The mere thought that very soon you will have a second date with a girl, creates the feeling that she is a special one and you will have a healthy relationship, and everything will like a fairy tale.

To dream, of course, is useful. Such thoughts are quite normal and can help cheer you up immediately. It is not surprising: the fact of coming on a second date seriously increases your chances of the further successful relationship with this girl. However, it is not the time to relax yet because everything will depend on the quality of the first and the second dates. It can be considered to be some kind of a transitional period.

How does a woman decide whether she wants to go with you on a second date or not? She is carefully analyzing your behavior on the first date. According to scientists, men can understand in the first couple of minutes whether a woman has a potential for a long relationship or not. Women are more complicated. If you like her, you bend over backwards to attract her. Nobody, of course, can make you dress, smell and look well, but you should still pay attention to the advice on how to get a second date with a girl as well as to the points that are evaluated by women on the first date.

how to get a second date

How to get a second date with a girl: 7 important tips

If the girl agrees to go on a second date with youб then either she likes you or decides to give you a second chance. A well-thought-out second date will allow you to win her heart and not be limited only to one more date. Nonetheless, where should you start? The key to the success will be a timely received invitation, interesting topics for conversation and following some tips that will allow a girl to know you better.

Ask her questions.

Women are very fond of talking. The fact that women communicate verbally more often than men is scientifically proven. So, ask her questions: where she was born, where she grew up, what she likes and what funny stories happened in her childhood. The main condition is that it should not be the third degree. Discuss something further, move from life to films and books, tell about yourself.

She will ask you where you have got this scar on your chin anyway and you will be able to tell her some heart-warming stuff. The point is that she will find herself something to ask you about. You should match her if you think about getting a second date. Often men make a serious mistake, they make a woman talk endlessly herself in order to fill the dead air. If you don’t manage to talk about yourself properly on the first date, then you may not get another chance and forget about getting the second date.

Focus on some positive topics.

It is better to avoid discussions about politics, religion, or other contentious issues on the first date. Keep talking about things in which she is interested and which she understands. Remember, your task is not to show her that she is more stupid than you or she is not good at your favorite topics. You need to make the girl pleased with the conversation and feel easy and comfortable. After all, you can always discuss all the usual topics with the male friends. How to get a second date? A girl should have an impression after your first date that you are one of the most interesting companies that she has ever had and that you should surely meet again.

how to get a second date with a girl  Pay her compliments.

It's definitely a great and right idea to pay compliments on a date, but you do not need to overdo it. As a rule, more than three compliments per hour is too much. Paying the girl compliments twenty times in a row, telling her how beautiful she is and how charming her eyes are, you can scare her away, and she, of course, will change her opinion about you from positive to negative. How to get a second date with a woman? Make it clear that you are interested in her and that she is beautiful, however, don’t behave like a fanatic.

Be polite to other people.

Even if you open all the doors in front of her, carve a red carpet under her feet, carry her over a puddle, she will still remember your rudeness to a waitress. It does not matter how nice you are to her if, at the same time, you are very rude to other people. Rudeness to the service staff is a one-way ticket, you can forget about getting a second date. It seems to you that you require a good service. She thinks you're just a grumpy grumbler. The best strategy for a first date is to smile at everyone and be polite. In addition, don’t be greedy and leave a tip.

Women are attentive to small things. Sometimes it seems that there is nothing important in their world and all of it is entirely built of small things that are very important separately. So, she will notice everything.

Pay the bill.

Everyone knows how important the thrift is. The girl also has a job, just like you, and you don’t know each other very well. Many guys think that it is possible, under such circumstances, not to pay the bill on the first date. They think that they should pay on the second one and only if they are sure that the investment will not be wasted. It can become your fatal mistake and after that, you can stop reflecting on how to get a second date. When you get a bill, calmly take it into your own hands. If she offers to split it, politely but adamantly refuse or offer her to buy you a drink someday instead. However, if she insists and gives you money, offering to split the bill, just agree. There is no reason to argue if it is so important to her. Maybe she behaves this way just because she does not want to see you again?

Be decisive.

On the first date, you should be ready to make decisions. When you ask a girl out on a date, you should offer her the options of places and possible variants of spending time. You should know where to go, what to do, what to eat, what route to take, you should be ready to offer everything. If a girl asks you, "What are we going to do?", there is nothing less sexy than the reply, "I do not know, what do you want?" If you lack the imagination and determination to make a simple decision, she will think that in bed and life you are also inert. Girls do not like that. If you reflect on how to get a second date with a girl, be ready to take decisions.

Be attentive.

If a girl mentions what hobbies she has or just how she spends her time and what she likes, try to make her an offer for a future joint event. For example, maybe she likes bowling or hiking in the mountains. Tell her, "Oh, we should somehow go together. It sounds so tempting!" Her answer will let you know if the girl is interested in a second date or not.

Сrucial advice to have a great second date.

There is a huge number of places where you can go on a date with a girl. If you don’t know where to go, look for the second date tips for men on the Internet, you will surely find something useful.

getting a second date If you choose, for example, a skating rink or playing “Mafia” game, you should know how to skate well or play that game well. If you have never skated yet, don’t go there on a date. Otherwise, it will lower your status as a potential partner in the girl's eyes. One of the second date tips is that a place where you are going to ask a girl on a date should be familiar to you. You should not go to any new place.

When preparing for a date with a girl, choose a few places where you will go. It is desirable to choose at least five places. It will be good if you visit at least three of them. The remaining two will be in reserve, for example, you can go there on the third date. Why is it important to change places during a date? Remember one of the most important second date tips for men – if you want to win a girl’s heart, you need to give her as many good emotions as possible. Each new place is another coin falling into the girl's penny jar of emotions.

You can combine places as you like and in accordance with your fantasy. For example, you can start your date on the rink, then you can go to the cafe to warm up and, in order to end the date with romance, you can go to the romantic place of the city/ go up on the roof/ dine by candlelight.

Another one of the second date tips is that you should plan your date in advance. It's better not to start the second date too late, you should be able to visit all the planned places. It should be taken into account that good communication can last long. If you don’t know what topics should be better chosen, find some second date conversation tips on the Internet, there is no shame in preparing everything in advance.

If there is something wrong, you can change one place to another one, for example, go to play bowling instead of skating (or vice versa). A new place will bring new emotions and new communication.

When you look for tips for a second date, don’t forget about preparing a background for a third one. Follow the rule of two days. If you call her the next day, you risk showing her the full extent of your impatience. However, if the silence lasts longer than three days, she will begin to think that you will never call her again, and she can even begin to convince herself that she does not care about it, finding different reasons. To keep silent for a couple of days is the best option. What can you say her? "It was great Tuesday! Do you have any plans for next Friday? "

How to understand whether she likes you or not?

She is constantly engaged in non-verbal communication. She actively gestures, facial expressions show her interest, and she does not sit like a robot or yawn every 5 minutes.

She asks general questions and asks about you. This means that you have managed to generate her interest and she wants to know about you as much as possible, this is a very good sign. Try to answer her questions in some interesting way, but don’t overdo it.

She laughs at your jokes. If she appreciates your sense of humor and she has fun with you, so you choose the right direction.

She touches her hair and clothes. It is important to her how she looks, she wants to be beautiful for you, she wants to draw your attention.

She touches you. Bingo! Girls touch only those whom they like and whom they put into the category of a "possible lover" or a "future guy", so think that you are lucky.

Remember that it does not matter where you go, how long your date will last and what exactly you will talk about. All that the girl will remember is those emotions that she experienced, she will remember your image in general and your attitude towards her. And this is the thing on which you should work.

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