Entering into romantic relationships with each other, we give a silent promise to be together in the most important and everyday moments of life, to overcome difficulties and enjoy happy moments, assume responsibility and be faithful. But it happens that this scheme of relations isn’t for everyone, and some people choose non-committal relationships. There is an enormous amount of reasons why people prefer such relations. Let's try to make out what is non-committal relationship and why people choose it.

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Non-committal relationships: why people prefer them

Some people attach great importance to love failures. Over time, the desire to create a family is getting smaller. Many acquaintances don’t end with anything good. Suitable candidates don’t appear in your life, you get used to independence and loneliness.

You have your regime, apartment and your own order in it. Indeed, another person starts to arrange everything in their own way and scatter the things, and you have to get used to their habits. For some people it’s difficult. Almost impossible. Therefore, they prefer non-committal relationships.

Most often, if people live alone for a long time and have non-committal relationships, it will be difficult for them to change their way of life. They get used to their routine, fully feels their freedom and don’t want to part with it. Sometimes this attitude comes from childhood. For example, parents didn’t give the child enough attention and now, as an adult, a person doesn’t know and can’t act otherwise.

Sometimes, the cause is fear. Fear of something serious, mature. After all, the family is beyond a joke. Parenting is a very difficult process. All this frightens people away and they prefer to just have a good time, not thinking about the future.

Non-committal woman: what’s she like?

Contrary to popular belief that girls are always ready for a serious relationship and marriage, modern women don't hurry to devote themselves to the family. The explanation for this can be both quite objective reasons and the attributes of character and temperament. What kind of reasons can affect the choice of a woman, and why she is not ready for a serious relationship?

Above all, the basis for such behavior can be a psychotype or temperament. So, let’s discuss the psychology of non-committal women. Some girls strongly don't want to lose their freedom. Natural cynicism, peculiar to a non-committal woman, reveals all the shortcomings of a man and encourages her to demonstrate complete independence. In this case, a serious relationship for women is like bondage. Against the background of universal emancipation and the desire of girls to hold responsibility, casting lots with men is illogical for them.

dating a non committal womanOne of the compelling reasons for women's reluctance to commit to one man may be age. And in this case, both the youth and the maturity of the partner can become a negative factor. Young women often want to enjoy freedom of choice and lack of commitment. For experienced women, who have learned all sensitive issues of marriage, it's risky to decide on new relationships. Very often a woman doesn’t want serious relationships because of a lack of confidence in a partner. Unfortunately, the experienced disappointment leaves a strong imprint on the nature of the woman, which makes her apprehensive about the new amorous pursuit.

A non-trivial, but still very thorough refusal from relationships can be dissatisfaction of the parents with the choice of their daughter. There are also many reasons for them to interfere in the personal life of their child. First, it’s a confidence that their daughter is frivolous and can’t choose a worthy partner. Secondly, disreputation of a young man who has managed to prove himself unreliable. And, thirdly, this is banal jealousy.

Perhaps she is trying to make a career. Nowadays, girls, along with men, are trying to earn new places in the sun. So your girlfriend considers her work to be an order of magnitude greater than a serious relationship. In this case, the girl understands that a serious relationship or marriage is likely to be an obstacle in achieving the main goal of "advancement, thesis, business trip, etc."

A major obstacle to a happy family life can be the status of partners. In the event that a man doesn't meet the expectations of his woman about the ideal partner, then she is in the search mode quite for a reason. But such deception is dishonest. A man spends his time and emotions on a relationship that won’t have a development perspective. But sometimes it happens vice versa. The girl, feeling her failure – material insecurity or lack of education – isn’t in a hurry to say "yes" to a man and lead their relationship to the family direction.

Considering this problem, you can find a lot of reasons why women seek non-committal relationships. But the most important of them can be a lack of feelings and mental affection to a man. Without love, it is hard to notice even the dignity.

Signs of a non-committal woman

Watch how she treats other men Listen what she says about other guys. If she talks about them more than about girls, or if she constantly compares you to other guys, it may be a sign that she doesn’t appreciate your relationship. Of course, she can be friendly towards many people, but if your girlfriend flirts with other guys in your presence, then it’s the main sign that you date a non-committal woman.

She doesn’t care about your career

It's bad when a woman is only interested in the financial status of her man. Even worse, if she isn’t interested in it at all. The unselfishness of a loving woman is fundamentally different from the disregard of an outsider, who isn't disturbed by your success and failures. If you express concern that you are about to be fired, and she shunts the conversation on a bad hairdresser who "hasn’t done exactly what she wanted" - probably your problems can’t shatter her peace of mind in any way.

No jealousy

Excessive jealousy is very annoying, it's true. But in small doses, it only strengthens the relationship and at some moments makes you smile again. If the girl notices how you look at the beautiful cashier or waitress but doesn’t say anything at all, then something is going wrong. The absence of jealousy is always a bad sign. This means you don’t play an important role in the life of your significant other. We hope that you won’t begin to task patience of your girlfriend purposely causing jealousy!

She ignores your family

A girl can begin to act as if she were seeing your parents for the first time. She will feel shabby, embarrassed, or try to leave at all. Moreover, it will be more convenient for her to ignore members of your family exactly as you do. This behavior towards your loved ones is projected because of the animus toward you. Have this sign in mind, and be prepared for an unpleasant development of events.

She doesn’t miss you at all

Women like to talk a lot, so if your girlfriend calls or writes to you very rarely, then it's a pause to think whether everything is in order with your relationship. If you constantly call her first, then this may indicate that your girlfriend wants a non-committal relationship.

How to get a non-committal woman to commit

psychology non-committal​Dating with non-committal women can be very difficult. If you really love her, you should arm yourself with patience. There are 5 useful tips on how to deal with a non-committal woman that will surely help you bring her round a serious relationship.

1. Think twice

If your girl simply doesn’t love you, you should wake up and shed illusions about her and your relationship. Friends and relatives will help you, the main thing is to be strong and make the right choice while it isn’t too late, in this case it means to find another girl who wants to be with you and build a serious relationship.

2. Let her climb the ranks

If your girl is trying to build a career perhaps you should wait. If your love is mutual, then most likely you will make something up to get together. Wait a little bit, make your "present relationship" stronger, and then take the next step together.

3. Make her feel best of all

Constantly instill the thought that you are the only one to know that your girlfriend is the best person in the world. You believe in her like nobody else and appreciate her as a person. But at the same time, unlike others, you don’t encroach on her freedom. Don’t forget to speak with your beloved and find out what worries and upsets her. Don't be shy to give care, but don’t be too persistent. Also, don’t insist on a shotgun wedding - serious relationships without registering a marriage also have a right to exist.

4. Be creative

Choose for your meetings something more creative than just a dinner and trip to a club. A good date is the one that forces you to stop checking Facebook, put the phone aside and get lost in each other. Sometimes it's worth trying something non-trivial, lightly taking yourself out of the usual comfort zone. Go to the festival of home beer or folk crafts, visit a concert of a local rock band or arrange rollerblading in the park. A new adventure enriches you with joint impressions, which you can recall in the future. This strengthens the bond between you and increases the likelihood that she will want a serious relationship.

5. Take it as it comes

Building serious relationships, remember that you will have to go through a series of failures, resentments, quarrels and misunderstandings. Try not to make hysterics and scenes. Treat everything philosophically and with understanding. Learn to love and understand both yourself and your loved one. And then a serious relationship with a woman will come true!

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