and text her. When a girl responds positively, it’s time to step onto the next stage: Snapchat and Dating.

In the new 2.0 version of this app, developers added a chat and a messenger, allowing you to send private messages, stickers, post videos and photos, so that no one else will see it besides a wanted lady.

1. Compliment on a girl’s photo. Start with something pleasant and don’t be too direct in order not to scare her. Say that you noticed her account a while ago and couldn’t abstain from texting.

using snapchat for dating 2. Don’t be too straightforward. Sexting right away is a bad option. Dating on Snapchat involves communication and mutual connection. Talk about your life, ask about a girl’s life.

3. Don’t ask for photos too often. Girls just hate when strangers demand to post pics “just for them”. However, men never understand what a big deal is. The thing is that even when a woman likes a guy, she doesn’t look a hundred percent perfect all the time. When you text in the midnight, she already has all the makeup off and her outfit is nothing you imagine. You want a photo in a sexy lingerie, while a girl is probably hanging out in her greasy pajamas, insecure and messy as hell. When a girl looks perfect or feels like it, she will share her photos first.

4. Make sure a girl loves you, and then ask her out on a date. I am sure she will be pleased to date a normal good-looking intelligent guy. The other option is when you want to sleep around (that is perfectly fine as well).

Sexting Snapchat tips

When you feel like a girl is okay with Snapchat sex dating, follow easy steps to make her enjoy intimacy:

1. Ask cheeky questions about what she is wearing right now (she will lie about something sexy).

2. Ask about her wildest sex dreams. Make sure she is “in the mood”. The mood starts to kick in when your partner hasn’t have sex for weeks, during the midnight, when she is drunk or just has a thotty personality. Sexting is easy and there is no need to explain what exactly to text if you are mature enough. Be inventive and forward here.

3. Don’t send dickpics. Unless a girl sends you nudes first. If you are aroused, text about your feelings. A picture of your genitalia in the middle of a conversation is literally the worst thing you can do to a woman. Penises are not attractive, and when your girl is eating, this can be gross. Please, abstain from looking like a creepy pedophile and a child abuser. If you want to send graphic photos to prove your arousal, send pics or videos of the whole torso in nice manly underwear.

4. If you sent a dickpic, be sure it will be shown to all of her friends. And not in a proud sense, rather as a ridiculous laugh about your delusional mind. For women, strangers’ genitalia are a joke and they usually make no flatter. However, of you have a nice body and you are really good at sexting, you will not only get laid. Be sure she is NOT going to share, being afraid to accidentally attract fellows to your body.

5. Do a video chat. That only depends on the level of your intentions. Virtual sex is good as well. The best thing is to continue this mature reckless act in real life. If you can provide good sexting, there will be no problem with understanding other person’s needs. One note: don’t boast about something you are not capable of doing, because it will be just awkward and deceiving.

6. Meet up in real life and start dating or sleeping with each other. If you have established a good level of connection, when you live close in one city or can ride to another location for a date, this can be a start of something beautiful, sensual and powerful. Hopefully, all of the tips and tricks were helpful. Now you know more about female psychology and establishing connection is not a problem for you. Go on and choose a girl you want to enchant. Be fierce and confident. Good luck!

Red Flags / Don't do this while using Snapchat

Snapchat is a great alternative to many social networks. In a short time, it has become extremely popular among users. But some people are overwhelmed with it so much, that they start doing absolutely inappropriate things. So, how to avoid it?

1. Don’t send a girl a snap if you have just uploaded it in your story

Do you think that she doesn’t notice it while watching stories? There is no need to attract her attention like this. It seems like you just want her praise.

2. Don’t use only dog masks

Many guys think that it is designed only for girls. And actually, they are right. There are a lot of “male” filters that you can use. But if you like only dog filters and use them all the time, a girl can make get you wrong.

3. Don’t use snap masks all the time

It is strange if you don’t show your face without filters. No girl will like it. Yes, these masks are nice, but sometimes it is necessary to be yourself in pictures.

snapchat dating4. Don’t send candid pictures if she doesn’t ask for them

Such photos can be your biggest mistake. If you don’t know the reaction of a girl to such pictures, then don’t even think about such things.

5. Don’t chat only in Snapchat

Almost every man is afraid to say something stupid or rude, so he chats only in Snapchat because it will be deleted in several seconds. But it shows your uncertainty and girls avoid such guys.

6. Don’t try to show your whole life on Snapchat

If you don’t do something crazy, then don’t try to interest someone with your life. It is not interesting to look at your boring life that you are trying to show via snaps.

7. Don’t take selfies at the gym

Do you think this is the best achievement of your life? The gym, the drawing classes or any other places you visit every day shouldn’t be in your stories because they annoy people.

8. Snaps from the shower

Even if you have a waterproof case, this doesn’t mean that your snaps from the shower will case admiration of girls. They may not understand such photos.

9. Don’t use a girl asking for her nudes

She will understand that you use her very quickly. And she will be right. How else can it be understood if you chat only about sex or just ask for nude photos without even saying “Hello” to her?

10. Don’t post only your pets

It is okay if you have several photos of your lovely kitten or puppy. But if your account looks like a personal account of your pet, it may look strange.

11. Don’t hide your girlfriend

If you spend all day together and don’t do snaps, a girl may take offense. It looks like you don’t want anyone to know about her.

12. Don’t post your food

Okay, if you have an unusual meal, for example, you are at the barbecue festival, then it is quite interesting. But if you do snaps of your simple breakfast that consist of two eggs and every day is the same, a girl may think that you are a little bit strange.

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